Perfect Timing…?

Okay, so this is definitely something I haven’t written about because I’m a little skeptical about it. You see, I’ve tried everything under the sun with this whole surgery nonsense. I’ll name some things I’ve tried: Steroids, shots, topical ibuprofen, 10 different pill ibuprofen, about 30 vials of blood, Graston Technique, ART, Ultrasound, PT, KT Tape, 10 different braces, shoe inserts, massages, etc. None of these helped and if they did it was very temporary relief.

So for this MIMM post, I’m going to talk about Lymphatic Drainage massage. This may bore you a bit but I’ll tell you a little bit about the technique and why this whole ordeal is so marvelous.

Lymphatic Drainage is a type of massage which helps re-direct the lymph nodes to other lymph nodes after traumatic events (ie. surgery). Incidentally, the body releases proteins naturally and if the lymph nodes do not channel directly the proteins stay put and harden/swell. If an area remains swollen, the tissues never heal because healing comes after inflammation reduction in the healing process. After doing a little bit of reading, I decided to see a local massage therapist who is certified in this field – which is hard to come by and I’m glad she lives about 3 minutes away from my house. If you’d like to read more about it, click here.

I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve had enough of this whole surgery. I’m severely depressed and my anxiety is through the roof. If you experience anxiety, it’s awful. I’m literally scared to walk. From the minute I get up the morning, every step I take is like walking on eggshells. This is why I just decided to give Lymphatic Drainage a go and scheduled an appointment. After the appointment, I was about to pay the massage therapist when she asked me to be a case study for her final class to become certified in Lymphatic Drainage. This means: All massages are free and she really believes this is why my knee is not healing. Her explanation seems pretty believable – although most do – but again, it’s absolutely free. The only thing I have to do is keep a journal for her and take pictures throughout the process.

Now, I’m just wondering if this is too good to be true or perfect timing? I’m just hoping for the latter. So far, I’ve seen an improvement in my knee. It has more definition but I’ve also begun taking steroids again and I’m wearing a much more protective brace. I just hope and pray this works.

It’s worth a try. Always worth a try.

And this little guy always helps, too.
I just love him.

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday.
I have a doctor’s appointment to review the MRI for my left knee.
Wish me luck. I need it.


15 thoughts on “Perfect Timing…?

  1. I love that you’re trying something new. I really, really hope it works for you. And if nothing else, it’s a free massage at least? Good luck at the doctor! Thinking of you.

  2. I hope that the appointment goes well and the new treatment idea works for you, anxiety is not a fun thing and I can relate to that 100% *sending lots of luck for the knee*

  3. I don’t know a lot about the drainage technique but I do one of my friends got her knee drained a few years ago (and I want to say it was a lymphatic drainage technique…if not something similar because she had the same surgery as you did) anyways-she said she noticed the most difference from that as well. Good luck at your MRI.

  4. That’s really need she wants you to be her case study, there’s definitely positives in that, being that it’s free! I really, really hope it works for you! You deserve that. Hoping things feel better soon, I experience anxiety nearly daily so I totally know how bad it is. Especially since I get panic attacks too. Now that is the worst. Keep your head up! Things will improve, and at least you have Elmo to keep your spirits up:)

  5. To say that I can relate with you to an EXACT is a complete understatement…well, besides the fact that I’m only 15 (sophmore in HS). I’d say that I developed an eating disorder when I was in 8th grade, about a year after I became EXTREMELY depressed. I was unhappy with everything and avoided any social contact, despite the fact that I had a loving and caring family. Now I’m not gonna give you my whole pathetic story, but I really REALLY can relate to you! After reading all of your posts I wonder, “Did I just write that???” I’ve always felt like a “spoiled brat” for being so miserable despite having such a caring and fortunate family and many friends that long to hang out w/ me (I usually come up w/ excuses not to because I have a habiat of staying to myself & keeping everything in). Okay, blah, blah, blah, I just had to get that all out…haha. What I really wanted to say was that about a month ago I did something to my knee and I just had an MRI today, and I haven’t been able to work out or RUN for two weeks! It’s killing me and spiraled me into GREAT depression..okay this week SUCKED!! but yeah just had to get all that out and I know you must read this and think “she’s so young, she’s only 15” but I don’t know if I’ll ever get better! at least thats what I feel.

    ANYWAYSSS, love your blog and i can sooooooo relate to every singleeeee thing you say! i’d love to email you to talk about my ED and depression! thanks xoxo

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