Highlight of Christmas…

Fake mustaches from yours truly 🙂

And my Kindle fire!!!! 😉
OH! And I won $20 on a lottery ticket.
Believe me, I have no idea how it happened either.

I’d be lying if I said Christmas was 100% amazing,
but I think anyone who says it is… Well, they lie. Lol.
Holidays are hectic and I didn’t meet ALL of my goals…
However, each day I’m growing/learning and that’s what is important, I guess.

It looks like everyone had an amazing Christmas 🙂
Does anyone else get lottery tickets for Christmas?
What’s the highest amount you ever won?


25 thoughts on “Highlight of Christmas…

  1. LOL, nice facial hair! 😛 Super sweet that you got a Kindle FIre, my sister got one too! YEah holidays are never perfect, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressin about workouts and food a bit – but it’s the overall that counts!! As long as you met SOME goals and are still workin towards the others, well, that’s a success. 😀

    • Yeah, I realized other years when I used to go to the gym in the morning was SO un-necessary. I’ve taken like three weeks off of exercising and I realize how little a difference will make if I take a day off every now and then. Atleast I’m learning something!

  2. Way to go 20 bucks!!!! hehe I got one this year but I won ZERO, I’ve never had any luck with those haha oh well. Love the mustaches! How do you like the kindle fire!?!? I have the kindle and love it!

  3. I want to win money!!!!! That is awesome..I get excited winning even $5 if I ever go to the casino. Bahaha. I agree that the holidays get hectic and I am glad they are over. I enjoyed my time on Christmas..but more than ready to see it go!

  4. I’ve never gotten lotto tickets for Christmas, but where I live, they always advertise them as stocking stuffers and talk about how they’re already wrapped (haha). I dunno, I’d feel bad if I bought them as a Christmas gift and then the person won a lot of money, would hope they would share, lol.

    But I don’t think $20 is that much money to where you would need to share with whoever gave you the ticket. Just sayin’.

    Love the weird mustache pic! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. I am glad that you had a pretty good Christmas! No Christmas, or holiday, is ever perfect, though. 🙂 How do you like your Kindle Fire? I’m not too keen on reading books that aren’t physically the books.

    It’s pretty funny that you got a lottery ticket – I thought that my family was the only weird one who put them in my sister and I’s stockings! I actually ended up winning $2!

    Happy New Years!

  6. Ahahaha I’m obsessed with ‘staches. I love that picture. Incredibly jealous of the kindle and lottery winnings! I won $3 this year. New record! Haha. Have a great new years!

  7. wow, a kindle sounds lovely.
    i get my books from the library….no money (a consequence of dragging out this weight struggles until you are 30 years old….)

    i’m struggling…but told myself i MUST change this year…NOW , not later

    but still….i’m struggling with thoughts recently…i wonder if i can share it with u cause with just me, it swims in my head, but i hope it doesn’t bother u…its a comment similar that i left on CJ’s blog…feel so overwhelemed:

    I haven’t been gaining at all…I get weighed again this thursday…so this, first week of janurary i’m dedicated to getting 2xxx calories every day…but i find it so so tough when i’m not hungry…is it just me …but its like my bedtime “snack” is 500+ calories…ouch…

    i feel so awful about myself too…because I “binged” last night on extra carbs (chocolate, rice cakes, cookies, muffin…) …i swore i would reduce the bready carbs today…with my lunch i intended to still KEEP the big calories, but to replace the unappetitzing bread (which i overdosed on late last night ) with different things like flax and nuts (for the same cals)…but suddenly at lunch..i grabbed the bread…and ate it, and it wasn’t even that good…now i feel like a fat failure cause all i’ve done the last week is walk 30 minutes per day (i’m just depressed, so depressed and unmotivated to even do anything)…now i feel bad because i never had that “fresh” day to “clean” out my body and instead will just keep eating and eating all week and screw myself over….

    i KNOW this all sounds insane….but that’s the way my mind works…and i hate that…i end up feeling enormous guilt and shame and it consumes every single minute…i just want to order take out and pig out and not feel bad when i don’t “eat fresh and grainless ” the next day to “cleanse” out my body…ugh…

    i just feel guilty for everything..especially my yogurt consumption which is like 1.5-2 cups per day…it messes with my guts, but i still don’t stop…why don’t i have will power?

    see…thesse are the thoughts running through my mind 24-7. Its like i need someone to reassure me or tell me that it was either stupid or okay, just to get it over it. I’m so tired of it. Can’t we binge and pigout and still eat breads and chocolate the next day and never feel we need to “clean’ it out?…

    ONE of my january goals is to gain x lbs….i MUST get at least 15 lbs on me before i get going on a more “sensible” life….i want this over with.

    (in past i actually just bit it in the butt and gained 3 lbs per week…i got back to life and exercise and things were normal again…this time i’m all “different” and overwhelmed by it)

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