My leg is a log.

Yes, that is my leg.
Yes, it’s so swollen.
Yes, it hurts like a bitch.
Yes, it’s bleeding out of the left stitch.
Yes, I can’t bend it to pee.
Yes, I slid down the stairs on a pillow.
Yes, I have eaten cranberry relish, jello, greek yogurt, imitation crab, grapes, and lima beans.
Yes, I have no control over food.
Yes, I’m going to gain weight.
And yes, I’m crying on an average of every 15 minutes.

On another note, thanks to Kath
I bought this for Christmas…

Kill me, please.


14 thoughts on “My leg is a log.

  1. so so sorry about your leg. hopefully it heals fast, and you can enjoy that PB come Christmas 🙂

    the squirrel kinda reminds me of the squirell from beatrix potter stories

  2. Hey pretty lady… I am so so sorry about your knee… I just saw your posts about it and wow I am sorry love 😦 I wish I had something more useful to say! But I will tell you this, you will get better, you will get out of this funk and things will be okay! I know it’s hard to believe now but I promise you it’s true.

    • Thanks, lady! It really does stink. It just seems like a series of unfortunate events. I keep telling myself it will get better but I remember telling myself that during my last surgery and I’m just like, “oh yeah, it didn’t get better.” So it’s just SUPER hard to be positive.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m SO sorry about your leg. That is such an unfortunate thing, and I know that it must be devastating to feel like you cant get out and get moving. Just think of this as a very temporary thing! As Tessa said, it will be over soon and you’ll be right back in the swing of things.

    You’ve got this! I promise 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s just so hard because I’m so active all the time. I always just go to Target and walk around or go SOMEWHERE but I can’t even do that now. It just makes me feel so lazy and since I’m going through a lot with eating stuffssss it just makes it 10 times worse. Hmph. But I’m just hoping to get back in the swing of things. My first surgery lead me to this surgery so it’s hard to be positive!

  4. hey girlie! omg I’ve been playing blog catch-up all week haha I just read through all your posts about the surgery! First I just want to say congrats for pulling through it….surgeries are scary. And it is scary not knowing how you’re going to heal. But you just have to take it one day at a time. I definitely know how hard it is to eat when you’re not working out – especially when you don’t have people that really know what’s going on and are supporting you 24/7 – but you just have to trust that you’re doing what’s right for your body. Keep picturing that strong, muscular, athletic woman you want to be when its all over!! Keep your head up, hopefully you can get some Kiwi 🙂

    • I can always get some Kiwi! Even if my leg was amputated, there’s always opportunities for Kiwi. It’s fat-free after all 😉 (I tell myself that to make it okay to eat $6 worth of froyo haha!)
      It is really scary and frustrating when you’re trying to heal. I’m constantly battling my mind because it doesn’t want me to eat but I know if I don’t eat my leg is NEVER going to heal… Or just heal more slowly than if I would eat. Yikes. I don’t know why I even second guess things because I definitely want an athletic body over a stick body with people staring at you because you don’t even LOOK healthy/athletic.

  5. I’m underweight now…and struggling. I can’t exercise (physically just can’t anymore) and lately I’ve been binging (I’m talking near 700++ cals past 11 pm at night…chocolate, yogurt tubs, nuts, rice cakes, etc etc…) I’m so ashamed and worried ….I can’t “exercise” it off…and i can’t restrict the next day or it just continues the cycle. The guilt is great.

    Email me anytime if you have any thoughts or stories to share. I feel so sad about this all.

    Take care …I can’t seem to find bloggers similar to me…if their underweight or still barely “recovered” they are exercising like crazy and not binging at night like me…i feel so badly…I’m 30 years old now …so I just feel i’ve screwed it all up…gaining all wrong…

    Your so deserve to rest your boy and eat and eat…

    i’m just donig it all wrong an backwards…making my ibs-symptoms worse too …

    • I got them shipped to my “home-home” so I’m going to have to wait to try them! I’m going insane. I could totally see my mom stealing them and saying they are a “gift”, so I might not be able to try them until after Christmas 😯 The horror!

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