Every Hour, A Photo.

8 am
DSC019289 am
DSC0192910 amDSC0195411 amDSC0196412 pm
DSC019691 pm
2 pmDSC019853 pm
DSC019864 pm
DSC019905 pm
DSC019986 pm
DSC020017 pm
DSC020058 pm
DSC020069 pm
DSC0200910 pm
DSC0201311 pm
DSC02014Note: I know I spend all of my time with Elmo. Also, his Vet is good-looking. He needs to get more check-ups and I need to shower beforehand.

34 thoughts on “Every Hour, A Photo.

    • Use as you wish! :) And you SAVED me with this nail polish. It didn’t chip for 4 days without a top coat. I did some light weight lifting, too, and NOTHING chipped… I’m amazed and I thank you 100%!

  1. This is a cool way to do a post and share your day. I am so jealous you have a great lil pup to share your time with! I might have to try this post sometime (and totally credit you with the idea!)

  2. I’m liking these types of posts, it’s fun to see what people get to do throughout the day. Elmo is adorable, I need a dog. I feel like it would be so helpful;)

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