It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Okay, so I took I had the intentions of writing a post last night, buttttt I fell asleep with my eyes open and decided maybe it was time to head to bed.

I must say “The Help” has been attached to my hip. addicted.
I even brought a headband to the gym to hold it onto the machine (something on saw on someone’s blog a while back) so I could read it.

Let me just say there is one thing I do not like about gyms…
Not nosey people (because I people watch like crazy) but people who don’t just glance around…
People who stare at you, what your doing, and such for a good 5 minutes.
I’m really weird as it is because people always comment on how  “skinny” I am, but there was a girl at the gym yesterday who… Just would not let up.
Like I said… I’m all about people watching, but Jeez Louis.
It just made me feel so awkward.

Yesterday I went to lift some weights, which consisted of tons of supersets and ab work.
I did like 10 minutes on the bike  but called it quits because I wanted to go home.
It was WAY to nice to miss out on the sunshine.

Another one of my addictions. Love these after lifting!

So I went home and parked my rear in the backyard to have my coffee, read “The Help”, and catch me some skin cancer.
I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to tanning…
I do it at school to get away from studying and do it during the summer until Halloween because I just “love the feeling of sun on my skin”.
Yeah, I’m that girl. Ha!

Then, it was time for lunch/dinner…


Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cottage cheese, and salsa with cumin/paprika/salt/peppaaaa.
30 minutes on the elliptical machine, then attempt number two at grocery shopping.
Took me like an hour. Just shouldn’t be able to go grocery shopping.
I’m such a food label reader :-/
I decided to try some Boca garden vegetable “burgers”.
Anyone have them?
I’ve NEVER had a veggie burger but we’ll see how this goes…
Finally came home to shower and make my Pappa Bear bowl of oats.

Oh yeah, my "The Boss" Pappa bear oatmeal bowl. Just for me!

I used extra PB because I realized I only had the Betta n’ Butter PB…
There’s something about that PB, I think I can only mix it in things.

Before I went to the gym I decided to get a new swimsuit.
Mine seems to have stretched/signs of being see-through…
That’s a huge NO-CAN-DO for me.
Hopefully I’m just not getting smaller. Yikes.

Love the pattern!

Don’t mind the trash can I have for my water bottles.
I’m so clean like that.
I’ll leave you guys with a pic after another 3,000 meter swim this morning!

I was excited, what can I say?

Abs, maybe?! They'll probably disappear with weight gain. Sad face.

Do you think TYR or Speedo suits are better?!?!??!
I had a TYR but I’m trying a Speedo.

Do you have a “trashcan” in your car?
I used to throw water bottles EVERYWHERE, so I always have a bag in my car. Haha!

You better believe this lady is a fan!

Sorry for your loss Raven's fans 🙂



4 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  1. Woop woop! Lovin the eagles sign 🙂 and the green nails to go with it. Dang girl your arms are ripped! I love the new suit… I’m in need of a new one as well. I have all those old suits where they’re huge on me and in hopes of layering them they won’t notice that each of them is see through.. HA.
    I have a speedo.. I prefer the thicker straps. The thin ones dig into my shoulders

  2. Uhm- if you could please box up your abs and send them to me for my birthday, it’d be appreaciated. 😉 That is the main reason why I’m glad my aunt doens’t drag me to the gym with her anymore (I workout at home in the basement). I can’t STAND the people who just sit and stare! Or, the people who sit at a machine (that you want to use) for 5 minutes just sitting there, like they’re just relaxing…I prefer working out in the basement where no can watch/see/or bug me. lol

    • I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I workout in the morning this especially happens with the elderly people. I know they need a break and all, but I’m just like I NEED THAT MACHINE lol. I love working out with older people though because they’re nicer so I guess I just need to learn to be patient! 🙂

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