Tiny Tangent Tuesday

There is one thing I will never understand. Most of you probably can relate to this post, but maybe not all of you. Since I have decided to treat my body poorly the past few years, I need to get as much protein in my body as possible. Now, I am no body builder and it will become obvious if you see me in person because my arms and legs look like twigs; however, I do workout and I do want to become an athelete again so I need to get me some protein.
Instead of eating more fish – like a normal person – I decide to get an extra boost via protein powder. My favorite is probably Gold Standard Whey Protein. I like the consistency of the protein and the overall taste of it. It seems to mix well with my morning coffee, so I keep getting it time and time again.

But there is one thing I hate about getting a new container of protein powder
(This month’s flavor -> Cookies and Cream. Not my favorite but I love the little cookie pieces)

The dreaded ARCHAIC DIG to find the damn scooper. Seriously, I don’t understand it. This is such a tiny little thing but it drives me nuts. I open my brand new fresh container of protein to have to dig around with my grubby hands to find the scooper. So now, the fresh protein is now contaminated with the germs and shit lingering on my finger tips. AWESOME.

Why the protein companies do not attach this to the lid, I will never know. WHY? They could have it attached to the lid so it is easy to just “snap” it off when you open the container. TAPE IT. SOMETHING. Ugh, it just drives me nuts. I feel like I need to invest in a tiny tool set just to get the scooper out of my protein powder. I’ve even succumbed to fishing it out with a knife but since it’s filled with the powder… It is just impossible. It makes me cry a little.

Okay, since it is Tuesday, I felt this little tangent would be totally acceptable.
Thank you for hearing me out 😛

Does anyone else find this annoying?
Does anyone have an easy way to fish the little scooper out?!


26 thoughts on “Tiny Tangent Tuesday

  1. I agree. I actually just decided to add protein back into my diet and gold standard whey is my choice as well. I hear a lot of bloggers have it in their pancakes but I think I’ll just add it to yogurt or something. I have found that my muscles really recover much better when I up my protein.

    • I really like the consistency of it and I think it tastes a lot better than other ones I have tried now and then. I REALLY like to add a scoop to my coffee. After you stir it in, you get some foamy stuff on top that doesn’t mix in which (for some reason) I love.. Kinda resembles the stuff on the top when the hot chocolate doesn’t mix in all the way. Plus, your coffee gets creamy and delicious. I usually like black coffee but for some reason I love doing this.

  2. Haha! Awwr. I’ve noticed that too, although mine were never buried very deep. If you don’t want to use your fingers, you can always stick a fork in and try to hook it and pull it out a bit until it sticks out and you can grab it with your fingers. Your fingers can’t be THAT dirty though, and a little bit of germs are good for us 😉

    • I wash my hands right before but I still feel dirty digging around in there 😦 And I tried to use a knife but the thing would budge. I seriously need one of those little sets you get as a kid to dig up bones. haha!

  3. Maybe you could just use the scooper from the last barrel lol until you find the one in the current barrel. I think your idea of attaching it to the lid is awesome and I think you should write the company and tell them (people don’t do it enough). Explain to them what a loyal customer you are, how annoying it is, etc..

  4. I actually don’t eat protein powder because my doctors recommended that I didn’t but I used to get so annoyed when I would go searching for the scoop in the flour. That picture of you is too cute haha

      • Both of them said I’d be better off drinking straight milkshakes because protein powder can overload your kidneys and actually be really dangerous. As long as you’re eating a decent amount of meat everyday (or other foods with protein), there’s no need for the chemicals.

  5. I hate that too! I end up just using the scoop from my previous can of powder or grabbing a measuring cup and getting it that way (Even though it’s not exact). I’ve never had cookies and cream protein but I bet I’d really like that, I could make milkshakes out of it and it would be a bit healthier than one from an ice cream shop, lol. I almost never drink protein powder anymore but my husband does love it.

    • I always throw out the scooper because I forget to save it. Then, the new mix comes in the mail and I roll my eyes at myself for throwing it away AGAIN. lol. It would be really good in a milkshake!

  6. Ha Ha, I swear we are like the same person. It drives me NUTS when I have to dig… and yeah, the cookies n cream, not a big fan besides the fact that theres little cookie pieces in it. I was totally hoping it would taste like I was drinking a cookies n cream shake.. I should have known!! 😦

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