No Shows and Free Shots!!!

Another vlog only because I am super busy and they are so much easier than typing it all out!

Have you ever bought just the syrup from coffee shops?

What was your workout today?

See you later! 😉

In honour of WIAW, what was everyone’s favorite thing they actually ate today?!


14 thoughts on “No Shows and Free Shots!!!

  1. That sucks about the spin instructor! I would’ve been oober frustrated too. I’ve never done a spinning class, but I want to!
    Today was my lifting day! My legs are quaking and shaking haha 😉 and best thing I’ve eaten so far was a HUGE envy Apple with my breakfast 😀

  2. Ohhhh I’d be pissed if I dragged my butt out of the house that early only to have the instructor not show up… I’ve only done spin a few times, and I have no idea why. It’s a fun workout, so I should probably do it more often. And speaking of workouts, I took today off from mine because I have a LOT of packing to do that I’ve been putting off for weeks lol. The way I see it, though… all the heavy lifting and squatting and moving counts as a pretty good workout 😉

    • Honestly, that probably WAS a good workout. I know when I moved into my apartment, the next day everything was sore. Lol. Well, one of the things was my back which isn’t probably the best thing. Haha! I hope your move is going well and you finally got your butt in gear and started packing early 😛

    • Lol, thanks! And yeah, the shots song just happens to come up in my head during conversations. Like, I’ll say, “I’ll give it a shot.” and the back of my mind turns into LMFAO rockin’ the show. I would call them out but that was my first attempt at a spin class, so I wouldn’t know the guy from the average joe shmoe.

  3. Hey! I’m a spinning instructor and I think you should definitely try it next time you can!!!! It is an awesome class (as long as you get a good instructor) and it is the best cross train to running because it’s hard and keeps your heart rate up without the pounding of running. I can’t believe the instructor didn’t show up!!!! Annoying!!!!
    Anyway, enjoy your night..and pumpkin lol I’ve been drinking pumpkin coffee every morning..I’m addicted 🙂

  4. I hope once you start recovering, and hopefully that is SOON and you get healthier that you can look back on this video and see just how sad it is. You are gorgeous don’t get me wrong, but you look so ill, and even sound it. Like you have no energy, and are only half there, just surviving and not really living. It is hard, but DO IT. Start now, seriously don’t put it off for “this or that” do it right this minute. It hurts me to see this because you deserve so much more, and I don’t even know you, but I can tell you are a great person but dealing with some major struggles. Restricting is NO way to live, and you know this you said it yourself…. so stop, it is hard but stop restricting today, now, and finally take a very hard step to health and ultimate happiness. Think about it, why would you want to continue doing things that are only making your daily life and your future so bad? Thinking good things for you girl, you CAN do it!

  5. I actually get the syrup at the grocery store! Torani brand I think its called??? i dont know but their sugar free gingerbread flavor is amazing!!!!
    ive never taken spin, but am now obsessed with Zumba and it seems to be a decent work out….i mostly like it to be with other people and to dance. who wouldnt smile after shimmying around for an hour!!
    favorite thing ive been eating ALL week is trader joes sunflower butter. it is so good on everything!!! cereal, oats, bread, pretzels, fruit, crackers, animal crackers, you name it, its good!!! i hope your knee heals soon hunni…you are a strong woman and I hope you know that!!!

  6. I’ve taken spin, and it really hurt my booty, so never again! I’m a runner anyway, haha. That was my workout today :).

    I don’t even remember what I ate on Wednesday, but my favorite thing I ate today was definitely veggie pizza from Papa John’s!

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