Holy Moly.

So… I’ve been trying to set this blog up and I.am.so.confused.
Hollllllllllyyyy guacamole!

I used to have a blogspot and I understood it pretty fast, but this… this is a different breed.
I do not feel computer illiterate very often but this is making me feel like my mother trying to work a computer.

Any advice?!

Right now I am watching Rachel Ray and about to get my butt to the gym.
3000 meter swim today! Hopefully I can do it.
I KT taped my knee with the man friend the other day.
I fought him because it looks like it would do nothing but uhm… It’s not swollen.
This tape freaks me out.


PS. Is it weird I just bought The Help and refuse to watch the movie before I read it? I guess I won’t be seeing it in the theaters due to my slow reading skills.


2 thoughts on “Holy Moly.

  1. No, it is completely normal to refuse to see a movie without reading the book before hand! I do it all the time!! lol. DEFINETLY read the book before the movie, its AMAZING!!! I’ve already read it and want to see how the movie works out. (btw- you’ll get the hang of worpress. no worries 🙂

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