Unanswered Questions.

This afternoon I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. Since things are not progressing as I wished they would, I tend to go to these appointments with no hope of a change.

Everytime I leave a doctor’s office I’m in the same state… Miserable with an inflamed knee.

I really, really went into this surgery with high hopes for a speedy recovery. For once, I really trusted my surgeon. I had never felt so comfortable with my knee in someone else’s hands. As soon as I stepped into his office, his staff and everyone assured me I was in good hands. It almost seemed staged until I realized I really never felt this much positive energy when visiting a doctor’s office.

I do not regret my decision to have this 3rd-4thish? surgery. Actually, I believe my surgeon did a really, really damn good job on my knee; however, I think it is me who is just taking forever to heal… There are only so many things my surgeon can prescribed to calm my inflammation… Otherwise, it’s just my body which has to make the decision to actually heal.

After all was said and done at this appointment, my X-rays look good and my doctor feels I just have really inflamed tissue. I’m already taking about 18 different pills, so I’m trying my best to find some homeopathic/other remedies to reduce tissue inflammation.

The only scary thing is my previous doctor told me to just go run. “All the pain has manifested itself in your head…” RIGHT. Three weeks later I found out I had a stress fracture. Yeah, good goin’ Doc. *Insert eye roll*

So, after hearing this Doctor say, “You need to start moving around more… May 1st is our goal”. Immediately, I knew what he was referring to…

I wish. Also, this Doctor gave me his cell phone number in case I had any problems or questions. Yeah, normally this would be weird but he’s older so no creeper worries 😉 … He’s literally just an amazing doctor who happens to run and understand my mindset. He’s so caring and I am proud to say he is my orthopedic surgeon.

I’m just so nervous. I have about a million things going around in my head because of how much I have been through in the past year. At this point, exercise and running are not my first priority. My first priority is being able to just stand comfortably so I can teach my students to the best of my ability.

Then, maybe go run 😉

Anyone know any good tissue inflammation remedies?


9 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions.

  1. Here’s my advice to you: keep that knee moving. You’ll regret it if you don’t. My surgery was very minor but I was running on it three weeks later. If I hadn’t started moving it almost immediately after, the scar tissue wouldn’t have broken up and it would still feel very stiff. Once I started exercising normally again, my knee magically went back to normal and since then, I haven’t had any stiffness. I totally believe you’ll be running before you know it 🙂

    • I know what you mean about getting it moving because of the scar tissue! I had subchondroplasty which injects calcium into your bone so it hardens to form new bone. It was the most painful recovery I have had because I still feel like soreness where he had to drill a hole in my bone. I’m trying to move as much as I can but it hurts than automatically my brain is like, “EEEK. STOP” Plus, it makes working out less enjoyable when you’re not comfortable doing it :(. I hope so bad to run but at this point I just want to STAND on my feet without being uncomfortable.

  2. I agree with Sarah!! Keep that moving but make sure not to push it – lots of heating and stretching. Basically do everything the PT tells you, it will definitely help you down the road. Good luck and I’m happy you’ve got such a good relationship with your doc!!

  3. I also agree with the others about moving the knee. I haven’t had surgeries but I do know your body is made to move. I wouldn’t sign up for a race or start training for a marathon, but if nothing else go for walks, jogs, do a class like zumba, etc. Even if you just do 30 minutes 3 times a week or something that will help. PT definitely makes people move and work rather than telling them not to, and honestly if a doctor says to move less, that makes me question them anyway.

    • This is true! If a doctor said not to move it may mean he doesn’t want you to realize something is wrong or believes you should just be immobile the rest of your life. haha. I’m trying to move it but working out is no fun if you have pain/discomfort while doing it. :o/

  4. I think it’s awesome that this doctor gave you his cell number. Not creeper at all, just shows he is dedicated to helping at any time!! That’s awesome! I hope this inflammation goes down soon, I wish I could help but other than what everyone else said I’ve got nothing!! Eat some inflammation fighting foods, which I am sure you have Googled!

  5. I like your new design on the blog! Look GREAT!

    I think it’s GREAT that you and your surgeon are able to have a close relationship and that you can call his cell. That’s awesome!

    • I know. I was amazed at the fact he wrote it down because most surgeons do not even answer phone calls right away or always seem really pressed for time. His office is so backed up and I believe it’s a firm sign of how much he CARES for his patients.

      And thank you 🙂 I’m really trying to re-kindle my understanding of HTML lol.

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