Surgery Day.

So, today was the day of my surgery.

I found out it wasn’t going to be until 10, so I’m not going to lie… I went to the gym this morning for my last moments of having two knees. It was actually kind of emotional. I just kind of took every moment in to savor it because it might be awhile until I feel able to do any cardio (besides swimming) for a little bit of time.

At 9:00 (unfortunately the time Regis and Kelly starts), my friend from the math department picked me up and we were off to surgery. I didn’t wait very long in the waiting room but when I went back to wait for surgery, I found out the man who goes before me did not even go in yet, so I knew it was going to be a couple of moments. Everyone was so nice to me, though. It makes so much of a difference with how nurses and everyone treats you at a hospital. And I am so thankful they were pleasant. The only awkward thing for me is when people say how thin I am. I’ve become almost “used” to it, but it’s just kind of annoying when people call you skinny. I want to be healthy and buff, not a stick. But that’s on it’s way. IT IS on it’s way.

It was off to the main surgery room from there! After having everyone make little silly jokes about me wanting to be a math teacher (normal)… The next thing I knew, I was waking up in another room with a huge ice bag on my knee. The nurses were amazed at how fast I woke up. Only 10-15 minutes out of surgery. And how “with it” I was. Haha. It’s funny because I did the same thing at the first one so it was like a complete repeat. All I wanted was Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as soon as I woke up. I just wanted to leave and sit at home in my bed, so I was getting pretty anxious.

I’m really glad my friend (Josh) brought me. He’s such a nice person and I’m just glad I met at least one person in college who is just genuinely nice. He bought me Dunkin’ Donuts even though he 1.) Drove me 2.) Stayed for like 4 hours 3.) Had to deal with all of my emotions. It takes a lot and I’m really glad to have met someone through my college career that I hope to keep in touch with. Plus, his girlfriend is super nice and doesn’t care if her boyfriend has other girl friends which is a very rare case. I tend to get along with guys a lot better than girls so I hate when girlfriends automatically assume any girl who walks into their boyfriend’s life is trying to get laid. Sorry girls, but some of us just actually want to be friends with guys.

Aside from that, my doctor let me know I, in fact, did not have a torn menisci… but sever plica synovitis. I did google this when I got home and arthroscopy is needed to fix anything which doesn’t go away with ice/steroid injections… So, at least I know everything was needed. If anyone knows a little bit about this, please feel free to comment because I’m not really well informed about it. I’ll probably ask him tomorrow (thinking he’ll do a follow up call).

Tonight I’m hopefully going to get some homework accomplished and watch the Eagles game. I really hope they win because I would like to have something to look forward to watching (playoffs). In order to make it, they pretty much have to win every game here on it with about half of their starting line-up. But we shall see…

This is so cute!

You may be thinking I’m extremely happy right now, which would not be a lie. But I would be lying if I said it’s not because of the meds. Because it’s definitely because of the meds. I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow and not being able to work out. Maybe I’ll try some one legged yoga… Or just do some pilates. Any suggestions?

So, that’s all for now. Catch you later! I hope everyone enjoys Thirsty Thursday!!!

I know I am šŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Surgery Day.

    • You’re an amazing lady! Thank you so much, CJ! I really want to get together sometime for lunch. I’ve become in love with Panera Bread’s soups + the baquets (sp?). I know you love Panera, too, so maybe we can go together sometime! šŸ™‚ I would love to sit down and just get some inspiration from you. It would just be really nice to hear others struggles and know it’s okay I am struggling and it’s normal to struggle… But most importantly, how to overcome them. ā¤

  1. Thinking good and healing thoughts for you! And NOW is the time to heal, everything… time to EAT up and rest up! You want to be buff and strong, you need to eat a lot and now is the perfect time, start now girl! I, and SO many others believe in you, you can do this NOW… no time like the present, no putting off until later when you can work out, take this as a sign, you DO NOT need to be working out but working on getting better! You are so strong and amazing, you CAN do this ya know šŸ˜€

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