Sine, Cosine, TANGENT

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Obviously, I’m a bit of a math nerd. 😉 But heyyy, today is Tuesday and it’s time for a few tangents!

Tangent: I bought Annie’s bunnies over the weekend. Immediately upon sticking one in my mouth I thought, “Silly Wabbit, Trix are for kids”! For this, I would like to thank Bugs Bunny and Trix cereal for brainwashing my mind for the rest of my life.

February19 004

Tangent: Seeing a picture or mentioning any of kiddy cereal immediately makes me crave Reeses Puffs. I went through a period in college where I would go through a box in about two days. This was one of the points I was trying to eat close to normal, but eating a whole box of cereal and only cereal is not normal. At least I tried.

Tangent: I bought a new nail polish, called “Flirt”, by Revlon and it looks horrible on my skin tone. I was trying to decide between mint green and the pastel purple, so my mom chose the purple for me. It’s odd because the color looks really good on her. Hmm…

February19 002

Tangent: I made Chocolate Chip cookies over the weekend using Chobani. The downside? I altered so many things I have no idea what the measurements were for each ingredient. The recipe would look like, “… a little bit more, just a tad more, okay perfect”! Well, at least they came out delicious! I didn’t tell my parents I changed anything and the only thing they noticed is I used all whole wheat flour. Chewy, Poofy, Healthier, and filled with chocolate&walnuts. Winning.

February19 006

Tangent: I found myself browsing an ex-something‘s Facebook page. This is when I know I’m getting way too much time on my hands and praying to the knee Gods for healing powers because this will end up in tears sooner or later. It’s especially annoying because for the past two months he hasn’t crossed my mind once… Okay, maybe once.

Tangent: I’m one of those people who bottles things up until they explode, so you might see an explosion on here sooner or later. Probably sooner rather than later. At least Yogi tea tries to help brighten my mood.

February19 005

What’s a tangent from your weekend?


24 thoughts on “Sine, Cosine, TANGENT

  1. Those cookies look really tasty! I don’t think I’ve ever made cookies with yogurt but it sounds like a good idea, a lot of cookies are really greasy so I’m sure the yogurt cuts out a bit of that, which is good.

    I love those Annie’s bunnies cookies, but if I buy them I eat them so quickly because I’ll just munch on them all. day. long, hehe.

  2. how funny, i was chatting with kaitlin (4 love of carrots) yesterday about ex-bf facebook stalking. mine too has picked up recently. lame! at least we are aware haha.
    i think the nail polish looks great on you silly! and the cho cookies look fab. ooo i love cho so much i bet i’d love the cookies made with them!
    i was a big reese’s puff fan but as a kiddo i was all about frosted flakes. in college i took a liking to golden grahams!

  3. I was hoping you would whip out some cosecants and finding the area under a curve…um anyways glad I switched majors. I was waiting for the sine and cosine though bahahaha.

    Anyways I think we must be the same shade because purplish colors never look that great on me either. My ex deleted his facebook thank goodness…couldn’t tell you what happened to him in the last 2 years.

    • I deleted mine as a friend a while back but we’ve been doing the whole being friends, deleting, being friends, deleting… We finally got to a place we ignore each other but we’re friends on facebook so I can’t resist temptation to peak.

  4. Love all of these tangents. Totally on the same wavelength as you and your trigonometry reference. All of that food is making me a starving marvin’. Especially the cookies! I love when healthy recipes are a success!
    Let it all out there! Maybe explode all over that ex’s page 😉 Kidding, don’t do that.

  5. Haha, great confessions. Eee, ex bf stocking is never good. I just avoid that train of thought at all costs. Hopefully you can get those emotions out, bottling up is never good. I used to be the queen of bottling up everything. It’s gotten better though! I’m sure your Mama would lend a listening ear too;)
    Man, I hate when I buy a polish and it looks good on someone else but not me haha, the worst.

  6. Ohhh the title of this post takes me all the way back to high school, but math was never my thing – I was one of those artsy English nerds 😉 I do remember going through a period where I’d eat a box of cereal in a few days, though… that stuff is just too darned good. And try not to keep things bottled up for too long… Venting is way better than letting it eat you up inside. Hope that everything is okay ❤

  7. Those cookies look so good! You sound like me when I bake- a little this and a little that! My Mom thinks I’m crazy because she is an exact recipe follower. Also reeces puffs are the best! I wish there were a healthier version of those things. So good!

  8. Hi Lauren! I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a little while now and I just want to say how sorry I am about your knee. I really wish you a full recovery!

    I’ve had the same problem with cereal. I’m guilty of going through boxes without eating much of anything else so I try to not let that happen too often. That quote about internet stalking really made me laugh. It can definitely be true, haha.

    By the way, your puppy is absolutely adorable! I have a Cavalier King Charles and have wanted a Cavapoo too. They’re just too cute!

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