Thankfully, I’m not a waitress.

One day I will actually post a WIAW post like everyone else, but honestly, my eats are kind of embarrassing at the moment. So, I’ll skip it for now and join the bandwagon soon because I honestly love just browsing through everyone’s posts! 🙂 Foodie at its finest.

Yesterday I was perusing through the blogs I make sure I read on a normal basis — The blogs you try to read even if you are spared with time — when I stumbled upon a workout Courtney posted. Okay, so last Thursday I saw my surgeon and he aspirated my knee joint to find blood within the joint. Obviously, this is not good or normal but I have gotten every test on the face of the planet but everything comes back negative. For a normal person, this would be great news. No lupus, kidney functions are good, vitamin levels are good, no arthritis… etc. But for someone who is trying desparately to find out what the hell is going on in my knee, it’s a bit frustrating. My surgeon ordered another MRI – which I have tomorrow – so I feel confident he is trying to get to the bottom of the issue. Again, I love my surgeon. Anyways, I’m starting to wonder if my knee is so weak from being poked at so much it is bleeding so I decided to try this workout with a little bit of walking.
I started with some pilates just to stretch and warm-up my muscles. This is extremely important for me to do with my circumstances! I used a pair of 12-lb dumbells for the workout but – since I’m extremely weak – switched to resistance band for the hammer curls and shoulder shrugs instead of overhead presses. I must say I enjoyed this workout! It kept me busy and I didn’t get bored because you’re jumping from one thing to the next without stopping. I never did dumbbell shoulder rotations before but they It resembles carrying a tray, so thankfully I’m not a waitress because I’d have to quit my day job. Killed me.  I wanted to see how my knee would do with the fast-pace walking and so far, so good… It feels no worse than it normally does but the day is young ha!  Afterwards, I just biked on extremely low resistance for 20 minutes and foam rolled my legs a bit!

I never do the workouts others post because lifting leaves me bored after a while, but maybe if I switch it up every day I’ll stick with it longer! Although I know I would rather be running, maybe I need to do workouts like this to build my strength back. Muscle atrophy is a major component to EDs, so I’m really wondering if it has a lot to do with what is going on… Except, I don’t know if it would cause the knee joint to bleed. Swell, yes. Bleed… errhmm… I’ll ask my surgeon about that one!

I hope everyone has a wonderful WIAW. 🙂

What was your workout for the day?
Do you find circuit training to be
more beneficial?
I always think if I’m not left dripping with sweat, I did not get anything from a workout. I’m such a black-and-white thinker, so I think you have to go hard or not go at all.

— Laur


11 thoughts on “Thankfully, I’m not a waitress.

  1. Good for you for finding a workout that you can do! I’ve been in similar situations (although not nearly as bad) with not being able to find out what’s wrong with my knees, feet, etc. Actually, they STILL don’t know what’s wrong with mine even after surgery. It’s frustrating but if you keep persisting and focusing on recovery, good nutrition, and listening to doctors, you will get there. Stay positive!

    • I’m trying! Thankfully, I really do trust my surgeon. I believe he really CARES about his patients and I never experienced that feeling before with any other doctor. It’s a genuine concern and you can tell the difference! At least you can do day to day activities so your surgery must have helped somewhat! Do you have a lot of pain or is it come and go?

      • It only comes back when I get back in the pool or use the elliptical. Running feels absolutely fine. I love doctors that actually care.

  2. Ugh. Sorry that you’re still stuck trying to figure out what’s going on… that’s honestly the worst part or any injury/illness. I hope you get some answers soon and that you take care of yourself until then. My workout today was nothing special – just a few walks on the treadmill – but it’s what works for me for now. I used to think that I had to be dripping in sweat for it to be worth anything as well, but I actually found that easy walks have been more beneficial to me than anything else.

    • Actually. I have come to appreciate any type/variety of physical activity. I took my body for advantage and now I realize how much yoga/walking play in anyone’s life. Although I don’t feel as though I get as much accomplished when I don’t work up a good sweat, I definitely have come to love just walking too! It’s just enough to clear your mind. Taking care of myself is the hardest part because I did this to myself so I tend to take it out on myself, as well. :-/

  3. I just want them to figure it out already for you, too! I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must be to have it all lingering like that. And I could NEVER be a waitress. I tell my waiters/waitresses every time I eat that I admire what they do as I would have spilled so many things. And no matter how bad they are, I always make sure to tip well because even the worst do better than I could do.

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