My Monday Mornings

Target gets me everytime with the cute holiday items




















With this staring me in the face…








Pretty, isn’t it?


10 thoughts on “My Monday Mornings

  1. Aweee 😦 poor knee! I hope all is healing well! Are you still able to make it to classes and such?! Do you have any tough finals in the near future?! I was wondering if we could potentially plan a study date 🙂 I know I have tonsss of paper writing to do! And I am kind of excited to meet you in real life, considering have probably passed each other countless times!

    • Eeeek! I do have a paper to write for finals. Thankfully, being a math major and this being the semester before my student teaching, I do not have many paper finals… And if I do, they are all pretty much “reflection” finals. I have a Sociology in the Dynamics of Aging (Sociology of Old People) exam tomorrow night which is pretty much the “final”. The paper is also for this class and I have written an introductory paragraph thus far. Ooops. Haha. And we should definitely meet up at Starbucks or something!!! (Preferably after tomorrow because I will be “studying”, AKA reading blogs, baking, and Pinning, until then). I am SO stocked to meet you and I know I’ve seen you around campus before because I recognized you before I even read your bio on here! 😀 As long as you don’t let anyone know how crazy/screwed up I actually am (Yikes), we can be friends! Hahaha! I wish I would have found your blog the first week of school, not a month before the semester ends!

  2. Gahh your knee… it seems like it’s a bit swollen there! I am joking of course, it’s huge! Quite legit lady
    I am sorry you are feeling a bit blah at the moment (just read your comment on my blog) but things are going to get better for both of us… and i am excited for that. It’s not something I “hope” will happen either, I know we will both be feeling okay once again soon 🙂

    • I always try to say things like, “know” instead of “hope” but sometimes I catch myself saying the one that is optional. IT isn’t an option, I am going to get better. It just better be sooner than later. Haha. And yes, my knee is freakin’ huge 😦 WAH

  3. EPIC BATTLE SCARS!!! maybe that’s one way you can think of this? Someday (sooner rather than later I hope) you’ll probably look back on that pic and be like “damn. I’ve come SO freakin far since then!”

    And per previous posts (playing catchup AGAIN grrr lol), I totally feel you on ED winning every.single.time. I guess it gets down to that point where you’re so sick of it that you “break” and make the right/hard choice. I think with all my own injuries I’m finally reaching that point!

    And YES to target, I go in looking for something like facewash…and come out with cute plates and mugs. so much fail. but so much win at the same time!

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