Just in time for Jersday!

Hello, everyone!
Thank you for all of the support with my running. I am now up to 20 minutes every other day and nothing hurts! Is it weird my knee feels better while I’m running than when I’m walking/sitting/standing? How much sense does that make?!

I apologize for my absence! Things have been crazy trying to move back into school. For a while, my entire house was destroyed by me baking thousands of cookies to cope with stress and procrastinate my packing skills which seem to get worse instead of better! I swear packing is the most stressful thing to do.

Cookies > Packing

More cookies > Packing

Coffee > Packing

Just one section of my house.

When I moved in half of my things with my parents, we found out my bed was a full bed and no longer a twin. Don’t get me wrong… This is the first time I’ve ever had a full bed and I absolutely love it; however, finding this out when there are about four days I have to find new bedding, sheets, mattress toppers, etc. when everything is picked out… That’s less than enjoyable and stress totally not needed when I’m still trying to pack, say goodbye, and get everything together for the semester. Yikes. After about two days though, I’m mostly unpacked but in need of some serious decorations. I’ll have to work on it slowly!

New FULL-SIZED bed 🙂

The desk I will use the most!

Half of my rooooom

Bathroom! Obviously love zebra print a bit!

This has to be my favorite new room accessory. I think it's SO cute.

I’m just hoping this apartment is a lot better than last years shithole apartment. My neighbors were so loud and there were parties everywhere… Sorry, but not my style.
I’m a grandmother and I like to get up at about 5:00, so I was not a happy girl most of the time. I rarely got sleep because the walls were paper thin. Everything about the apartments was a mess. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is there is a train which constantly runs at night a block away; however, my A.C. unit drowns it out and I haven’t woken up to it yet.
Pros: Double bedroom to myself, three closets, my own bathroom, two desks, 8 dressers, my own AC unit, washer/dryer, new appliances, wood floors, no bumpin’ music, no loud/smoking/rude neighbors awake at all hours of the night, ceiling fan, etc.
Cons: Train.

I think I can live with that. So far, so good. 🙂

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to spending some time with my best friend. ❤

Pretty sure I do this wrong entirely sometimes.

Have you had any horrible roommate/apartment issues?
I haven’t had a perfect apartment/roommate situation yet. I went through a druggie/sexually active roommate, a loud roommate/sexually active roommate, loud/party neighbors galore, ugh. Just terrible. I really have high hopes for this year!

Have you made a new favorite food discovery?
This is such a random question, but last night I made pumpkin oats and put a packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter on top with cinnamon. I’ve never topped my oats with almond butter but my, oh my… I think I could have eaten my body weight in the combo. For some reason, it just taste so good.

Have you had pumpkin coffee yet? What kind? What’s your mix?
So far the only place I believe that has it is Dunkin’ Donuts. I always get a coffee + one pump of the syrup because I don’t like my coffee sweet but I love the spices in the syrup.

Are you excited for Jersey Shore tonight?
You better believe it! I have to watch the one special episode online somewhere before tonight, though! Or maybe catch it on T.V. I’m sure MTV will replay it a million times!

Oh, and PLL is over for the season!
I love that show so much! I don’t watch much TV, but give me some PLL and Jersey Shore any day!
Much love! Happy Jersday!


14 thoughts on “Just in time for Jersday!

    • This is the first time I’ve had a full bed and I’m going to get spoiled. Especially when I go home for breaks and I’m back in a twin. Might have to beg for a new bed… Or just complain and keep hinting to get a new one! Haha

  1. Pumpkin oatmeal with Justin’s maple almond butter with some agave on top is my FAVE!!!!!! I love it!!!
    I’m so happy you’re able to run! I’ve been training for the NYC marathon and developed a stress fracture and a torn ligament in my foot…I’ve been in a boot and on crutches for 2 weeks and have another 5 to go!! It’s so hard having an injury!!!
    Good luck with the start of your school year!!! Are you majoring in education?

    • Honestly, I’ve had pumpkin oatmeal and almond butter almost every day this week. It’s SO good, I just can’t get enough! I’m glad you’re an addict as well! You’re in a boot?!? Oh no 😦 I hope you heal quickly! Injuries are really hard, I just feel so lazy and it’s just frustrating feeling like you’re about 40 years old because your body just isn’t right.

      I’m majoring in secondary math education 🙂 I start student teaching this year, I’m so nervous.

  2. Jersey Shore and PLL are my 2 favs too!! Did you see the PLL finale?? CLIFF HANGER!! And if you are talking about the Jersey Shore they showed on Sunday as the special one, it came on again tonight! ripoff!! But honestly watching Mike beat himself up is something i could watch 10 times and it wouldnt get old 🙂

    • I thought I was going to LOSE it during PLL. It was giving me a heart attack hahah. So intense! I can’t wait until the Halloween special! And yeah, I’m glad Jersey Shore was a re-run 😛 No complaining here! Hahah, tomorrow can’t come soon enough though! I love me some fist pumpin’!

    • Try dunkin’ donuts pumpkin coffee! It’ll change your life 🙂 It does have syrup in it (like Starbucks) but pumpkin coffee is also a seasonal flavor for a lot of coffee companies (like Green Mountain). I love all of the spices they add to make it taste like fall! And thank you!!

  3. Glad to hear about the running! That’s so awesome 🙂
    I have yet to try any pumpkin coffee. we do have K-cups of pumpkin spice so I’ll be having a cup of that tomorrow morning.
    I do like the dunkin donuts mocha mint that they sell in stores 😀
    My favorite food discovery has been my apple, cottage cheese, almond butter, cinnamon on a sandwich combo!! The cinnamon really enhances the flavor of almond butter which I never knew before!

    • I love DD’s mocha mint, too! There seasonal flavors are always the best. (Strawberry Shortcake) I found out cinnamon and almond butter is awesome together, too! I’ve been eating a lot of almond butter on my oats lately. It’s so good.

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