Tuesday Things

1. It has turned from Winter to Summer in less than five days. Can someone please explain to me how it was snowing a week ago? I love this weather… More than love this weather; yet, part of me aches because I cannot go for a walk, run, etc. I can sit outside, of course, but it just isn’t the same.

April09 00006

2. Since my mom is going through the glorious stages of pre-menopause, she’s getting heat flashes constantly. (Sorry, Mom, if you ever find out I have a blog.) This is a great thing, though, because the fight over the AC will be easier to win. 2 against 1, Dad. 2 against 1.

3. Justin Timberlake says, “As long as I got my suite and tie…” Justin, you don’t need to be wearin’ anything as far as I am concerned.

4. This beauty came in the mail today. Peanut Butter Marshmallow. Uhm, yeah… It’s really delicious. Although I’m not even working out, doesn’t hurt to get extra protein – I’ll just keep telling myself this because really I just like it.

April09 00005

5. These are a few things I have been eating lately since expanding my horizons. Most of me is doing this to make my mother happy which – a majority of the time – is why people “relapse” (I hate this word for some reason); however, a small part of me is doing it to see a difference in my knee. I’m just afraid when it doesn’t get better what will happen. Being aware of what I’m thinking at a constant basis makes it easier to catch things, though, so I need to keep my mind up front.

April09 00003 April09 00002 April09 00000

6. Although I’m not really doing the journal activities because I’m not really crafty, I am participating in #RestWeek. Why not, right?! Thanks, Laura!

7. I won Nikki‘s Giveaway which is pretty awesome. One thing to make me smile today. Thankful. I almost missed it, though, because I was so excited to comment about the freak-ish mutant ferrets.

Also, I want to say thank you to all who gave me some sound words of advice. I know I should probably try to get my mind off of things and find a hobbie! I have always been a go-go-go person my entire life so activities which involve sitting keep me occupied for about 20 minutes. Thankfully, blogging is one thing which keeps me occupied and content for more than 20 minutes at a shot. Lisa gave me some sound advice of turning every negative situation into a positive one. It takes major practice to do this for sure! I’ll most likely write a post tomorrow or Thursday about my decisions with Acupuncture. I’ve scheduled some other things and I’m just trying to sort everything out. I really wish I could say taking a few days off is helping, but unfortunately it’s not so far. I know I have to keep trying but there’s only so much I can do for myself. I don’t have the resources of a doctor, so there comes a point you just can’t do anymore.

Tell me something about your Tuesday/life/exciting news!


28 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. holy cow that protein powder flavor sounds amazing. and I am usually not a protein powder girl. This weather is reminding me of last summer, the one downside is my apartment doesn’t have ac (it is janky and barely works) I miss my home where the ac would blast because my dad likes it nice and cold.

    • Yeah, it’s really freakin’ good. It even SMELLS like peanut butter. I opened up the container and I started salivating. It was weird. I would definitely get along with your dad as far as AC. I crank it up so high in the summer and quick turn it down when he gets home haha. Do you get a little AC unit for your apartment?

  2. I had to laugh at the part about your mom. My mom went through something similar (well, she thought it was the pre-menopause but was actually her addison’s disease) where she was hot ALL. THE. TIME. and eventually she caved and put an a/c in my parent’s bedroom except the rest of the house is always stifling in the summer. I’m hoping it gets worse so that they eventually decide central air is the way to go…

    • It’s getting ridiculous over here lol. She’ll be freezing then suddenly it’s like someone started a fire underneath her and she’s sweating. I was in the car with her and we went from AC – Heat – Windows down in a matter of ten minutes. Good lord it was bad. haha Fingers crossed for central air!

  3. At least you’re getting summer- it’s supposed to snow here this week!! I have not tried protein powder but that very much makes me want to. Your eats look super good! I’m glad you’re eating for yourself a little bit too, even if it’s mainly for your mom. Small steps!!

  4. My dad had a stent put in his heart and he was on blood thinners and stuff which made him cold all the time. Well, I’m also always cold all the time. So it was neat when I was living at home during college breaks because the AC wasn’t full blast and when I was home for the holidays, I didn’t have to wear quite as many layers. I guess now he knows how it feels to be anemic ;).

    I’m not a huge protein powder fan, but if it tastes good and is nourishing, go for it! Even if you’re not working out maybe it will help your knee recovery because proteins are like the building blocks of muscle and our bodies? Or maybe it just helps athletic recovery?

    Or maybe it just tastes delicious which is enough reason to eat it :).

    • I have iron deficiency anemia, too, so I know what you mean about being cold all the time; however, when it gets humid outside… I don’t get cold anymore. Plus, I kind of like being cold? It’s weird but I love to fall asleep chilly 🙂 LOL. You’re way of thinking is my process: Make all the possible scenarios, then list the obvious one. With this being said, I just think it’s delicious!

  5. Gotta love good protein powder flavors. I’m not really a fan of the stuff in general because my stomach doesn’t handle them well at all, but I have to admit that I do like to add them here and there just because of the awesome flavor they give. Shh. Don’t tell. I do think it’s great that you’ve been trying to eat different things though. I know you can’t expect much lasting success when you’re doing it for someone else, but maybe the different foods will make eating more enjoyable and you’ll start doing it for yourself instead. Hopefully 🙂

    • I know what you mean about protein powder! Sometimes I think my stomach doesn’t like it but I cannot get enough of the flavor. Actually, this is probably the best I’ve ever had… It tastes SO good. And I think the fact I know I’m doing it more for my mom is making it easier to spot when I’m going backwards. Surprisingly, I think I’ve been going forward since I started but I’ve gone through these little things before… I just hope it STICKS.

    • UGH. I wish I could! I’m always watching Kelly and Michael when I read your comments and it makes me think of you! ONE DAY. And seriously, it’s probably the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted.

  6. wowzers that protein powder sounds amazing!!
    And I usually don’t think JT is very attractive, but in the video he’s in with Rihanna and he’s all badass in leather on his bike? Holy smokes…such a hottie.

  7. At first I read this as Thursday things and got really excited…only to be causally let down that I misread and it said Tuesday…at least it’s Wednesday when I’m reading right?

    I always like protein powder flavors because they are so crazy. My favorite flavor has always been cake batter which is just an ultra sweet vanilla.

    I’ve found just carrying a personal heater around work, gets my body at the right temperature…

    • That’s why I think I like this brand and Gold Standard because they have out of the box flavors. My very first one was the GS Cake Batter and I loved it 🙂 At least today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday!!!

  8. That protein powder is the most interesting flavor I have ever heard about! And heck yes to your body benefiting from more protein, despite not working out at the moment, it will help you keep on healing!
    I very much concur about Justin needing NOTHIN else and he does it so right 😉

  9. Hahaha, that totally happened to my Mom too a few years back!
    Oh yes girl, your body definitely is begging for some protein! Definitely use it! And plus, that flavor sounds pretty darn amazing! I think it’s really awesome you’re branching out and trying new things! I know you said it’s more so for your Mom, but hopefully with trying new things you’ll begin to appreciate the challenge and maybe start loving it too!
    Have a great day love!

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