It’s A-Okay

I just realized I had my website set to another person’s website. Novice Blogger Award goes to me! It’s all situated now 🙂

I would like to say “Thank you!” to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. I appreciate all of the well wishes and hope for a better upcoming year! My wish is to make every year better than the last and just forget ahead for a brighter future. I really did not do anything special or spectacular. Actually, I had a doctor’s appointment, cried, and spent the rest of the night hanging out with my parents. Party.Animal. I’ll explain the crying at a later time. Let’s just say… Here we go again. Brighter future, brighter future… Must keep repeating!

One thing I love about blogging is the feedback you get from other bloggers. The connection. The friendships. The “support”. I put “support” in quotes because sometimes you can tell the genuine vs. the not so genuine. I’m sure you can tell the difference between those who completely read your blog and care to get to know you versus the reader who skims and just wants to make a comment in hopes to get more “readers”.

With this said, I know I created a “raw truth” post a couple of weeks ago. I did re-start my blog in hopes to create more relationships and friendships with complete strangers. Odd? Sort of. But I believe if people can relate to you and show genuine support in everything you do – whether it’s trying a new fitness class to what you ate at 2:34 PM a certain day – friendships are inevitable to form. There are some blogs I started reading a long time ago and I did not seem to “click” with the blogger, but after a few posts, I realized I really could relate to the person more than I thought was possible. I laughed, I rolled my eyes, and I found myself saying aloud, “Oh my God, I did the same exact thing. I’m not the only one!”

It’s that moment. The moment you realize what you did is A-Okay. It’s normal. You’re not the only one… This is what makes me love blogging. I’m really glad I’m back at it and I hope to just continue this blog with the new year ahead of me.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
How long have you been a blogger?

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36 thoughts on “It’s A-Okay

  1. I love reading those blogs and thinking “wow, I’m not the only one.” I’m actually doing that now with a few and it’s making me feel INFINITELY better about myself. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need!

    • I have so much going on right now with surgery it’s hard to find time to sit down and write things out because my mind is going a mile a minute. When I was student teaching I had no extra time what-so-ever. Welcome to the real world, I guess. Haha!

  2. I’ve been sporadically blogging for almost 3 years now, but I took a lot of “breaks” during that time. No matter how many times I leave, though, I somehow always find my way back – there’s just something about the blogging world that makes me feel like I belong, and the relationships definitely have something to do with that. Those would be my favorite part of blogging, followed by being able to indulge in two things I love on a daily basis – writing and photography 😀

    • I love photography, too. I took an AP photography class in high school and I’ve missed it! I just love getting the perfect picture and allowing others to see the beauty of the world like you do. AH, I miss it. I was so happy to see you back to blogging when you came back! I would wander on your page time to time to see if you came back, then you finally did! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday girly :). I saw your post yesterday but you wrote this one since and I didn’t get a chance to read it, so I’ll just wish you a happy birthday here and go back and read later. I’ve been blogging for a few years now on several different platforms, but I’ve been on WordPress since 2009 (pretty long time!). Like you, I definitely think you can have good online relationships through blogging, it helps to be able to bounce your ideas and thoughts off people who don’t know you in real life sometimes too 🙂

    • Thank you, lady! I definitely like WordPress the most because the other ones seem to confuse me. I use Google Reader though because WordPress’ seems to be a little slow on the updates. And I totally agree with letting your raw thoughts/emotions out on the line because no one will forever judge you. Also, you can be yourself!

  4. blogging has that amazing ability to make me so honest, more true to who I am. I don’t know how I don’t know why but it does. I am so glad i found your blog and I hope you continue to be that open and honest with us. that is why we all come back!!

    • I think it’s just the fact you put everything out on the line and you realize there are some people who really are in the same row boat as you in some ways. Sometimes you just need an outlet and it seems like blogging is a good place to start when you have nowhere else you feel comfortable to go.

  5. OH MY GOSH That wasn’t even your blog..!?!? HAHA I thought it was for some reason and maybe it was an older one. MY BAD! I totally commented on that blog too HAHA! Glad you got it situated!! I LOVEE to blog. I started it to get free products to be honest, but it grew to something so much more. These days I actually don’t even like getting free stuff all that much (well I do, but not to review) and its so fun to connect with other people!! I have been blogging for ALMOST 2 years..WOWZA!

    • Honestly, I realized how nice it is to express myself and write it down even if half of the people don’t read what I type all the time. Haha! I noticed I really enjoyed it when I was thinking, “I really need to blog about this” the other day. It’s kinda like a diary but better. Plus, I suck at keeping diaries so electronic versions keep me more entertained.

      That girl was probably like who the HELL is this girl?! LOL

  6. Hey! new to your blog 🙂
    I love blogging because it keeps me accountable. I set goals for myself throughout the day, so that I have something to blog about later. 😉 I’ve been blogging since I got married, almost 3 years ago! I started blogging consistently though … about a year ago.

  7. Upon reading this post and just so you know I absolutely love reading your blog. I feel that I can relate to you and your posts because you are as honest as I am. It could be me but ever since I cut down my reader to people I can relate too, I feel more connected to those blogs. I put far more time reading their posts (and comments to posts) You don’t sugar coat anything and if it happened (pleasant or not) you post it. Which I’m the same way.

    Reading through some of the comments here, I just want to fist palm here thinking…you missed the point…the point that I am blogging for you to read it. Not skim the post. Anyways, I’ll end that rant there.

    • I feel the same way to you! That’s why when I watched your v-log and every other word was “fuck” I just knew I could relate to you on a totally different level. My reader consists of blogs I want to read every day and people who seem real, too. Otherwise, I get really bored fast. You can TOTALLY tell who read the whole thing and who skimmed but meh, oh well. I hope I get to meet you sometime soon so we can sound like drunkin’ men together HAHA

  8. I definitely love how other bloggers make me feel I’m not alone! Even if they don’t directly send me a comment of support, I still feel supported just using the advice that’s helped them.

    • I’m the same way. After I started reading your blog, I liked how you opened up about things you faced and HOW you conquered/learned to deal with them. I think a lot of people keep things behind closed doors and it just seems artificial.

  9. hey pretty girl! I just started re-blogging for the same reason :] I love the idea with connecting with people all over the world and sharing stories!! I’m so happy I found your blog because I can def. relate haha I’m a total newbie in the blogging world — but I love it. Look forward to reading more posts.
    xo. Ky

  10. I’m sorry your birthday wasn’t exactly ideal, but so glad to hear you’re staying positive. Your honesty and realness (is that even a word?) is definitely one of the reasons I love reading your blog.

    I haven’t been a blogger for very long, but I’ve been reading them for years. Like many other bloggers, I started my blog as a way to help with my recovery from an eating disorder. I love that I can connect and relate with others going through similar struggles. I’m also really shy, so blogging has allowed me to reach out to other people, even if it’s not in person.

  11. I can totally agree with you about blogging! It can be so great sometimes because of the amazing friendships that form!! Also, the connections can be amazing.. Realizing you’re not the only one who does something “crazy” feels pretty good 😉

    • I know! People tend to put more “secretive” but funny things about their day to day lives on their blogs versus people you know hiding things because they don’t want to appear “stupid” or immature or something. Lol 🙂

  12. Good post! I think the same exact thing about some of the comments that I get. I often wonder is the person actually read what I said…..I suppose when I put myself out there on the internet I should expect these things.

    It’s funny because sometimes I wonder why it is that I blog. I still don’t think I’ve completely figured it out….

  13. That feeling of “hey there!” upon reading like-minded blogs. The Twitter back and forths. Seeing the audience map fill up – people in Turkey care about what I write?
    I started blogging about two years ago, but restarted mine around October, when I decided there was more to share on some fronts than others. It’s made me feel the sense of blogger community much stronger 🙂 So solidarity, fellow sciency runner person, and have a lovely year!

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