And the winner is…

Before I announce the winner, I want to say thank you for all of the advice and support. This really is a rough time but you’re advice helped me realize I need to explain why I’m so paranoid to my doctor and voice my concern until this – hopefully – goes away. I’m definitely still feeling so ticks here and there. And I need to learn to stay off Google at all costs. People really do post horror stories and you never come across anything good; therefore, before I end up diagnosing myself with some sort of cancer… I need to just wait for my appointment.

Now, the winner of the About Time Giveaway is…



Number 31… Allie! CONGRATULATIONS! You’ll definitely enjoy the birthday  cake flavor!
Please contact me at so I can get your information out to About Time!

I hope you all have a great Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow for some MIMM!

– Laur


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