Wanted: 24/7 Hugs

I’m not even going to try to do a fancy introduction, but I’m just going to jump right in to what happened at my appointment today. I’ve been crying pretty much continuously since about 5 o’clock, so here we go.

Well, after viewing the MRI, my body is indeed rejecting the calcium phosphate put into my bone for my bone bruise/stress fracture. It’s now pushing against my bone and the end of my bone is about an egg-shell width away from cracking completely.

So, I have to get a bone graft put in place of the calcium phosphate. The bad news… Not only is my knee covered in markings, but this one requires a HUGE gash in the side of my knee. Calm me vain, but I really did not want a huge scar on my knee – more than I already do anyway. The worse news is the fact I’m going to have to be on crutches for four weeks after the surgery so the bone settles in and hardens. Awful. Do you know what you can do on crutches? Close to nothing. I can’t even carry food or coffee back and forth from my kitchen. Ooof.

I’m not sure if this is the worst part about all of this or not… But my left knee is still pinching due to plica inflammation. My surgeon believes this is what caused my bone bruise in my other knee because the inflammed tissue kept flicking over and over and over on my bone. I’m a mess because it’s not going away… So after 6 weeks of sitting around, I’ll eventually have to get another surgery and be down for another 4-6 weeks. Then, it’s a new school year and I’m down for the count. Can I say fuck here? Okay, good. FUCK.

Positives? Ughhhh, I have a hard time typing them out without gritting my teeth. There are positives but it’s hard to even accept them over the negatives. The main positive is this may be the answer. And I’m hoping with my fingers  and toes crossed… This one is the end. Meanwhile, I’m always hoping my left knee decides to just not be mad one day. Pretty please?

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.  I’m not usually religious or spiritual, but I really need it right now. I need it more than anything.

Actually, what I really need to do is hire a really good-looking guy to give me hugs 24/7.
Yeahhhh, this would definitely help a little 😉


16 thoughts on “Wanted: 24/7 Hugs

  1. I would totally send my boy down to you for unlimited hugs, but I don’t think he would be too keen on that. HOWEVER, I can send you imaginary hugs and tell you that I’m wishing you the best. Something tells me that this MAY be the answer for you…and as hard as the recovery process will be, at the end you may have the old you back. And that’s worth fighting for, right?

  2. I completely understand the not wanting to be on crutches thing. I’ve been on them for about 4 weeks. It’s been hard, but you can do it! I have even been working this whole time, it hasn’t been easy, but I don’t need an injury to slow me down. Don’t let this slow you down either. You’re closer to finding answers about your knee, and even though the road is long, you can’t get to the end without starting somewhere!

  3. Well, I’m not a good-looking guy, but I’d still be willing to give you tonnes of hugs, and I’ll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ❤ As awful as all this news is, hopefully it'll be the final answer to your knee problems. Stay strong, love. You've done so well so far… just a little longer.

  4. Virtually hugging your right now!!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. I know this is SO tough for you right now, hopefully this will answer all the questions you’ve been having about your knee. I really hope so. It sucks to have to wait more, but eventually you’ll get some answers. Sending love your way xox

  5. I am absolutely praying for you. And sending you virtual hugs! And real hugs soon! I think you’re right – this COULD be the answer. And yes, crutches FUCKING SUCK but on the plus side, you live with your parents so for at least parts of your day you’ll have help. Way better than if you lived alone, right? And yeah….I totally hear you on being down on the couch for like 8 weeks….NOT fun at all. But I think if you can pull through it, your knees will come out the other side better for it. I actually, no lie, drank a lot of wine when I was on crutches….enough to sedate me lol.

  6. sending love your way and def putting you in my thoughts. I’m sorry you’re going through all of this. I’ve only ever had a fracture and wearing that dang boot for a good month was already making me go crazy. for someone that likes to move it is not fun. hopefully after all of this you’ll be better.

    OOOOOOOO … I took out the Xs in XOXO … unless you’d like kisses as well ……..

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