After a very not so marvelous trip to my surgeon last week (details later), I decided I need to try and see the “light” in some ways; so, I decided to take part in Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday (MIMM)!

Marvelous is… my morning cup of coffee (+ protein powder) out of my anthropology mug. I love this mug! I went to Philadelphia for an NCTM teaching conference and stopped by the store. Since everything is a little out of my price range, I got a mug! I must say, though, I do love it!

Marvelous is… Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping coffee, and being productive. I’ve been trying to at least read teaching books, journals, and articles during my time off. I need to do something to further my career and I figured this would be a step in the right direction. I need to read about strategies, management techniques, and mathematics confusion which may arise in my classroom. Since I’m down for the count, might as well do it now. Hopefully it will pay off and show during the interviews!
Marvelous is… Going to Wegman’s and browsing around the store because it is pretty much a foodie mall. I love the sushi selection in Wegmans, so I decided to go with a Brown Rice Salmon Roll and some edamame. I love edamame + sea salt.
Marvelous is… Cuddling with my puppy while he looks out my bedroom window. This is his new favorite thing to do! As soon as we go in my room, he immediately jumps onto my bed and parks himself on my pillows to watch (and occasionally bark, grr) at the birds and neighbors. I don’t mind because I get to use him as an extra pillow 🙂

Marvelous is… the 24-ounce Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I get every day and the one-eyed monster hair sweep. Yeah, this is my second coffee of the day. I drink way too much caffeine. It scares me to think about things that could possibly be causing my knee problems and I’m always afraid of the day the surgeon says, “No more caffeine.” I think I might die.

Marvelous is… Watching Elmo try to figure out why his toy won’t move. (It’s stuck on the chair but I won’t tell him that 😉 ) It’s the little things.

Marvelous is… Anytime Mean Girls is on television. I cannot ever get enough of this movie. I laugh every single time at the same points even though I’ve heard the phrases and quotes being used in everyday life. I’m one to admit I’ve thrown out many, “She doesn’t even go here!” lines in my day.

Not too many things but my weekend was pretty dull. Besides hitting up a bookstore to get a little reading done while Elmo got a haircut, I didn’t really do much of anything. This knee has got to get better! Hopefully everyone had a good weekend, too!



22 thoughts on “MIMM

  1. Aww I love that your puppy’s name is Elmo! I’m sorry to hear that you got some bad news from the surgeon :-/ a post like this is a good way to keep your head up. Sitting in a cafe makes me SO much more productive than doing work anywhere else! And I love your Anthro mug! If I were loaded I’d re-do my entire house (that I do not own, ha) in their stuff

    • I would re-do my wardrobe, home, and everything else if I could afford their things! That’s what Pinterest is for 😉 My Dream Home. Ha! And yeah, I was trying to find some “light” after a not-so-good weekend. It definitely helped a little! 🙂

    • I know! I really think it’s the atmosphere. I’m so relaxed and I people watch, so I don’t have to get up to take a “break” from my work. There’s just so much going on and the music is nice and calming. I just love it haha!

  2. DD hot chocolate is my faveeee. I don’t drink coffee but i can always got for a good old fashioned hot chocolate from a machine. Yum. Also, mean girls? THE BEST. My high school teacher used to teach with mean girls.

    • UGH. I was so disgusted with Mean Girls 2. I hate when they try to make a sequel and it ends up being a flub. I think ABCFamily produced it, though, so I knew the humor aspect would be a little more kid-friendly lol.

  3. Love Wegman’s! I miss that place, used to have one close when I lived in the DC area and it was fabulous!

    Hope you have a good week and so glad you joined in! ❤

  4. Love your mug and that pic of you and Elmo 🙂 I am a HUGE Mean Girls fan.. I always watch it when its on. I’m not at all ashamed to know every line to that movie :p including the Kevin G rap.. which every good math nerd should know right? lol

    • I didn’t realize I know most of the rap until you mentioned it! You know you’re a math nerd when you pay attention to the math they bring up during the competition and classroom scenes, too. Hahah. At least we can relate to the movie even more! 🙂 Perfectly fine with me!

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