Wednesday, Kinda.

Workout: Swam 3,000 meters.

I am so thankful I swam from 7-15 on a swim team. During this time, if I couldn’t swim I think I would have lost it by now. Swimming kicks my BUTT and I never thought I would get such hard workouts swimming. Now, I’m not a fast swimmer by any means, but I do what I can and I just hope that’s enough to keep me in shape.

After workout, I picked up some coffee, OF COURSE. My workouts in the morning are followed by a cup of coffee… But not any coffee… Enter addiction: Wawa. The people there know I never get a receipt with my credit card and they make sure to put my coffee out fresh if they see me coming. I absolutely love it. Don’t judge me.

Love me some coffee!

Afterwards it was tanning and reading “The Help”. I’m so addicted. This is SUCH a good book. I’m not sure why I can’t put it down… I think it might be the fact you are placed in each person’s situation. It’s just SO good and I’m not even 100 pages through!

I decided to do a little baking while eating some cottage cheese, apricots, and cinnamon. LOVE that combo. I found Jessica’s peanut butter fudge filled cupcakes a while ago and decided to make them for the fam! They were surprisingly easy even though you have to make the fudge sauce and stuff/ice the cupcakes. I wish I could have went to culinary school, but that’s another story. Sigh.

Mmm... Frosted and filled with PB buttercream

But… something was missing.

Some fudge with your cupcake?

Much better πŸ˜‰

After I baked, I biked downstairs for about 30 minutes while waiting for my mom to come home so I could do some grocery shopping. Once she was home, I left for the grocery store and realized halfway through shopping I was starving. So, I decided to get what I needed tonight and do the rest tomorrow. By the time I got home it was 9:30. No wonder I was starving! So I decided to whip up some chocolate pancakes with strawberries/greek yogurt/cinnamon on top. NOMs.

Everything is betta with SF syrup πŸ™‚

They were REALLY good. Now I’m about to fall asleep. My eyes are closing.

Has anyone used KT tape before? I’m trying to figure out if this is working or not.
Hrm… I just feel like this is never going to get fully healed.Β  Sigh.



5 thoughts on “Wednesday, Kinda.

  1. YAY!! ANOTHER WAWA FAN! πŸ™‚ I love finding people who share a mutual love of wawa with me. I don’t know how others live without it honestly. I’m pretty jealous of your 3000 meter swim you rocked it out! The Help was such a good book πŸ˜€ enjoy you weekend and I can’t wait to read some mre about you!

    • I’m ADDICTED to wawa. It’s SO funny how everyone in the store knows my name and what I get everyday. My college only has Rutters/Sheetz/Turkey Hill and I go through withdrawal while I’m there. No one understands Wawa is a totally different experience! I look forward to getting to know you, too!

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