Little Wise Penguin

Obviously this weekend did not have the greatest start for me; in fact, the whole weekend was pretty dull and other than trying to perk myself up I didn’t really do much. But today is Monday and it’s all talk about marvelous things because, well, they can wait for another day. So, here are a few things from my weekend which were a-okay in my book. Sorry for the lack of photos… Blogging fail. I like to show people my life because it brings a little more value to what I write but I need to get used to having my camera attached to my hip.

Marvelous is… Blogging. I cannot put into words the reaction I had to your comments to my previous post about struggling with my issues. Honestly, some made me smile just by how blunt you are in the comments and supportive you are to helping me get through this tough time. I love honesty and I love people who say the truth and do not try to sugar coat it. It’s what I give others and I expect it in return. So thank you. I’m blessed to have at least 10 people who read my blog and give me feedback. It means a lot to me.

Marvelous is… Baking. What else is new around these parts, right?! I decided to make Angela’s No Bake Chocolate Macaroons. They are super chocolate-y but I was a little upset at the amount of banana flavor. For one who loves bananas, I was actually looking for more of a coconut taste. Hence, the macaroons. There are only two left so they weren’t too bad. 😉

Marvelous is… Wegman’s grocery mall. I couldn’t even call Wegman’s a store because it is a foodie heaven. My mommy and I got sushi and a vegetarian portobello stuffed with garlic, spinach, and delicious things from the hot bar. Delicious. Devoured before pictures, SORRY!

Marvelous is… Kashi Go Lean Crunch! For some reason I have never tried this before last week. Uhm, I’ve gone through two boxes. Dare I say it’s giving Cinnamon Harvest a run for it’s money?! SO good.

Marvelous is… Eating something different for dinner for the last four days which were not oatmeal. Yeah, I’m actually eating “normal” things. Roasted Vegetable Wrap with cashew spread, Vegetarian Spaghetti and Meatballs, yogurt cereal bowls w/pb… Mmm.

Marvelous is… Swimming yesterday for the first time since November. Although it irritated my plica and sent me through an emotional loop I’m still in right now at least I gave it a try and swam my little heart out. It was worth a shot.

Marvelous is… Reading this. Butterfly clips were my JAM.

Marvelous is… This little graphic. It made my heart melt and I definitely giggled because, well, I am 13 years old and this penguin is too cute. Thank you, Mr. Wise Penguin.

What’s your favorite cereal?
Were you a 90s

You better believe it!


22 thoughts on “Little Wise Penguin

  1. Lots of little marvelous things that are so much more meaningful. I know you’re going to continue to heal and recover with baby steps like changing up meals and trying new foods. Wegman’s is seriously amazing. I think you just helped me decide what to have for dinner tonight….

  2. I’ve heard Wegman’s is incredible but we don’t have it down south. We do have a few really awesome stores though with food and sushi counters and other fun stuff, so we’re not deprived or anything like that. I’m glad you changed up your meals and yeah, Kashi cereal is really, really good. Have a great day!

  3. Can we all just start blogging about Wegman’s? Like everyday? I couldn’t love that store more. You have to try the avocado summer roll, it’s to die for!

  4. Wegman’s is flippin’ awesome! I have only been there once, and it was this summer. I was in love. It’s good that I don’t live close to one; I’d be BROKE!!

    Best cereal…. oh jeez. This is tough! Probably Honey Nut Chex! Or any granola.

    I am SO happy that you swam a bit AND you’ve been switching up your dinners. You’re taking action! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!

  5. I can definitely relate to hving a hard time remembering to photograph all the little details of my day. There are so many times where I want to do a random post of daily happenings but I don’t have the pictures to show for it. It’s a tricky balance of wanting to live in the moment and wanting to remember the moment.

    As for cereal, right now I’m loving Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. I used to be a big fan of Go Lean Crunch, but it lost it’s appeal somewhere along the road. I love my wheaty squares 😀

  6. It’s great to see how – despite the many struggles you’re going through – you can still see the smaller and bigger sparks of happiness in life. That’s something seriously important to me in recovery, too.
    As for 90s trends: I was all about Polly Pockets and jealous of my best friend whose mum let her have way more than mine.

  7. It’s the little things that make a difference! I didn’t like GoLean Crunch but I forced myself to finish the box and now it’s DELICIOUS. Cinnamon Harvest is the other rotation! Swimming sounds really fun right now. It’s been a long winter. I always forget to take pictures too!

  8. Wegmans is my second home. Like seriously. I worked there for 7 years. I stopped working there a few years ago, but I am there a few times a week. It’s heaven it really is.Everything you need and more.

    People being honestly supportive and blunt is a wonderful thing. Sometimes hearing it straight up can be the best thing for you.

  9. I like Wegmans a lot as well. I also like when I have coupons to go to Wegmans…anyways.

    I’m glad you got to try out swimming but boo for irritating you. Rude.

    I’m can agree about blogging, it’s nice to know when some people read the post word for word and will give advice that you can actually take to heart you know?

    • Yes, people like you 🙂 And yeah, my knee was pinching like a mother. I kept going, though, because my surgeon says to ignore the pain? I hope it’s a plica thing because that seems like bad medical advice. Wegmans has coupons?! Where?! I don’t get coupons and my mother would like coupons after spending 27$ for our dinner. I’m not joking.

  10. I sure was a 90s betch.. even made an appearance in the 80s for a very brief time… birthday is in November, born 1989! I do adore that cereal as well the CRUNCH factor which certainly delights me each time. I also like to let them sock up some milk and get a bit softer. Hmm I haven’t bought those in a while, next grocery trip, they are making their way into my cart!
    Baking makes me feel better every time I get involved in the activity, a perfect way for me to relax 🙂

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