Just Stopping In…

To wish you all a Happy Easter!

Today, I want to make this holiday better than the rest.
Today, I want to enjoy each moment I spend with my family.Today, I want to eat what I want and enjoy it.
Today, I want to listen to my family instead of concentrating on my own problems.
Today, I want things to be different from the last holiday… Yesterday… The past.

Holidays are a challenge for everyone. They always tend to be more hectic than meaningful. I have horrible holiday experiences due to my own poor attitude and awkwardness from disordered eating/depression. I regret many holidays, specifically the last holiday I saw my mommom. It’s a terrible feeling and I want to learn from it and move on.

I hope everyone enjoys today and savors every moment whether you’re celebrating Easter or not.
Cherish every day and giggle at pictures of creepy Easter bunnies…Honestly, though, why are Easter bunnies so creepy?!

Happy Easter!


15 thoughts on “Just Stopping In…

  1. I hope you’re able to stick with your word and enjoy this Easter! It’s meant to be shared with family and you should have fun! I love the bunny pictures. Totally cracked up at those lol

  2. WOW, that last picture of the Easter bunny is super creepy! He looks posessed or something.

    But you are not alone in your struggles at holidays, I think a lot of us struggle with holidays, whether it be because of family issues, food issues, etc. It’s okay to struggle. The important thing is to try and remember what the holiday is truly about and enjoy it as much as possible. On that note, I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! I know holidays can be very difficult, but I hope you’re able to make this a great one. Good luck – I hope this will be a wonderful Easter for you!

  4. Those bunny pictures are creepy! Well, the second one, I like the bunny in the gym hehe. I hope you have a great Easter, I do agree that holidays are a struggle for a lot of people, and it’s not just those who struggle with food, just anyone who struggles with loss a family member or friend, or really just changing traditions and growing up. So don’t feel alone today <3. You're not.

  5. The last bunny picture had me like snorting. I had to show my brother and sister and they were laughing SO hard. Oh my gosh. That honestly made my day.

    Cheers to you making this holiday a GOOD one! I love that attitude πŸ™‚ Say hello to Elmo for me πŸ˜‰

  6. Haha bunny pics. I hope you enjoyed your Easter! I was pretty stressed with all my family here. I didn’t eat that much, Easter food isn’t my fave! I hope yours was great!

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