Wishlists Galore!

First, I want to say Thank you for all of the comments.
Honestly, it’s great to know people understand where I am/where I’ve been/where I want to be.
It’s amazing how hearing people just say it’s going to be okay can calm you down.
This is why I love blogging.

I understand and willingly admit I’m in a bad mindset right now.
I’m pretty much in disordered eating limbo.
I know what’s going on, I know how to fix it, and I need to just take the giant leap to get there.
But I just need to step away and think about what I’m doing and how to change.
I need to realize this is something which cannot wait anymore…

And it may be what’s causing all of my problems.
But for now, I’m going to go completely off topic so bare with me.

Most hours of the day, you’ll find me parked in front of my laptop.
I’ll be either reading blogs, reading about knees, or online “shopping”.
Since I don’t have a lot of moo-lah, my online shopping is more like making a continuous online wishlist.

Sometimes this gets hard for me, too.
I struggle a lot with the fact I can’t wear dresses right now…
I can’t wear high heels or any shoes different from walking shoes.
So when I’m looking at cute things online, I even get down because… Well, I have no where to wear them.
It’s really rough to have a constant reminder of the things taken from me.
I search for work clothes when I don’t/can’t get a job doing what I love to do.
I search for cute summer dresses when my knee looks like a boulder and I have some sort of brace on it 24/7.
I search for flip flops and heels which I can never wear or you’ll soon be reading of a broken hip.

I just wear sweatpants and sweatshirts all day, every day.
I know, I know… “That sounds amazing”!
Ehm… Not exactly. You’d wish it until you got here.
Again, How did I get here?

But aside from negative thoughts which seem to be plaguing my mind for hours and hours a day…
I’ll show you some things on my current wish-lists…
Maybe they’re on some of your wishlists, too, and we can be wish-list buddies!

These are more of the dressy side of things.
I just wish I 1.) Could wear these things 2.) Had $$ 3.) Had somewhere to wear these things.

What’s on your wishlist for Spring?


19 thoughts on “Wishlists Galore!

  1. Ahh, I feel you. I always see so many cute clothes and shoes, but then I’m like, “Wait, when would I wear this?” I also find myself in sweatpants and sweatshirts about 99% of the time. Oh well, online shopping is fun anyway. If only I had money.I’m seriously thinking about playing the Powerball…

  2. Same boat right here. I told Craig yesterday that I feel bad for him because since November 5th (when G was born) I have literally been LIVING in workout clothes. And half the time I don’t even shower until late afternoon since we usually go on two runs a day. Ha. It’s ridiculous. But it works, so you know what, I’ll take it. It’s just a phase & it WILL pass. You have to remember that too! 😀
    PS: I totally wish you had links to these clothes- LOVE the chevron dress!!

  3. I totally wish I had the money too. Yes, I have a job, but with living on my own comes more bills. Especially because I’m still only making 80/day. I wish that I had hips that were smaller so I could wear those dresses in the first place!

    • Girl, I wish I HAD hips and a butt. I’ve never had a butt in my whole life because of family genes. Whomp, whomp. Believe me, you’d want your hips back if you lost them haha. And that’s the worst part about teaching. 80$ for an entire substituting day. gah.

  4. Stay positive! Use that wish list of cute clothes as motivation to get better. You’re doing an amazing job so far and if you just hang in there the clothes will be there for you before you know it! Stay strong girl!

  5. Those dresses and shoes are cute, and I agree with Sarah/Pickyrunner… use the wish lists as motivation to get better and stay strong!

    However, I understand about not having places to wear things and feeling guilty over shopping. With working from home and mostly leaving for workouts or running, plus buying a house soon, I feel weird buying clothes. It’s not like many people see me, and those that do are people in passing who don’t care that I wear the same jeans/shirts all the time (I get new running shirts a couple times a month from races and being a TrySports ambassador). I bought some new jeans recently and felt bad because really, I’m the only person who will see them besides my husband and well… he sees it all, we live together, LOL.

    But sometimes you have to treat yourself… you will wear the clothes, you might not feel good now but sometimes if you practice self care and put on something you LIKE, even if you’re just around the house all day, it makes you feel a lot better. I’m way more productive when I get dressed, at least jeans. So definitely something to think about :).

    • I’m trying to use it as motivation but it’s REALLY hard, especially when I think back to how long I’ve been making wish lists. And I definitely would not dress up for someone I lived with either. The joys of being married, right 😉 haha!

  6. I feel exactly the same. i’m going through lots of bloating in recovery right now, and my sizes change daily. Sometimes I wear my normal clothes, some days their even loose, but some days they don’t fit. It messes with my head so much!

    • Honestly, I think sometimes the bloat is caused by the stress of eating more. Stress really does cause your body to do really weird things and I find if I’m more stressed/focused on what I’m eating… My body responds in different ways. I may be crazy or completely wrong but it really does seem to link with how I react to eating certain things!

  7. Girl if I were you, I would ROCK that knee brace WITH my dress!!! Who cares if you have that brace on!! I think it would be HOT!! Plus people would be like, “oh look at that cute girl in that dress, man she’s awesome she has a bionic knee and she’s hot.!” Yeah..just like that! HAHA but the money thing..yeah..I don’t like to spend a lot of money andddd I don’t have places to really wear cute stuff either..I guess you could wear them around your house and to the store and people would be like..”SHES BOMB!” Ok I am done. HAHA.

    • I used to do that ALL the time but wearing a brace has gotten old. Now I just feel lame and wear soffee shorts with a sweatshirt. I miss being able to have two NORMAL knees. Although, bionic knees would be pretty sweet!

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