“… He’s totally good at making out”.

I love the things I overhear in coffee shops by high school girls. I was never like that in high school (promiscuous). Thank the Lord.

Thank you guys SO much for all of your input on counseling. It seems like it would be a good thing to try out and at least see if I like it or not. I’m just a little weary because I’m going to the counseling offered on my campus through the school. I hate to see my parents spend even more money than they already do, so I’ll get to go for free. Although my mother expressed she does not care about money for anything which has to do with my health, I just feel if it’s there… Why not take advantage of it? There are two things I’m worrying about, though, with going to counseling on campus:

1.) If any of my professors/classmates see me go in the counseling center, I do not want them to think I’m crazy. Although, lets be real, I am pretty crazy. 😛

2.) These counselors see SO many people and it’s just “batches” of students. Are they really going to try and make a good relationship during the sessions?

Just some things to think about, I guess.

I love Amazon's boxes. Service with a smile :o)

Intensity. :oP

Intensity. :oP

Lately, I’ve been doing pretty good with the whole increasing calories… Except it’s more of bingeing episodes which end in tears. I don’t know why I just eat like hell (too much) right before I go to bed even if I eat like hell (alot of good meals) during the day. I mean, I used to binge at night because I barely ate anything during the day but now it’s just bingeing to…………… I’ll never know, I guess. It just makes me upset because then I can’t sleep because my metabolism is going full force. This isn’t good when you have two mid-terms the next day and you get about 4 hours of sleep. Hmm. I think I need to incorporate more substance foods earlier in the day, then eat something like yogurt or cereal at night? I was eating frozen greek yogurt + pumpkin + protein powder… I became a big fan of the homemade fro-yo since there is no fro-yo places within a 100 mile radius.
*[Insert Snooki, “WAH.”]


Look at that bag of cinnamon! You better believer that'll last me two four weeks!

Oh, and for the first time ever I ate Starbucks oatmeal. I have never ordered food from Starbucks. I had a little packet of PB&Co peanut butter [Yummm], so I got oatmeal, dried fruit, PB, and used Starbuck’s cinnamon to incorporate my favorite spiceee. So, uhhh, why didn’t anyone tell me how PATHETIC Starbucks oatmeal is? Seriously? My bowl of oatmeal could eat that bowl of oatmeal as a midnight snack. I opened the nice little container it comes in to realize it was about 1/4 full of watery oatmeal. Epic fail, Starbucks. Epic fail.


I must admit, I do miss && love carbs. Girls gotta eat, Starbucks.

I must admit, I do miss && love carbs. Girls gotta eat, Starbucks.

I made these oatmeal bars the other day with leftover nanners. I found the recipe on my beloved P-Interest <3. All you do is mix…

-2 1/2 cup oats

-3 mashed bananas

-1/3 cup honey

-1/3 cup applesauce

-tsp vanilla

-1 tablespoon cinnamon (my change)

*Mix wet, mix dry, mix oats. Bake @ 350 in 8×8 until top is slightly browned. (20-25 minutes)
*Or you can make cookies! 🙂 But I made bars and ate half of the dish in one night. No exaggeration.

*Top with peanut butter, of course.

SO DELICIOUS! Mine are already gone :-X

This weekend is Fall Break for my college but I can’t go home because, well, my appearance isn’t going to be acceptable to my parents. I’m not going home until I gain some weight which just upsets me. I want Wawa Pumpkin Spice coffee. I think they actually have the COFFEE instead of the sugar-coma cappuccino which makes me want to go home even more.. Sigh. I’ll be here by myself all weekend. WHY DID I CUT FAT OUT OF MY DIET?! I want to go home and bake my family cookies, go to Wawa, and spend time with my friends. But nope, staying here. I was thinking of going to D.C. by myself as a little “Me” time. I read a magazine recently about someone who traveled by themselves to just get away and “find themselves”.  Since I can’t afford to take a random road trip (nor do I have time with classes), I think maybe I’ll just take a day and go explore D.C. If my knee allows me to, anyway. I’ve been thinking about going a lot of places just to get away. Sit and think. But, maybe a therapist would be more efficient. 😉


Any places to hit up if I go to D.C.?

Specifically the best of everything (fro-yo, pancakes, vegetarian, bakery, shops, etc.)

Do you ever take roadtrips to clear your mind?

When I went through something in high school (sparked running/healthier eating), I took a drive every single day. It was my time… And sometimes I think it saved my life because it was the only time during the day I was actually at ease with everything which was going on. The only time my mind was, well, free.


18 thoughts on ““… He’s totally good at making out”.

  1. woah- i live in no.va.! you must go to georgetown and eastern market for the shopping (food and clothes). some pretty awesome places to eat are: sweetgreen, jaleo, chopt, and baked and wired (famous for their coffee!). also, if you like vegan desserts, try out sticky fingers bakery!

    btw, i’m in therapy and i think it’s pretty awesome youre trying it out!

    • Chopt looks so good! And I’ve heard about Sticky Fingers Bakery on TV and through blogs, I think. AHHH! There’s not enough time in a day! Lol. You’re very lucky to live so close to such an AWESOME city.

  2. Ugghhh girl I feel ya!! I’m so glad high school is over, those years sucked hardcore for me. I think what you’re doing regarding therapy is fabulous, can’t wait to hear how you progress my friend 🙂
    Those oat cookie bar things sound amazing! I wish I wasn’t allergic to oats…I’ll have to try them with another grain fo sho!
    Omg I make froyo too with pumpkins, protein powder and Greek yogurt!! Isn’t it THE BEST?!
    Have a great fall break!

    • It makes my insides cry to hear you are allergic to oats. That’s quite possibly the worst thing. EVER. haha.

      And seriously though, I think that combination is THE BEST. Especially when you get it out and mix it at JUST the right times and it’s like a fluffy custard. Mmmmm.

    • I think I’m gonna give it a go!

      And thank ya, lady. I hope you do too! And you should stop by on your way back to school! BLOGGER MEET UP haha! At least it’s beautiful outside this weekend!

  3. Georgetown in DC is quite nice. I also liked the National Zoo and really the whole Adams Morgan neighborhoods. That was also 5 years ago, though. I was in college.

    I went to my college’s counseling center when I was there. It was a real counselor, one on one sessions… best counselor I’ve ever seen (seen 4). As far as professors go, I think they totally get it. A few of mine new and never had a problem with it. You never know some of them may have been to counseling themselves- it’s definitely not taboo to go. I was one of the more involved, social (I don’t want to say popular here…) students at my college and I went, and to tell you the truth, a lot of us went. I would say at least give it a try, if it’s really just not helpful, then you could possibly pay to go somewhere else.

    • That’s why I feel like I should give it a shot because it could be the best decision of my life. And I’m sure a lot of people do go to counseling so it isn’t abnormal but one of my professors stopped me after class last week because the whole math department is concerned. Sigh. So, I guess my secret will be out haha. I need to research D.C. more because I really want to go! You’re so lucky you got to attend college in a city like D.C.

      • Oh no, lol, I attended college in my town, haha. At a small liberal arts school in a small town. But the honors college got to go to DC :). You definitely should go, it’s amazing! I would love to go back.

        I really would give counseling a shot. You don’t have anything to lose and if your professors are concerned, it’s probably a good idea to go and if nothing else, maybe it’ll calm them down a little too.

  4. 1. High school girls are WILD these day..I tell ya..there must be something in the water!!

    2. You are probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and I love that you post with your new toys because I do the SAME exact thing. Snookie WAH make me laugh.

    3. Starbucks has great coffee, and SOMETIMES great food trays with fruit and cheese, but I have to agree that their oatmeal sucks like whoa!! They clearly do not make their oats for people like us that could eat 4 servings in one sitting.

    4. One of the counselors at my college is super great, and I feel like he really cares about the students. I hope that you can find one like him and that it helps you in any way because YES free is awesome, but if it’s not helping then don’t waste your time!!

    5. I WISH you could go home..that has to be a terrible feeling. You can road trip to my house and we can play barbies and go for walks allllll day!! I love going on drives when my head is in a fog. I have been on two recently that have just been like night and day with how I was feeling before and after!

  5. Hey! new reader here. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

    That recipe sounds so good and simple! I’m sure they wouldn’t last long around here either. Hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend! ❤

  6. those granola oatmeal banana bar thingys sound so good! they look really healthy too!
    i went to DC for my 8th grade trip last summer with my friends and something you NEED to see is the Vietnam memorial.
    its so peaceful there and everyone has this unspoken respect for all the soldiers that died and all the people that risked their lives in that war and its honestly so beautiful.
    also–go shopping! victorias secret had a HUGEEE sale when i went (hehe..)
    and so yah shopping there was super fun!
    as for food, we stopped at fast food places (eww.), so i packed a ton of meals that i ate instead!

  7. I found those pumpkin spice bagel a few weeks ago and Im addicted!! Im glad you are giving counseling a chance. I used to use the one on campus because it was free and it helped me a lot. More college kids than you could imagine see therapist on campus just due to stress. If anyone does see you, i serioulsy doubt they would judge you for it. When I began eating more I had the same binge episodes. They went away eventually, its just my bodies way of saying feed me!!!

  8. DC is super fun. Not that you are trying to do the whole museum thing, but there are fabulous museums to explore. If you really want an experience to humble yourself, visit the Holocaust museum. Its free and open to the public, and I did research there while I was in college. My husband came along and ended up spending more than 4 hours wandering the halls, reading and reflecting on how difficult life was then at that time. It was really eye-opening.
    i hope you have a good weekend hun.
    please remember you are not bingeing. it may seem like it but you are actually giving your body what it needs!

  9. I went to a counselor while in undergrad. I felt the same way when it came to worrying about people seeing me at the time. However, once I went there, I found out that they had groups that meet. I was so nervous that I would know someone, but I think the groups helped me more than jsut meeting with the counselor. You feel less alone when it comes to whatever problem you are dealing with. I def. think you should check out the counselor- sometimes it just makes you feel so much better to say whats on your mind without feeling judged.

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