Puppy Torture

It’s Monday! Time to throw aside all the bad – at least in the blogging world – and pick out the marvelous things to start the week off on a positive note.

Marvelous is… Taking off a really bad nail polish color – for my skin tone, anyway -, going straight to Target, and buy the mint green color you wanted in the first place. Much better.

February 25, 013 006

Marvelous is… Quest Bars. I’m sure you have seen these everywhere but damn, these things are good. I haven’t gotten my hands on the cookie dough flavor yet, but the strawberry cheesecake has become myย favorite so far!

February 25, 013 003

Marvelous is… snuggling with Elmo + heated blanket. Our house is always -21 degrees so my mom, Elmo, and I fight over this blanket. Elmo usually wins.

February 25, 013 012

Marvelous is… receiving packages. Receiving packages in the mail is a tiny Christmas especially for those of us who are currently disabled to leave the house.

February 25, 013 002

Marvelous is… putting booties on your puppy and watch him walk around like he’s stepping on hot coals. Poor Elmo, the things I put you through. Please excuse my annoying laugh in this video, I swear I don’t laugh like this all the time. Only when things are extremely funny.

Marvelous is… finding old clothing you forgot you loved so much. Under Armour sweatshirts have the best colors. Neon = Life.


Marvelous is… I don’t even need words for this one. ‘Tis the season!

February 25, 013 020

What is your favorite Quest Bar flavor?

Are you a mean pet owner and make your pet wear things for a laugh?


34 thoughts on “Puppy Torture

  1. Haha! Oh poor little Elmo… I put booties on my dog once because I thought her feet would get cold when she walked outside in the snow, and she had pretty much the same walk as your pup… I nearly died laughing as well. And we put a birthday hat on her when it’s her birthday, and omigosh you should see her face… she looks absolutely miserable every.single.time.

    As for favourite Quest bar flavor… I couldn’t tell you. I’d love to try them since they seem to be all the rage these days, but allergies kind of make that difficult. Woof.

    • If you look back at my entries, find the one with Elmo’s birthday! Hahaha, we definitely got him a birthday hat too! I guess we both like making them … err, miserable… for our own enjoyment ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh the video is even better than the photo you put on IG! HAHAHA. I may of may not have put hair clips on my cats tails, tape on their feet…they love me though I swear!

  3. I don’t like quest bars! Why am I the only one who doesn’t like them?! Ugh. Oh well…. getting packages in the mail are my favorite thing ever even if it’s something stupid that I needed and isn’t a “fun” package at all. It still makes me feel important haha

  4. I’m chuckling to myself at all the comments on Quest bars…I don’t even know why. I like the mint color nailpolish. I’m looking for a nice green to paint my nails for March. I have an Easter type green so maybe I’ll look into that as well.

    I like mail too…I just never get any LOL

  5. I just did my first MIMM post and just reading other’s post is a great start for this monday ๐Ÿ™‚ marvelous nail polish there. Poor Elmo. I have not tried Quest bar yet but love those cookies- my fav is samoas and thin mints. I think i will be spoil my pet when i have one

  6. Man, I need to hope on the Quest bar bandwagon. I have never had one before! Also, I always struggle with finding a nail polish that looks good on my skin! Tough life decisions haha. I really love the mint color on you!

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