So I ate them.

So I ate them.

And then I cried. They weren’t worth it. And I could have eaten something WHOLESOME and nutritional instead. This gets me every time. I feel like I HAVE to eat stuff like this and who wants to feel like they HAVE to eat something? I hate this. I hate it so much.


4 thoughts on “So I ate them.

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry 😦
    I stopped eating Pop Tarts after learning they were made with gelatin.
    Why don’t you try Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries? They come in yummy flavors and I personally think they’re worth every calorie cause they taste so good 😉

  2. haha I hate when I do this too! and I totally have to agree, pop tarts are just…I mean they look like they’d be delicious but they really just taste kinda blah. It always helps me to just eat really “clean” for the rest of the day – lots of veggies, lean protein etc. Easier to say than believe, but you do deserve treats, and you’re def not gonna blow up like a ballooon overnight from a poptart 🙂

  3. I would try the Nature’s Path ones or something else. Pop Tarts really just don’t taste that great, have a ton of calories, and little nutritional value. Heck, you’re probably better off eating ice cream or a real dessert you would actually ENJOY while consuming those calories. But don’t fret about it either… I know it sucks to think of it as a waste of calories but in the end, it’s just a few hundred calories and won’t make THAT big of a difference (that’s something I’ve had to learn too, tho).

  4. Stalking your blog a little right now since I like to become familiar with my fellow followers haha. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I think we’re all guilty of beating ourselves up mentally, or even physically (intense exercise when our bodies are telling us no) at one time or another. But the key is to work with your body and listen to its commands. If you’re craving something sweet, hey, reward yourself. There’s plenty of healthier choices out there if you feel guilty when you eat something like this. Though, some poptarts never killed anyone! Unless you’re gluten/sugar intolerable (me). Haha. I think you get the idea.

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