So speechless, I made a video.

I am so taken back by all of your feedback.
At the moment, I am so swamped with work and I want to comment you each back individually.
However, for now... Here's a video [after working out, I look hot if I do say so myself. ><]

How was your Monday?

Do you like roasted corn? Are you sad to see the season end?

Does your hair look like a rat’s nest after working out?!

See you later, bloggie-gators!



19 thoughts on “So speechless, I made a video.

  1. Free apples and a buttload of roasted corn??! One word: Awesome. I’m so excited to get to know you more too, blogging is such a wonderful way to meet others in recovery. It’s helped me SO much to keep on fighting this battle. 🙂
    Good luck on all of your homework girly, I have a ton to do myself eww haha
    PS–I ADORE your nails 😀

    • I know! He was like, “Here, these honeycrisps are really good.” I was like Uhm, SCORE!

      And I really hope I can just do it right. I was trying to make my blog into something specific, but now I’m just using it more of a diary and seeing where it goes. I don’t really have an “expertise” so I like it this way!

      And thank you! 🙂 I always get zebra print, I’m addicted.

  2. Oh honey, you look so ill. I will be thinking good thoughts your way, for happier times and speedy recovery…. fight hard girl. It is rough but you need the weight, starving, restricting, etc. is no way to live. You can be happier and healthier, you just need to push yourself through the hard times … it will get better but you need to do it!

    • I know I need to do it. Restricting is no way to live. I mean, I sit and ask myself why I work out if I don’t eat to nourish myself. Why wouldn’t I want to fuel my body to do something I love? It’s just a common sense question but I know it’s going to get better!

    • Thanks so much lady! And any person who has dealt with restriction and overcame it will help. You don’t need to be an expert. If you went through it and conquered it, obviously you did something right!

  3. Love your video lol and I laughed at how you made friends with the farmer’s market guy…that would have been me haha…I hope you’re doing a little better today. I just moved this weekend and it is SO hard and brings back eating disorder issues. It’s very hard so I completely understand!! Hope you have a good night xoxo

    • You need to make a blog and update, lady! You seem like SUCH a nice person! And seriously, I make friends with everyone… Farmers, the people who work at DD, gas stations, etc. I think I try to make up for my lack of college friends by friending strangers. I’m really polite though, too, because my mom raised me that way so maybe people just like me because I treat them with respect unlike grumpy people? lol idk!

      I hope you’re doing okay with your move! Don’t let the bad habits creep back. Once you kick them, keep them out!

      • Haha I’m the sameeee exact way about making friends everywhere!!! It’s so funny because sometimes I think I have a sign on my head that says “talk to me I’m nice and will listen to you” ha!! I did have a blog like 2 years ago but updating was so hard!! Between teaching and then teaching spin classes, I only updated once a week and I didn’t think that was nearly as fun as writing everyday!! Maybe once I get into the school year I’ll start a new blog 🙂

      • You should just start writing like a journal than instead! But I guess if you keep in touch with everyone and give everyone feedback, it’s really like having a blog, you just have different “posts” for everyone! I’m definitely having trouble battling schoolwork/freetime. I need to find a set schedule lol it always takes me SO long.

      • Maybe I’ll get on that this weekend haha sometimes I don’t think I have enough interesting things to write about 🙂 I guess I don’t have to update every single day if I don’t have time! If you ever want to talk, email me or facebook me! my email is
        xoxo have a great Saturday…I just finished eating my pumpkin oatmeal and drinking my pumpkin coffee!!!

  4. I love your video! its always nice to hear the voice behind the blog! my mom and i used to make a corn salad that was corn chopped peppers and cherry tomatoes in a broth of lime juice, and a dash of hot sauce, topped with fresh basil…so yummy and refreshing! i cant believe summers over! but now pumpkin is backkkk! 🙂
    good luck with your school work!

    • That salad sounds SO good. I need to invest in lemon/lime juice because you can make all sorts of salads with a hint of one of them. I have all of the other ingredients so maybe I’ll try it out! 🙂

      And I CANNOT believe summer is over. Summer is my favorite but fall is coming in a very close second in recent years. I just HATE winter. Ugh. Especially here in PA.

  5. So glad to find your blog- “the baked good looks good, but is it really?” haha I laughed.
    I hope that eating more of what you love will help you in your recovery. The blogging community has helped me so much lately and will continue to help me. Just reach out when you need it!

    • Honestly, the amount of feedback I got on the one post I thought would turn a lot of people off… Was just awesome. I’m really looking forward to blogging/keeping in touch with people more. It’s SO hard with school but I’ll find a groove soon, hopefully. Just gotta find the perfect balance.

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