Thanks you all so much for the “hugs”. I’m definitely having a very hard time and I appreciate everyone just being their for me and offering as much advice as you can with how much you know about the situation. I’m glad some of you can relate to certain things. It’s just re-assuring I’m just going through a rough patch.

Moving on… Today was pretty ordinary with a doctor’s appointment thrown into the mix. I woke up and did some chest/tricep workout with a couple minutes walking on the treadmill while watching Kelly & Michael‘s opening number.

To be honest, I love waking up to them every morning. When I swim, I wake up super early just to make sure I can go, swim, change, and get back in time to watch the show. I just love it. Their witty remarks, sarcasm, and the daily Trivia question just start my morning on a good note. Plus, Shia Labeouf was on today. Mmm.

Afterwards, I went on a little trip with Elmo to Dunkin’ Donuts and hung around the rest of the day reading blogs and such. I was really nervous about my doctor’s appointment and kept telling Elmo how nervous I was about it. This is his, “Mommy, please just put the car in gear so I can put my head out the window and let the 50MPH winds give me whiplash” face.

April05 00000

My doctor’s appointment was… Well, nothing different from any other appointment. It’s weird. It feels like my knee is so full of fluid because it gets stiff and I start limping and it’s just a mess; however, when he went to drain it… OnlyΒ 3ml of fluid came out of it. I’m just confused as to why my knee feels so horrible. He gave me a new ibuprofen and I asked him where I go from here. He said I was tested for everything and he really does not know what’s going on with it.Β I just don’t get it. I can lay on ice foooorever but the swelling does not go down at all. Oof…

I’m kind of wondering if acupuncture or any other “alternative” medicine would work for it. Has anyone tried acupuncture for a certain injury – or anything, really? Please post any experiences and whether or not it helped you! I would really appreciate it!


I’m so thankful for this little guy. So thankful.

Do you watch Kelly & Michael?
I will make sure I get to sit down and watch at least the beginning segment. Love it.

Did you ever get acupuncture?? Did it work?! Tell me!


25 thoughts on “Ack-You-Punch-Her?!

  1. I haven’t tried acupuncture, but I know someone who has tried it. I think it worked to an extent for her, but not completely. She was at a standstill with doctors regarding her illness, so she welcomed any relief. I’m not sure offhand how many times she ended up trying it, or if she swears by it or anything.

    I really like the words of wisdom in the first picture you posted. It’s so much easier said than done to take advice like that sometimes, especially on really bad days. Just do the best you can each day…nothing more, nothing less. Some days will suck more than others, and all the positivity in the world won’t help. But other days will be better and hopefully give you the strength to make the bad days suck less. All you can ask of yourself is to do your best in that particular moment.

    I hope you get some answers and find a successful form of treatment soon!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m just hoping I find the right treatment, too, and I wish I could say things are up and down but all of my days are pretty much the same. The knee does not feel like it’s getting better at all.

  2. What a cute little guy you have there:) I’m not a huge dog person, but I have to admit…Elmo is absolutely adorable!

    No, I’ve never done acupuncture. I actually have very little advice to offer on the injury-front, because I’ve never fully experienced a bad one. I’m hoping for the best for you, girl!

  3. Ooo! Me, ME! I watch Kelly and Michael… as least when I get the chance to, which admittedly isn’t all that often 😦 I do love the show, though. As for acupuncture, I’m afraid I can’t offer any personal success stories since I’m afraid of needles and won’t let them anywhere near me, but I know a few people who said it helped them with various different things. I guess that if you’re running out of ideas, it can’t hurt to try?

    • You should record it so you can watch it more πŸ™‚ And it’s true… I should probably just give it a try. I just hate wasting money on something which doesn’t work in the end.

  4. I’ve actually heard it working for people before. It’s not something I would want to try personally because I hate needles more than anything but I know it works for a lot of people. A lot of runners (and random but I know a few pregnant people) that it really worked for. Honestly, you’ll always wonder if you don’t try it you know?

  5. You know I love Kelly and Michael, too! I seriously miss watching it now that I have a job 😦 I have never heard about acupuncture, but it could work! I see on TV shows that people swear by it!

  6. I only watch sports shows in the morning, can we still be friends?! Sorry, Im a little weird like that. But Michael WAS a football player, so we kind of have a good bond thing going on right? πŸ˜‰
    Ive never tried acupuncture, but I know it sone of those things that doesn’t work if it isn’t done on a consistent basis. Like 1 session wont help much. BUT I’ve heard people who do love it!

  7. I’ve tried it for allergies before with success but not for injuries. Although I have heard of it working for some people. Maybe something you could look into?

  8. I’ve never tried acupuncture, but you never know until you try right!? Maybe check it out and see what it does for you. Everyone’s experience is different.

  9. Just found your blog and I like your “tid bits of me”. I too am a coffee drinker and always trying to find a good balance in life. Sorry to hear about the ol’ knee. I’ve never tried anything w/needles. Good luck!

  10. Awe,Elmo is a cutie pie! Heart him.
    I adoreeee Live with Kelly and Michael! Probably my favorite talk show out there!
    I’ve tried acupuncture and really love it! I didn’t use it for an injury, but it helped a lot with my anxiety and IBS. You could try it out for sure, I mean it doesn’t hurt to just try it out for a few weeks?
    Hope you feel better soon love!

  11. I used to be a huge fan of Regis & Kelly, but I haven’t watched it much since it has changed to Kelly & Michael… I always DVR it, but I can’t say I’ve watched it in a while!

    My sister-in-law gets accupuncture (for headaches) and she’s found it helpful!

    • You should watch it because I think it’s gotten better since Michael is her new co-host! They get along really well together and it’s just… A lot of energy and craziness!

  12. UGH! That darn knee. I swear :/ I’m so sorry girl. I swear I keep hoping to read some good news on it.
    I LOVE Kelly & Michael too! He’s such a great addiction. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like him on it, but I really do like him!! And of course I LOVE Kelly, always have. I feel like I can relate to her so much…haha!

  13. I’m so sorry about your knee! I love how you got it drained, and mentioned it like it was no biggie. You are a trooper. If I got my knee drained, I would be hysterical and complaining so badly!

    I have never tried acupuncture, but I have heard good things about it. It’s worth a try, right?!

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