Minty Green

I have a serious obsession with the upcoming Spring trend. Now, I am not a shopper in the slightest because I really do not have much money to spend; however, since I sit for most of the day I find myself mentally shopping all.the.time. What’s mentally shopping? “I want this. And this. And this.” You start adding things to your online shopping carts. Shit gets crazy when you realize your shopping cart is up to $500.00… Then, a little depressing when you realize there is not way, shape, or form you can buy any of it!

But one can dream.ย And dreaming I shall do! The upcoming “mint green” color this season has me going CRAY-ZEE. Like, “ohmygawd please heal my knee so I can wear these pretty mint green dresses”! It’s bad. I hate shopping. Who am I?

Here are some of the things I want NEED!

Someone needs to put me on a corn can because I’m looking like the Jolly Green Giant this spring…

Does anyone else LOVE this color?
I really can’t get enough ofย it. Especially New York and Company’s new collection. Oy.


17 thoughts on “Minty Green

  1. I LOVE those mint jeans!! I’m a big fan of colored jeans in general actually – since I’m kind of a jeans and a tee shirt girl normally I love that they add a pop of color and make an easy outfit look more exciting. I love your new blog heading!! It looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! And you’re totally right with the colored jeans. You can through on a nice baggy grey/white top and it looks SO cute. Plus, I love relaxed clothes so I’m 100% for off-the-shoulder tops!

    • I know! The “peplum” skirts (with the ruffles) are SO cute. I’m dying. I don’t know who I am with all of this shopping going on haha! I barely ever wear real girl clothes but these styles are kickin’ things up a notch!

  2. I’ve been eying a pair of mint jeans forever but I’m so skeptical as to whether I’ll actually wear them. I’m such a bad shopper haha so indecisive

  3. That first outfit looks like something Jackie O would have worn…obsessed! Good to know the trends before they hit ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love the blog!

  4. HAHAH to the last picture!! I love the mint green theme… I also love when people paint their nails that color! Nail polish is a cheap way to catch on to color trends.. love that!

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