I tried, tried, and tried again.

All of you are the best. To say I’m stressed right now is an understatement, but seriously… All of the prayers and hugs just make me feel ten times better.
I don’t know any of you in person, but there’s just something about hearing “I’m sending you hugs” which means to much to me.
Surgery date: THIS MONDAY.

This morning was really hectic. I tried to get in contact with the surgery department who said the next available opening was April 29th. Immediately, I tried to explain to the girl it was a semi-emergency but I guess everyone says it so she just said, “It’s the best I can do”. Tears followed, of course.

Since I knew my surgeon was really concerned about this, I sent him a quick text message and he replied with, “Bone is crumbling and surgery needs to be done ASAP. Semi emergency”. So I tried, tried, and tried again to get a hold of the department while thinking I wasn’t leaving messages because my phone always does crazy things during important times. Finally, the nicest lady called me back to tell me my surgery is this Monday.

Oh… and I’m staying overnight. This gives me extreme anxiety due to the fact I hate hospitals and had to stay in the hospital for a week due to an emergency surgery during final’s week in college. It was a trip, let me tell ya. Now, I pretty much have a panic attack when I go to a hospital. As if surgery wasn’t enough to give me anxiety. Jeeeeesh. And I have to leave Elmo alone with my parents who don’t discipline him at all. Oy.

Also, I don’t really like hospital food – surprise, surprise – so I’m having a bit anxiety about it. I know last time I thought I had to stay overnight my mom went to Wegmans and brought me all of my favorites – even oatmeal. We had a horrible fight this morning… I’m talking horrible, but I love her. Always.

And I’m bringing my Kindle, so I hope someone stays up with me realllllllly late and tells me how much fun I’m going to have when this is all healed up.
I’ll also add a picture of Elmo after his haircut today because, well, he really makes me happy so I hope he brightens your day, too. 🙂

Does your phone ever decide to be difficult during the most important times?


35 thoughts on “I tried, tried, and tried again.

  1. Good luck on Monday. I know it’s scary but you will be so happy when it’s all over! And ELMO – that is the fricken cutest name for a dog ever and he is adorable.

  2. This Monday?! eeps so soon!! Good luck gorgeous! I know you and your mum fight because y’all love each other and both of y’all are just worried about the surgery. Elmo is a cutie. That’s for sure. As for my phone … always. It just decides to call and never ring on the other end. *sigh*

  3. Hi Laura,
    I’ve just ‘popped over’ from my blog to your blog to offer you some moral support for your surgery on Monday.
    It seems like you’ve been having a really bad time and I hope and pray that this time you get a good result. It certainly sounds as though the doctor has identified the problem (finally) and there is a solution – so that’s something to be happy about.
    We know our own bodies far better than the doctors do and well done you for persevering and going back and saying ‘no, it’s not right’…. finally they listened to you!
    I can sympathise with your frustrations as I’ve just had my 9th knee surgery,(7 operations in 6 years)….. you feel like it takes over your life don’t you? But I’ve just had my last surgery and I’m sure that this one will be yours too.
    After my lastest surgery I was non weight-bearing for 6 weeks, and I live on my own!! Yep, it was a challenge, but I survived and I’ve written some ‘handy hints’ on my blog which might help you, as I know you’re worried about being on crutches for so long.
    All the very best for Monday Laura, I’ll be thinking of you. And your dog is absolutely adorable! That’s a great photo of him with his new haircut!
    Love, Lyn x

    • This is AMAZING. Seriously, cripples united! Ha. I have a question about the way you carry your hug mug of tea. Do you mean you put it into a bag? I can carry one of my mugs using my forefinger and the rest of my hand on my crutch buttttt I would rather carry it in a safer way to my floors and my fingers! I definitely feel you on the numerous surgeries! It’s so hard to be unable to be active for some long but I feel like crutching around is hard in itself. I’m just nervous because my “good knee” has plica problems and I can’t really rely on it all the time. I’m just afraid I make things worse using it to get around. 😦

      • Well, I’m tucked up in bed now as it’s gone midnight here, but I just thought I’d send this to you… I’m thinking of you as I know you’ll be feeling anxious about the morning (ok, so that’ll be an understatement…!!). Just think Laura, the sooner it’s done, the sooner you’ll be on the road to being better.
        Re carrying my mug when I was on crutches non weight-bearing, sometimes I would hook it onto a forefinger, sometimes I would put it into my satchel and sometimes I put it into a plastic bag which I could get a hold of in my fingers whilst still holding the crutch. But the tea was always in the flask! Haha!
        But of course you have the advantage of having your parents there too, and I’m sure they’ll help as much as possible – and let them, allow yourself to be pampered and looked after!
        Yes, being on crutches IS exhausting, so just go easy on yourself! If you don’t do very much it doesn’t matter – and probably the less you do will be better for your other knee anyway.
        Sending you hugs and prayers Laura, stay strong and focus on getting better.
        Lots of love, Lyn xx
        (and a tickle behind the ear for Elmo xx)

  4. Awe hunnie.. please feel free to email me “jessiejoshua21@yahoo.com” or find me on FB. With our time difference, I’ll be up when it’s very late your time and will definitely keep you company! ❤

  5. Praying for you babe!! I hope you are doing well. I hate hospitals as well. My hubby had an appendectomy last year and had to stay overnight. I couldn’t visit him. Hospitals give me the WORST anxiety attacks. Hang in there honey!

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