My Positive People

It is going to take me a very long time to get used to uploading photos and updating blogging life.
I’ve realized though I should keep my blog a more positive environment.
Although I am struggling through something, if I focus on talking about/blogging positive things, it will require me to find something positive everyday… Which is exactly what I need to focus on.

Every person has bad things happen to them each and every day. Some may seem more serious than others, but the point is…
We all experience highs and lows.
Don’t expect me to always be chipper because well, that’s impossible; however, I will try to keep things as positive as possible with the hope of recovering.
I just hope the days I need advice, I will gain blogging friends to help me along!

So, my positive people, this is what my last couple have days have looked like (shown via pictures)…

"Better-than-Crack" Brownie Preparation

Found out this is a little off the path to my one doctor!

So I picked up two small-er sized bags instead of one big bag so I could try two flavors πŸ™‚

Drank a lot of coffee for fuel, of course!

Got caught in...WAY too many storms! YIKES


I usually don’t pull over during storms but I had to during this one! It looked like a hurricane!

Started a project that's due the first week of school. Epic Fail.

*Please note what’s in the background of this photo and the upcoming set of pictures. I am the pro as far as procrastination goes.

Today, I did a 3000+ meter swim, which felt AMAZING, and decided to make some of Jessica’s “Oatmeal Peanut Butter Snack Squares“! They were SO easy. Of course I put in about half a bag of the mini chocolate chips and added a cup of raisins for extra goody-ness ;-)!

Can you tell I like to eat my body weight in batter bake?

Do you have any blogging advice?

Do you like to bake?

Yes, but I also love to eat batter. I tend to have cookies for dinner WAY too much. Lol.

Do you like granola? What’s your favorite brand/thing to mix it with?

Granola is kind of a “fear food” of mine. It’s so high in calories but I’m just gonna have to suck it up!


Enjoy the rest of your day!