For the Love of Foodies

Today is reveal day for February’s Foodie Pen Pals!

The Lean Green Bean

I really like this whole shin-dig because I tend to eat/snack on the same things everyday, so getting new snacks to try is a plus in my book! Let’s me step out of my boring schedule, get out of my comfort zone, and spice things up a bit.


My pen pal was Kristina from Minnesota! Thank you so much for everything! You definitely got me things right up my alley. I was so excited when I opened the box to reveal everything was from TRADER JOES!!! I’ve been planning a roadtrip with one of my friends for a long time, but we’ve never gotten a chance to go due to anti-social tendencies and knee issues. Boo. However, I love everything in this box and it just makes me even more excited for the road trip!


In the box:

  • Pear Sauce – I like pears a lot and this was devoured as soon as a I opened the box. Delicious.
  • Roasted Plantain Chips – I am pretty obsessed with bananas so I love the crisp texture. And I really want to make these bars, so I was excited to see these in the box!
  • Nothing but Bananas… Flattened – I could probably makes this in my kitchen but the fact they sell stuff like this is just amazing!
  • Roasted Coconut Chips – I am on a coconut kick right now and these are definitely delicious. My mom and I have been grabbing handfuls of this stuff constantly. A little goes a long way. A long, delicious way.
  • Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar – This is one of my favorites! Love the sweet + salty!
  • Luna Nut Brownie
  • Dark Chocolate Nibs – (!!!) I have wanted to buy these for so long, but they are really expensive at Wegmans. I love the fact they are only one calorie a piece and they’re really good for a midday chocolate craving!
  • TJ’s Extra Dark Chocolate – In my world, the darker = the better!
  • Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds – I have never had a pomegranate seed because I’m intimidated/too lazy to get the seeds out of one. These are so good!


In Kristina’s note, she explained everything in this box was things she ate after a workout/midday snacks ~100 calories. Since I’m a big snacker, I loved the thought she put into the box! Also, she explained she is a milk chocolate eater (boo :-P) so she had her best friend pick out the dark chocolate goodies. Well, thank you Kristina’s best friend because you definitely picked out delicious things. My family is a dark chocolate family all.the.way, so we love when things are bitter. I’m guilty of eating Lindt’s 99% chocolate bar. Sorry, not sorry.

OH! And how could I forget the best part of the box?!


TJ’s Beef Jerky Strips for Elmo! I couldn’t tell if the smell was driving him nuts or not! 😉


These are my goodies for February and I will definitely be participating in March! If you haven’t signed up, please head on over and read about it! It’s definitely worth it!

Are you a white, milk, or dark chocolate lover?
I’m a chocolate snob 😉 so I only eat dark chocolate. Milk is way too sweet for me and “white chocolate” isn’t really chocolate!


30 thoughts on “For the Love of Foodies

  1. Those coconut chips are TO DIE FOR!!!! I have used them on oats, in baking, everything. (admittedly I had to stop buying them.. an addiction was beginning 🙂 ) .. Also, I’m with you on the chocolate! i currently have a 90% bar in my purse.. along with the Almond sea salt Endangered Species you sent me..YUM.. and a Trader Joe’s container of dark wedges. (Think I have a problem?? hahah) I usually do have a thing of nibs too, but they never last too long. SO GOOD!

  2. so many yummy things! She did a great job picking out your package. It’s hard to go wrong with Trader Joe’s. They have the best chocolate and snacks!

  3. I love the whole idea of having a foodie pen pal! How fun! Kristina definitely picked out some delicious looking treats. And that’s so cute she remembered Elmo too!

  4. I can’t wait until I’m not floating around between apartments and have a stable house so I can do foodie pen pals again. I’m a bit dark chocolate person myself so I can completely understand that. Though I’m not a snacker at all.

  5. I love both milk chocolate and dark chocolate, though I do find dark chocolate more exclusive and fancy! AND it lasts a lot longer as well:-)
    my current obsession is Lindt Dark chocolate with Sea Salt!!! so scrumptiliscous!

  6. Awwr! So sweet that Elmo got treats too! I love people who are considerate of animal friends like that. Anywho. I seriously need to think about participating in this one month because I tend to get stuck in food grooves and end up eating the same things purely out of habit. I hate wasting food, so having something kind of forced on me would be a godo way to try something new. Oh, and when it comes to chocolate? I don’t discriminate. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of white, but milk and dark are both wonderful in my books.

    • I know! It melts my heart when people think of animals just as much as the owner 🙂 And I know EXACTLY what you mean by not wanting to try something new because you’re afraid to waste it. Since I stick to the same stuff, I end up throwing half of the new things out so I just stopped buying it!

  7. Awe, that’s so sweet she included something for Elmo! Love that!
    I definitely love the idea of this, especially since I need to buck up and try some new things. Hopefully I can participate sometime one of these days, but I keep slacking on that idea. Ha.
    You got an awesome package:)

    • Sign up right now! lol. It’s definitely nice to get things you wouldn’t normally buy but get to try it because someone sent it to you. I always pick things up, put them back, and go for the regular items, so this was nice to switch things up!

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