Marvelous Monday!

It’s Monday! Since it’s a new week and no one likes Mondays, time for MIMM hosted by the wonderful Katie. These are a few marvelous things from over the weekend which I hope everyone enjoyed! Although it’s chilly weather outside, lets spice things up a little bit! I am lame.

Marvelous is… getting a package from Victoria’s Secret containing a few spring essentials you purchased during the Semi-Annual Sale. This sale always gets me everytime. Welp, there goes half of my gift certificates from Christmas.
1359339844166Of course Mr. Needy couldn’t bare me spending five seconds to take a picture.20130127_212448

Marvelous is… baking. I love to bake. Unfortunately, since I have been kinda depressive the past year and half I did not do nearly as much baking; however, I’ve been sucking it up lately and putting my big girl pants on to make some recipes I’ve seen on Pinterest and such. These are vegan fig bars. DELICIOUS. Like, omg good. Like, they’re already half gone and I made them last night good. The recipe is from Choosing Raw and if you like figgys, skip the figgy pudding and make these NOW.
Marvelous is… figs. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see the picture I posted at night. Yeah, I finished 3/4 of a package at one night. Lets just say my GI system is running smoothly these days. TMI? Sorry.

Marvelous is… clementines. As if I do not eat enough fruit in one day, I love these little boogers. Lets all agree fruit has no calories. Okay? Okay.
Marvelous is… trying new workouts you see around some blogs. I don’t know if I should be doing stuff like this due to my current condition but if it doesn’t make it worse than… Well, lets just hope for the best. I did another one of Cortney’s circuit workouts. Burpees are probably not the best idea for me, but I just taped ice to my knee the rest of the day. If its numb it doesn’t count, right? Riiiiiight?!

Marvelous is… when the girl at the local natural food store says you look like one of the Kardashian twins. Okay, it’s a nice compliment but are they not like 16? Ahh, fuck. I need to start looking at least 20 years old and mayyyyybe act it, too. PAHAH. Who am I kidding?

Marvelous is… Lindsay’s Healthy Bites. You need to buy some now. She sent me a sample pack when I first got my surgery done so I only have two left. Lauren = sad. 😦 I was trying to figure out my favorite flavor but I am torn between a couple of them! They are all so good and convenient and mmmmm.
Marvelous is… Realizing half of your MIMM bullets are about food. Ooops.

Marvelous is… Bell training your dog to ring it when he needs to go “Pee-Pee”. Yeap, Elmo is bell trained. No, I do not have alot of time on my hands… … It’s convenient, OKAY?!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Join the MIMM fun! It’s nice to point on the great things and ignore – or try to ignore – the bad.

What was your favorite part about this weekend?
Did you bake anything good?
Does anyone else bell-train their dogs?!
Please say yes. Haha!


21 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday!

  1. So many good things!!!!

    I just ordered stuff from vic secret! my package should be here today or tomorrow! Loving the bright color stuff you got!!

    Lindsey’s healthy bites I still need to try, I know they are amazing!

    Happy week love! ❤

    • Victoria’s secret is making me cry because of their new spring line. The colors are the CUTEST and I love all of the styles. There is a short dress that’s half mint and half coral I am eyeing up right now.

      The healthy bites are definitely worth it! They are so, so good!
      Happy week! ❤

  2. cute blog!!! My pups do the same things when I try to take photos of anything other than them… it’s adorable! And I love the VS semiannual sale too, so many good deals!

    My one dog is bell trained but the other one never got how to do it (we practiced for years… ) but the first dog got it in about 30 seconds. Ah well, they work as a team now and they always let me know 🙂


  3. I love Victoria’s Secret! It is so fun to order from. Plus it helps that it feels a little like Christmas when your package comes haha. That’s the benefit to ordering online, right;) You’re too cute. I know what you mean about the young stuff, my Sister is 18 and people always think she’s older it’s a little annoying. I haven’t baked in forever, I should try out that recipe! Happy Monday!

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean by it feeling like Christmas! I will watch the tracking number constantly and let out a squeal when I see the UPS man stop in front of my house. Ha! And you should definitely try these bars if you feel like baking something. I was nervous about how they would taste but they are already gone. I made them yesterday. Lol!

    • They are super convenient and I really like how most of them have chocolate in them. They are really, really tiny but it’s surprising how satisfied you feel with one or two! They’re definitely worth it!

  4. I’m pretty sure I could give you a run for your money with overall fruit consumption 😉 Mine is kind of through the roof, even in the dead of winter… I’m scared to think what’s going to happen when summer actually hits. And girrrrrrl, I’m 28 and people still tell me I look all of 17. It’s annoying as heck, but I just try to remember that I’ll appreciate it when I’m 50 and look like I’m 25 😉

    • We should spend the day together and just eat fruit and tons of it. Then lay on our bellies at night because our stomachs will probably want to explode haha! I cannot WAIT for summer. I love summer fruits and strawberries and mmm! It will be nice being 50 and being mistaken for a younger woman but right now it is NOT a good thing haha. It was really hard when I was student teaching!

  5. I have always been under the impression that if it doesn’t hurt…no probs doing it. It seems to have worked for me in the recent. You actually do look like you could belong in that family…more as the older daughter though. I wouldn’t say you look 16 at all.

    • THANK YOU. I seem to get asked for my ID wayyy too many times than I would like to admit But my pain seems to be worse as the day goes on which makes me wonder if it’s just from being on it or what I’m doing in the morning. It’s so hard to pinpoint when it hurts more or when it doesn’t… Looks like I’ll be needing another surgery though because my synovitis is “chronic”. I don’t know what to do right now.

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