Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend went by pretty fast which is unusual because my weekends seem to drag. I don’t usually tutor on weekends and I miss Kelly and Michael on the weekends, so I actually like weekdays. Is it weird? I like being busy… Busy as I can be at least but I’ll keep the sour talk for another time; after all, thanks to the beautiful katie we have a reason to celebrate some marvelous things.

Marvelous is… Elmo getting a haircut… Finally. It has been way too long and I felt so bad for him for being so furry. He had a lot of mats because he is half poodle, so he had to get some parts shaved. 😦 At least he looks handsome right now… But shhh, I definitely like him more on the scruffy side. He does not look impressed haha!

Marvelous is… Getting a new tutoring job with someone who lives about three minutes from my house. $35 an hour… I’ll take it!

Marvelous is… New nail polish colors. The worst part about buying nail polish is the cost versus how much you paint your nails the particular color. I like to switch things up as much as I can so it’s hard for me to wear the same color again and again.
Marvelous is… Cookie Dough Quest Bars. Okay, seriously… SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR.LOCK.DEADBOLT.AND.SLAM.IT.SHUT. I cannot believe how good a protein bar can taste. I eat two every day. #Sorrynotsorry

Marvelous is… CCK’s Fudge Pie sans Crust… Making it fudge, I guess. I made the mint version for St. Patty’s Day. Tofu never tasted so good. Rich and delicious.

So there it is! Some picture of marvelous things from my weekend!
I hope you all had a good weekend and ran some awesome St. Patty’s Day races!!! Totally jealous.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?
Definitely the fudge. SO good.

Did you celebrate St. Patty’s Day?
Besides making mint-flavored fudge and getting Elmo a Shamrock scarf, I did not do anything special. Whomp, Whomp.


33 thoughts on “Shut.The.Front.Door.

  1. I tried the swedish fish jelly beans this weekend and liked them- they taste JUSt like swedish fish.

    Also, love Elmo’s new cut! haha

  2. Love the positive focus of this post 😀 The best thing I ate this weekend was a deliciously ripe and perfect avocado – soo good! I actually forgot about St. Patty’s day as no one was celebrating it here… oops! And I agree on the nail polish thing — plus, I can never commit to any color that’s not a shade of red for some reason!

  3. Lol aww poor Elmo. At least he’s looking super cute though 🙂 And I’m definitely with you on the nail polish thing – I have such a huge collection of polishes because I like to switch things up, and I honestly can’t remember ever coming close to finishing one off…

  4. CCK recipes make me really skeptical. I’m glad you like them though. I wonder if I’d like the cookie dough quest bars. I wasn’t a fan of the cinnamon roll ones.

    • Cinnamon roll is the WORST flavor. ICK. You tried the wrong one! lol. I would go with the banana nut muffin, strawberry cheesecake, or chocolate chip cookie dough! And I was skeptical, too. But her recipes are really good!

  5. I wish my weekends would go by slowly! It seems like I go to sleep and then wake up and it’s Monday again!

    Also, love those nail polish colors. I must have them in my life.

  6. Elmo makes me smile, as does money. Glad you got an awesome tutoring job! I need to try those quest bars, I hear amazing things about them all the time!
    I felt like this weekend went by slow too. Not sure why that is, maybe because it was super low key.
    And how did you know this is my favorite saying ever, I use it about 30 times a day, it’s probably super annoying now that I think about that.

  7. Elmo is the cutest! Seeing your money makes me want to find a tutoring job now too, especially with us buying the house. I haven’t tried a CCK recipe but that fudge does look good and I could use some protein from the tofu. Gotta try those quest bars too.

    I celebrated St Pat’s with a run on Saturday… that’s really about it though. I did eat some green foods yesterday but that’s every day haha. And my temporary tattoo still hasn’t washed off.

    • Hahah they tricked you and it’s never going to come off! 😛 And that’s why I try to experiment with desserts including weird ingredients (beans, tofu, etc) because I need as much protein as possible! And what better way than to have a delicious and rich dessert + protein!

  8. I just tried the new Quest flavor yesterday and HOLY MOLY yeah they are freakin delicious! And that is not because of depriving myself of a proper cookie for years and years lol(??). Seriously, they are great, and slightly warmed in the microwave? oh my word, try it NOW if you haven’t 🙂

  9. My little girl needs a haircut soooo badly!! I feel like a monster for letting her look so shaggy right now lol. Can you believe I’ve never tried a Quest Bar? I have a hard time paying that much for something that Im going to inhale in 2.5 seconds, but they get such good reviews!! Im just afraid Im going to love them and then go broke on my obsession for them haha

    • I felt bad for Elmo, too! I waited too long to get his rabies shot scheduled so I had to wait to get that before I got his haircut! Worst owner award goes to… Haha! And seriously, the Quest Bars are really good! Especially cookie dough and banana nut! You could always warm them, break them into pieces and add them into Greek Yogurt! They are really expensive but it’s worth a splurge 😉

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