Every Hour, A Photo.

8 am
DSC019289 am
DSC0192910 amDSC0195411 amDSC0196412 pm
DSC019691 pm
2 pmDSC019853 pm
DSC019864 pm
DSC019905 pm
DSC019986 pm
DSC020017 pm
DSC020058 pm
DSC020069 pm
DSC0200910 pm
DSC0201311 pm
DSC02014Note: I know I spend all of my time with Elmo. Also, his Vet is good-looking. He needs to get more check-ups and I need to shower beforehand.


34 thoughts on “Every Hour, A Photo.

    • Use as you wish! 🙂 And you SAVED me with this nail polish. It didn’t chip for 4 days without a top coat. I did some light weight lifting, too, and NOTHING chipped… I’m amazed and I thank you 100%!

  1. This is a cool way to do a post and share your day. I am so jealous you have a great lil pup to share your time with! I might have to try this post sometime (and totally credit you with the idea!)

  2. This is so cute! I may have to try this some day too (if you don’t mind? and I give credit?).

    I loved seeing your day through pictures.

  3. I’m liking these types of posts, it’s fun to see what people get to do throughout the day. Elmo is adorable, I need a dog. I feel like it would be so helpful;)

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