I have some weird habits.

So, over the past couple of weeks I have realized I have some really weird habits. I mean, I could probably go on forever about weird things I do but these I have noticed on more than one occasion. I am a creature of habit and although sometimes it bites me in the butt (Hello anxiety attacks) or is extremely weird; other times it makes me giggle. This little graphic is probably true to rich bloggers. 😛

1.) Instead of reading my blogging comments I get from other people, I will read every blog in my feed before I even glance at the little orange comment box in the corner. You know what I’m talking about because I know I get excited about the blinking when I see it in my per-iffs. This got me to thinking, though. Is it I really love to read about other people’s lives (obviously)? Or… Do I think so less of myself that I believe my post wasn’t important enough for comments? IDK. Maybe I just love you all 😉


Guess the Blogger!

2.) Whenever I make hot cocoa, I always have to skim the top and eat the little bits which don’t quite mix in all the way. And I love them. Those little bits of goodness are soggy little balls of cocoa gooey-ness. I can’t even think about drinking my cocoa until they are gone. No way, no how.

April12 00002

3.) Elmo can now guess what we are going to do next because I have a set routine every day. He knows when I’m going to shower because he comes, too. Don’t judge me. He knows when we are going to go get Mommy’s essential thing for survival – obviously coffee – to the sound of, “Wanna go buh-byes”? It’s sad. Cute, but sad. Immediately, he runs straight to my car. This is how bad my habits are every day.

April12 00001

4.) Like I’ve said in previous posts, I eat oatmeal once every day. I always make them with a banana so we have to have them on hand at all times. I’ll even go for a 10 minute drive to the nearest store just to get a banana. Needless to say, my dad put the last banana with his gear for work the next morning. And the banana bandit struck our house. 😉 This may be why my dad gets mad at me. Lol.

April12 00000

5.) I always say I “love” something. It’s never “like”; always “love”. For example, I will say one day, “I love that nut butter, it’s my favorite”!!! Then, the next day I’ll say I’m completely obsessed with some other nut butter. So on and so worth and the process continues until I’ve concluded every nut butter is my favorite.  I don’t even know what my favorites are anymore. Favorites are overrated anyway, right?!

March26 00002

What are some of your weird habits?!


20 thoughts on “I have some weird habits.

  1. Wait so I thought I was the only one who did the comment thing. I always read other blogs first (like yours now). I’m not sure why I do it either. I guess because I’m more interested in other people’s lives than my own…
    And I love everything too. I have a very black and white, love-hate relationship with life in general haha

  2. I like the peanut butter picture, haha. I love peanut butter as much as the next person but sometimes I don’t understand how some bloggers are so obsessed with it. It’s good and all, a great source of healthy fats and protein… and tasty… but I’m definitely not going through a jar a week or anything. Eek!

    I love how you drink your hot chocolate that way. I don’t really drink the powdered stuff but when I did, I tried to mix that in unsuccessfully, I always hated how those specs floated to the top!

  3. I always read all the blogs first! There is always bananas in my house, always. If there’s not, prepare for disaster. I have a routine that I follow every day. I have so many weird habits!

  4. Banana bandit. Hahaha. You just made my day!! My family’s antics are very similar. I have hidden peanut butter and baked goods in my bedroom because my dad eats them ALL. I wouldn’t mind if he had one muffin or a scoop of my pb… but he consumes everything! So I have basically become a food hoarder. That’s my weird habit 🙂

  5. You know what? I love a lot of things too 🙂 It used to drive my daddy nuts. He’d say “stop spreading your love around so thin Kate!” but now I guess he just realizes that I have a lot of love to share 🙂

  6. I think we are all creatures of habit to an extent, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, our little habits and routines are what keep us sane!

  7. So much peanut and nut butter LOL. I don’t really have a set way to read blogs…I just kind of do. I skim through my blog reader, pull up the most interesting and ignore the rest.

    I am probably too casual about food, which can be a problem being diabetic. I don’t necessarily hate food (unless it’s mayo/ranch) but I don’t always make the best choices being diabetic because I hate to be a pain.

  8. I have a nerdy habit of setting up my chrome browser every morning when I sit down in my office. first open chrome then gmail, then 3 tabs for office programs, then blogger, then dailymile, and then running ahead. must be all opened and in order to make my morning go smoothly.

    As for food, I have plenty of weird habits, you’re not alone

  9. The banana thing – oh god yes. Bananas and Greek yogurt are pretty much my daily essentials, and I’ll make emergency grocery store runs if I’m running low on them. Heaven forbid I find myself without either one – I might starve 😉 And I’m pretty goofy when it comes to reading my own comments as well. It’s almost like I’m afraid to see what people have to say about my post, so I try to avoid it as long as possible… Which is weird because no one’s ever been mean to me…

  10. My weird habit is the opposite of your weird habit with waiting to check your notifications. When I see the orange message window, and then with my phone when I see a number pop up on an app or in email I HAVE to check it to get rid of the numbers, I don’t like when they are there. HAHA.

  11. I am the same way. I have to read all the blogs I love first before answering to any comments with exceptions to the days I have to give up reading blogs due to time constraints. And the hot chocolate … I eat that top stuff right up. I like foamy goodness on almost everything … like beer and coffee. Mmmm …

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  13. Girl no shame about Elmo sitting in the restroom with you when showering.. because well, Roxy will sit on the floor while I’m using the restroom, Ha Ha!

    Also, I had to laugh when you mentioned ” I love that nut butter! It’s my favorite”, because I say the same thing about at least 4 of my salads I eat during the week. Joshua has no made a joke outta it and just laughs. 🙂

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who lets the dog into the bathroom while they are using it for ANYTHING. I have no privacy according to Elmo haha! And it’s true, everything is always a “favorite”!

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