The Nurse Who Saved My Life.

So, even though the Eagles lost again, Vick threw an interception again, and he now has cracked ribs… I was extremely glad that my nurse who did my MRI let me listen to the game VIA Comcast Radio.

Love it. Haha.

What I don’t love? The nurses taking an hour and coming in to tell me my knees are too skinny to get really accurate readings of my knee. Leh sigh.

At least I made this today…

Let me just say, this is awesome.
And you should make it… NOW!

Happy Monday!!!


4 thoughts on “The Nurse Who Saved My Life.

  1. Thats such a bummer they couldnt tell you more about your knee! I hate nurses who say things like that. I feel that is is kind of unprofessional. Anway I hope you have a fabulous day my darling!!!

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