Tuesday Tangents

Tangent: Somehow I have managed to get Elmo in love with costumes, jackets, boots, hats, and yes, even bunny ears. He does not even fight to get them off and walks around as if everything is completely normal.   April02 00004

Tangent: This was the first holiday in a long time I was not miserable. My brother’s girlfriend has never known me sans disordered eating/depressed/anxiety. I had one moment before everyone arrived I got a little mad at my mom about – you guessed it – food (Butter, specifically), but once I had a little time by myself and my brother arrived… I moved on. Success.

Jewish Apple Cake!

Jewish Apple Cake!

Tangent: The guys at my Dunkin’ Donuts now treat me as a object. I got my coffee today – in my normal sweatpants/ponytail attire – and looked up to see all of them crowded around the window. Normal people would love this but I feel extremely awkward in these situations. Actually, it’s a turnoff for me when a guy stares or calls me “Hot”, “sexy”, etc. Blech.

Tangent: I found it necessary to paint my nails in the color of pastels for Easter. Hello, 12-year old self! Next, I’ll be whipping out the gel-pens and do-it-yourself hair wrap kit.

April02 00002

Tangent: If I’m working out, there’s a 90% chance I’m listening to music. It either pumps me up or keeps me going and I like the extra background noise. After this being said, I’ve been doing the “Add to Cart”/”Remove from Cart” dance with these beauties. I already have a waterproof MP3 but it’s a pain in the ass and I want a new one.

Tangent: I tried the Chobani Key Lime Pie Flip and it’s probably my favorite flavor; however, since I’m a chocolate snob I picked out all the white “chocolate” chips. 😛

April02 00001Any “white” chocolate fans?!
Do you like when boys/girls “holla”?
Absolutely no.


39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents

  1. Hhaha your nails. I’m so happy you were able to feel relatively calm around the food! That shows huge progress and you should be proud of yourself.

  2. Good job moving on! I get upset about stuff like that too. That key lime flip is sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten.. I’ll probably end up taking out some chocolate chips too!

  3. I painted my nails all festive for Easter as well, and I’m kind of jealous that Elmo likes costumes. We try to put a party hat on my dog on her birthdays and while she doesn’t try to take it off, she looks so miserable that it’s almost sad. Almost 😉

    And while I can’t say that I hate white chocolate, it definitely isn’t something I’ll ever seek out on my own. I mean… what the heck is chocolate without cocoa?

    • EXACTLY! It’s totally an imposter. The chocolate Gods have to be frowning down on us! And we are the same way with the outfits. I know my dog probably doesn’t enjoy the extra weight on his head, but we just can’t get ourselves to take it off regardless. lol!

  4. I may be in the minority…but I LOVE white chocolate. I don’t really see it as chocolate, though, but I love it all the same.

    As for the pastels, I feel as though I am brought back to when I had braces and would change the colors of the brackets to match the holiday haha. Those were the awkward days.

    • Hahaha! My best friend used to do that all the time! And I had another friend who wore certain glasses frames for times of the year. Yes, very awkward times… As I sit here with pastel nails LOL

  5. This post makes me happy that you had such a good holiday and it was rather stress free. Boys hollaring…ugh I’m just as awkward…if not more. True story with that one. Love the nail color…one day I’ll paint mine…actually no I’ll probably only pain mine if I get engaged and seeing how that isn’t happening for a while, I have nothing to worry about! LOL.

    • Hahahah. That’s how I feel about my toes. I always contemplate painting them but no one sees them right now and I don’t have anyone to impress sooooo they’re not going to get painted for a little while.

  6. I love that you just said “holla!!” HAH! No I hate that shit, it’s annoying and it’s high school. Elmo makes my heart swoon, I love that he wears the costumes, I wish my cats would be more cooperative. HAH.

  7. Elmo!!! Ah, SOOO dang cute. Aren’t dogs just the best. I’m so obsessed with Lola. Our dogs should totally have a date together 😉
    Love the bright nails, I’m all about pastel nails, perfect for Spring.
    I’ve never heard of a Jewish Apple Cake, but it looks pretty delicious.

  8. Your nails are super cute and I’m glad you had a good Easter, minus the butter argument with your mom (I’m now picturing your mom as Paula Deen, sorry). Elmo looks super cool in that costume too!

  9. FINALLY a lady who agrees with me!! Gah I hate when guys gawk at me, ESPECIALLY when Im in my workout attire. Like Im sweating bullets on a jog and guys are honking their horns or hollerin’ at me. Im like for real? Do I look like Im out here sweating like a piglet to please YOU?! haha

    • OMGosh! And the guys who hit on you while you’re working out at a gym. UGH. I can’t stand it. It’s so so so so uncomfortable! And yeah, every time I hear a honk I’m just like, “really?! I look gross right now!”

  10. Elmo is so adorable! as for the whole butter thing, I’m the same way. I’m trying to be good about it but it’s hard. it’s nice when boys holla .. but not if their staring at you like an object. or hollering like we’re in a rap video … hahaha i’m not a fan of white chocolate. dark for me please!

  11. Hells to the no on the ‘holla’. And the guys who pull that must not realize that no self-respecting girl will fall for it.

    Oh and NO on the white chocolate as well. Give me the strong stuff.

    In happier news, I am LOVING pastels and your nails are feeding right into that!! Also, those bunny ears on Elmo – melt. my. heart.

  12. I actually really like your nails! I need to practice painting my nails so I can do fun things like that. And umm DIY hair wraps? I had my mom do those for me every single holiday. My hair was always so knotty afterwards. Totally worth it hahaha.

    No, thank you, to the “holla” – real men don’t do things like that.

  13. Elmo and his ears are so cute! I have a toy breed dog so I get him a lot of clothes and stuff, but he HATES it. Wish I could change that.

    I don’t particularly like white chocolate, but I don’t try to avoid it either. Real chocolate is wayyy better!

  14. “I wish I could remember what it felt like to just eat and drink without having second thoughts about anything.” I read this and it made me sad. Sad for myself and sad for you. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I know i used to be “normal” about food but just cant seem to get to that point again… Someday?!

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