It’s About Time for a Giveaway!

Please Note: These pictures are from over a year ago because I have had this post saved and ready to go for a while now. Of course, I read over and revised some things but this review was ready to go decades ago. Hence, the post title. It’s about darn time!

After seeing About Time Protein across many blogs, I decided to contact the company and, yes, being a poor college student I did ask to sample their product. The company immediately sent me a reply and were thrilled I wanted to try their product! I asked the company why About Time is different from other competitors and they informed me About Time Whey Protein:

  • Uses natural ingredients and 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Has NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial flavors, and NO growth hormones (thankfully)
  • Vegetarian-friendly (but not Vegan-friendly)
  • Builds lean muscle, boosts metabolism, and allows you to recover quicker from a workout
  • Low carb and High Protein with 24g – 31g of protein per serving!!!

About a week later, I received the package in the mail which included a single serve packet of Birthday Cake flavor (!!!), single serve packet of Vanilla flavor, and a To-Go bottle of Chocolate Peanut Butter!

October 7 00004

Immediately, I wanted to make some oatmeal and try the birthday cake flavor because I’m a sucker for cake batter/funfetti/dough flavored things!

October 12 00022

I topped the oatmeal off with some PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and the whole thing came together like a cake with frosting! The birthday cake flavor turned out to be amazing and not over-powering/”fake”-flavored which turns me off to most protein supplements! I was happy to find there was no aftertaste inhaling every bit! The only down-side is the protein did not completely mix into my oatmeal which happens with some protein supplements. I might have added it too quickly, though, so I want to try this again in the future!

October 7 00011

Next, I tried the To-Go Chocolate Peanut Butter bottle which is extremely convenient and offers 31g of protein/125 calories per bottle! I really like the stats and the convenience of these bottles! These are perfect for college students or those who find themselves crunched for time after workouts! I loved the peanut butter taste of this one! Really good!

October 7 00013(Thankfully, I am not this thin anymore. My gosh.)

The vanilla single serve packet I tried immediately after a workout and the vanilla flavor reminded me of a vanilla bean because it was a strong, but not too sweet, vanilla flavor!

Overall Pros:

  • Flavors are subtle and not too overwhelming/artificial/fake
  • Convenient
  • High in protein/low in carbs
  • Natural ingredients

Overall Cons:

  • Protein powder does not mix thoroughly in hot things (this may be due to my impatience for letting things cool down)

About Whey Protein has new flavors (like Peanut Butter and Banana) and a new granola! There are so many different flavors and products available on their website!

Giveaway: About Time has allowed me to extend my love for this product and giveaway a 2 lb. container of About Time Whey Protein Isolate (of your choice). Since I am not a social media fanatic, you have only two ways to enter:
1.) Comment on this post with the flavor you would love to try the most-est!
2.) “Like” About Time on Facebook and leave a separate comment letting me know you spread the love!

You have until February 24 to enter!!! Good luck!


47 thoughts on “It’s About Time for a Giveaway!

  1. So cool! I’ve been curious about those bottles and tempted to try them. Do you just mix them with water? I usually like my protein powder mixed with milk!

    As for which flavor I would like to try….probably chocolate peanut butter!

  2. I would love to try their birthday cake flavor because birthday cake is essentally ultrasweet vanilla and let’s not pretend my sweet tooth isn’t stronger then 1000 suns. I’m actually needing to add more protein to my diet so I’m thinking I need to go back to protein powder.

  3. That looks interesting. I’ve been using a can of Whey Protein from Trader Joe’s I wonder how they stack-up against each other.

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