Things I’ve Learned About Surgery Recovery

Yes, yes it’s good to be home except for the fact my hospital bed was 100% more comfortable than any piece of furniture in our house. My lower back is killing me along with my other knee and my right knee definitely feels like it’s on fire 90% of the time. Nothing is better than hospital meds. At least I’m home and recovering even if it looks like it’s going to be a slow one.

April29 00001

I’m just going to go with a list for this post. I’m not really sure what it’s representing so let’s go with ‘Things I’ve Learned From Surgeries’! Yep, sounds good.

1. Narcotics make you constipated. I’m not even going to lie or try to weasel my way around it… You don’t poop. It’s uncomfortable. You have to take laxatives or you’ll find yourself back in the hospital for a whooooole different  – and awkward – situation. How people get addicted to these… I’ll never know. No regular poops = not a happy Lauren.

2. Speaking of medication, I’m taking hydromorphone which is the third strongest drug they can give you. Again, I have no idea how people get addicted to these because they make me feel anything but euphoric. I’m having a hard time eating meals because my stomach wants to reject food annnnnd I’m still in excruciating pain. I wish I could just stop taking them, but I’m afraid to see what the pain is like when I’m off of them. :shocked:

3. Make a cave for yourself somewhere in your house. Make sure to store snacks, candy, water, electronics, and other necessities. You’re not going to be able to shower for a few days so it’s better to stay in your cave for the rest of your family.

April29 00004

4. If you want to carry coffee from the kitchen to your cave, stuff a bag with stuffing essentials, such as newspaper, and either hold the bag in your teeth or hold it between your fingers while you crutch to your cave.  If you have nice carpets, use a deeper mug. Just in case.

5. My mom bought me this beauty. Now I can hold my water bottle, pills, and phone in style. 😉

April29 00000

6. Snacks have become my best friend because my stomach doesn’t like heavy food right now. This really isn’t a problem for me anyway because I’m a snacker at heart. Also, I have no patience to stand and make myself a meal because, well, it’s too painful. Convenience is where it’s at right now!

6. This is totally not surgery related but to anyone else who got a Kona Kase this month, please tell me you ate these cashews all at one time. Seriously, once you start there’s no turning back. Brown sugar and rosemary cashews… You are delicious.

April29 00003

7. Whenever you’re near a bathroom… GO. You’ll be mad if you sit down and realize you have to pee two minutes later.

8. Although you’re laying on the couch all the time, your body needs food. You won’t gain too much weight in one month. And repeat as needed.

9. Read lots and lots of blogs.

April29 00005

So here are a couple of essentials for surgery recovery. I hope you had a great weekend!

This is totally unrelated, but I’m trying to find the cheapest blog designer out there who does cute, cheap designs! Any suggestions?


12 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned About Surgery Recovery

  1. I found a background for my blog online and just did my own buttons in SnagIt (which is an image tool we use for work). I’m not sure how to go about paying for blog designs but I hope you find someone.

    Those are all good tips that i will keep in mind if I ever have to have surgery- nah really this is an informative post. I have a feeling you’re spot on about all the bathroom stuff and I think having a place to just camp out and have all your electronics is a great idea.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. You poor girl!! I wish I could send you a big box of snacks, flowers, and good DVDs to get you through recovery. Keep giving your bod lots of love, and hopefully you have a speedy (ish) recovery!

  3. Confession: I totally laughed at some of the things you said in your post. I feel kind of horrible because I can’t even imagine how much it must hurt, but I’m glad to see that you haven’t lost your wonderful wit. Big hugs, girlie. I hope the road to recovery isn’t too steep and painful.

    And as an aside, that crutch carry-all is totally genius. I honestly never even knew something like that existed…

  4. Ummm why have I not known about this crutch carrier contraption? I can’t even tell you all the ways I have tried to figure out how to carry things while I’ve been on my crutches! Happy to see you’re staying positive!

  5. I know this is a terrible situation but I am glad you are really trying to make it better. You are really inspirational Lauren and making it through this is awesome. I like the idea of a cave…it reminds me of a man cave but not really…I don’t know where I’m going with that. Stay positive friend!

  6. omg I hear you on all of this. Not being able to shit is the WORST. And the worst part? After you stop taking the pain meds (I was on oxycodone and valium), it takes like TWO WEEKS for your digestive system to normalize…..yuck. And omg, totally love the crutch-pocket! I wish I’d had one of those….I had to make my mom carry coffee back to my bed for me LOL.

    Anyway let me know when you want me to bring you Kiwi! Maybe once you’ve showered….;-)

  7. Oh goodness girl ha. I’m HOPING you feel better sooner rather than later, and hopefully the pain meds don’t make you feel any worse. I agree, those things aren’t any fun.
    Hope this recovery will go smoothly!

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