Blueberries and Puffins, Oh My!

Happy Monday Morning everyone! Indeed, it is the start of a new week – Sundays do not count – and I am officially 5 days out of surgery. There has not been much of a change but I am attempting to do minor PT exercises to get my knee movin’ a little! Say hello to flexing quad muscles and squeezes.Β What a workout, right?!

Although I’ve been doing pretty much nothing the last few days, I’ll try to point out some marvelous moments and find things in not-so-marvelous moments.

Marvelous is… painting your nails. Say hello to Manicure #1 of this recovery process. Btw, I bought Sally Hansen’s No Chip polish. Lets just say instead of chipping in one day it managed to last three days. What a step up!


Marvelous is… Chobani bites. These little bundles of joy are full of flavor and amazing. I can totally tell they are made with 1.5% milk but I can tolerate it. I like the flavors enough to get through the milky taste! I’m such a skim milk girl, born and raised.


Marvelous is… FREE DUNKIN’ DONUTS COFFEE TODAY!!! I am not a fan of ice coffee – I know, please put your daggers away – but if it’s free, you better believe I’m getting me some free coffee!


Marvelous is… my puppy who continues to be needier than ever! Good thing we balance each other out. πŸ™‚


Marvelous is… unwrapping my knee and being able to shower after 3 days. I won’t even try to explain how greasy my hair looked or how many times I evacuated my family from the living room. Not only did I not shower but I decided to stay in the same clothes as well. If you’re already dirty might as well go big or go home, right…?!


Marvelous is… my mother taking care of me on a not-so-marvelous day. Remember when I said I wasn’t feeling well? I had a reaction to my spinal anesthesia for the second time and spent the entire day throwing up in a bucket with Elmo looking at me like, “Why are you throwing up blueberries and whole puffins? Don’t you chew your food”?! I didn’t move from my couch from 8:30 until 5:30 – and I only got up to pee.Β  Spinal anesthesia head-aches are known to be the worst headaches you can get and I understand why now. It was terrible.Β I don’t know what I’m going to do when pregnancy comes – but I guess I’ll worry about it later. Spinal anesthesia – 2, Lauren – 0. Thankfully, my mommy bought me Diet Canada Dry and saltines. Love her.


As you can see, I have not been doing very much. My left knee is really starting to scare me and I’m not really sure if I pulled a muscle/ligament or what is going on. Needless to say, tears from being sick and this whole nonsense has sent me into an emotional loop. Still going strong though. I just keep hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day.

What are your go-to foods/beverages when you have a tummy flu?
Definitely Ginger Ale and crackers/toast.
Who is getting free DD today?!
My mom works for a newspaper so we hoard these coupons. We have about 50. Oops.


27 thoughts on “Blueberries and Puffins, Oh My!

  1. awww I hope you are feeling better! Elmo is adorable! Free DD coffee iced or not is definitely marvelous! So are the chobani bites! I’ve tried the coffee and chocolate and raspberry and chocolate not the pineapple. How is it? I paint my nails and they are always chipped the next day after CrossFit! so lame!

    • Actually, I really like the pineapple which surprised me! I thought the caramel was going to be an awkward caramel artificial sweetness but it is subtle and really, REALLY good. I need to try the chocolate and coffee still! I loved acrylics when I lifted because it would never chip!

  2. Oh girl hang in there! The healing process is not fun at all! I can taste the difference between skim milk and other kinds too. I refuse to drink anything else unless it’s chocolate milk, and then I can tolerate 1% depending on the brand. And I never shower so it’s fine πŸ˜‰ You have an excuse with the surgery. I definitely wore pretty much the same clothes all weekend soooo….. haha

  3. Awwr girl, that does sound like absolute misery 😦 Big hugs to you, and I really hope that you’re feeling a little bit better by now. I haven’t been sick, sick in a while, but I do remember drinking tonnes of Ginger Ale whenever some bug would hit. That and saltines, dry cereal, and dry toast were pretty much my go-to foods whenever I felt sick. And speaking of which, that’s pretty much what I’ve been feeding my mom this weekend too – she came down with something on Saturday so I’ve kind of been fussing over her all weekend.

  4. I was actually rasied on skim milk too. I feel like it’s taboo in the blogging world too…I say I like skim milk and it’s like..eating disorder. Anyways glad to hear that your post knee surgery is going well. Also go big or go home…never shower forever…I do that and I haven’t even had surgery LOL.

    • Actually, when I was typing it I felt like I had to hit backspace because I was going to get a bunch of “hunny, you need to gain weight and drink milk with fat” Uhm, what if I don’t like that shit? haha! But, obviously, I decided not to care. lol And showering is definitely something I put on the backburner sometimes but it takes a new direction after you’ve been in a hospital and had surgery. I actually FELT dirty. It was gross.

  5. Awe, sweetie that sounds pretty bad. Boo.
    I hope you start feeling better and can chat with the Doctor or someone about your left knee. Keep strong!
    We don’t even have a DD here in Canada, or maybe there are some here? Haha, not where I live though. I’m a Starbucks lover;)
    Whenever I feel ill, my Mom totally takes care of me, I feel like a child but I secretly love it haha.
    For days I feel sick, lots of gingerale, crackers, basically carbs in any form is about all I can keep down!
    PS I love the blue nails!

    • You don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts!? I’m going to search their website because you have to AT LEAST try it πŸ˜‰ And I used to be a Starbucks girl because my campus had a Starbucks but 1.) It’s too expensive for me now 2.) It’s farther than DD.

      You’d would look so good with this color! It fits you! “Butler Please” by Essie!

  6. I am so sorry about your reaction to the anesthesia. I have never had spinal anesthesia, but I had a bad reaction to regular anesthesia when I had to have my nose reconstructed after a car accident. I was throwing up all over the place as well. Anywhoooo! I love the picture of Elmo on your computer! I also noticed him on your lap.. in the car?! That’s so cute!!! My dog is too big to sit on my lap, so I’m jealous!

    • It’s the worst kind of throw-up, too. I wanna say the “violent” kind. I’m sure that makes sense to you because you’ve been there lol. And he is in my lap in the car, but I’m in the passengers seat πŸ˜‰ He’s definitely not as tiny as he used to be but he’s a baby!

  7. Came across ur blog and can totally relate, it is horrible not being able to do anything and being sick on top of it, hope your feeling better now also hope you didn’t tear anything yikes… :-/ I love that yoghurt too, it always goes great in my smoothies! Anyway really hope you’re back doing things quickly… I know how frustrating it can be!

  8. I can relate in sooo many ways! I had major hip surgery last year (fell while running) and 24 hours after surgery I started vomiting and had the spins. This lasted 3 WEEKS-apparently when they moved me under anesthesia I developed a rare form of vertigo. It made recovery so much more awful! And my Dad was the one taking care of me and so I get that whole aspect of it too-he helped me wash my hair when I was finally able to shower. Humbling experience! BUT good news-after a long hard road of rehab and some set backs, I am running like a BOSS again! Good luck with recovery-it really really does get better!

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