Lets Get Factual.

Since I’m not really doing much or going anywhere these days, I’m going to throw random stuff at you! Whenever I read blogs, I always want to know more about the reader. Looking at pictures of good food isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I always love the more raw posts from people letting you into their real personality and such. It’s hard for me to put my own thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc. into words to display who I really am, but I will try my best!

Fact… I am a worry wart. I was never a worry wart growing up until all of this knee nonsense. Now, I ask myself constant questions and “future trip” like it’s my job. It gets frustrating because I never saw myself having anxiety problems until now.

Fact… I hate clams. Hate them. The thought of them makes me gag. I’ve tried so many times to eat them but it’s a no-go.

Fact… I did not have a boyfriend until after I graduated from high school; in fact, I only had one boyfriend my entire life. I had some college flings and months of dating someone but only one official boyfriend. I used to play hard to get and now I’m just socially awkward. Ooops.

Fact… While we’re on the topic of man-friends. My Facebook greeted me the other day with my most recent shin-dig having a new girlfriend. Thanks Facebook! Just what I needed to see! However, not only does this girl have the same name as I do, but the same college major, career, and looks. Creepy, just creepy.

Fact… I left the house yesterday for the first time in 10 days to go to a doctor’s appointment. 10 days. I’m a hermit and it’s gorgeous outside.

Fact… My surgeon tried to extract fluid through three different places of my knee but could not get anything out. It’s all soft tissue swelling… Great.

Fact… I have been eating more than I have in a long time but I can’t help feeling blah. I’m sitting around all the time and it just makes me feel like a blob. As soon as I get to the point I don’t want to eat, I visualize my knee healing from whatever I put into my mouth.

Fact… Elmo has major separation anxiety. I’m talking major anxiety. This is my fault but I feel so bad for him.

Fact… The past 7 days I got 2-3 hours of sleep per night. I have no idea how I am awake and functioning but the pain is taking over. It’s bad. The worst of the six surgeries… By far.

So, this might be a slightly boring post but sometimes I like posts like this more than others. There are no pictures which I wish I had for you, but considering I shower every other day it’s just not my best time. Ha!
I hope everyone has a good weekend!


31 thoughts on “Lets Get Factual.

  1. I love this post! I agree, that I’d much rather prefer getting to know the blogger over looking at food pictures. I too, am a I worry wart. It’s definitely a part of getting older! I hope you find some rest soon and some relief from your knee pains. Sending hugs your way, Kristin

  2. whoa that is some bad insomnia, girl talk to someone about that or try some sleep meds. it will help with the mood changes. I love clams, steamers are one of my favorite foods to enjoy when I am home in new england and on the cape each year. hey, you are not alone either. I have only had one boyfriend (my sophomore year in college) and it wasn’t really what I would call official.

    • That’s how half of my relationships turned out… Except for one. It’s sad. Ha. And I can’t sleep because of the pain from my knee. It keeps me awake allll night. My surgeon gave me ambien but it just wakes me up it’s so bad.

  3. I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately either and I totally feel you on the injury anxiety front. Have you ever tried melatonin or other sleeping aides?

  4. YA!!!! I mean, eating more is going to only help you, and visualizing HOW it will help you is a great step!! Also, I have only had 3 boyfriends/flings ever. One of which is Travis. Don’t care. I’d rather have one than many… 😉

    • This is true and very unluck everyone else in Shippensburg from my observations LOL. People watching and listening in Starbucks lead me to believe most girls on our campus were straight up whores. HAHA

  5. let me say this.. the exes new girl might look like you and have similar traits, but she isn’t you…therefore…he downgraded…his loss not yours!

    Sorry the pain is keeping you up, I’ve been there. Last year when I had my broken foot, I barely slept at all because the pain was so bad. I can’t imagine going through 6 surgeries, no wonder youre in pain. Hopefully they can find a way to help you sleep. Whatever you do don’t take Ambien.. it will give you the worst nightmares EVER.

    • I took ambien for four nights and didnt (thankfully) have any nightmares! I woke up even taking it, though, so I just stopped because it was pointless. It’s so uncomfortable trying to sleep when you have an injury because you just can’t get comfortable. SO frustrating! And I doubt he downgraded considering I have more issues than the new york times. lol

  6. Still never had a boyfriend. So you have me there! I’ve dated a few guys (if you can even call it that), more like one guy, and I know it has to do with my social awkwardness. Oh well… Keep on eating more than you’re used to. It WILL help your knee heal. You WILL get used to it. And you WILL be happier in the long run. It may even help with the sleeping.

  7. I am such a worry wart to!! I hate it! It makes so stressed out! I need to not wish I was worry free! I have never had a Boy friend so you win! I have had a few guys that I have gone on a few dates with but thats about it. I am just hoping the right guy will come. I am spending love girl! Keep going strong!

  8. Clams… No kidding? I hate clams too, but that’s mostly because I’m allergic to them 😛 Well, no that’s not true. They legitimately look disgusting. And these kind of posts are my favorite. The random, unplanned, straight from the source, unedited… you get the point 😉

    Hope that you’ll start feeling better soon, love ❤ Keep eating. I know it's hard, but believe me that it'll only do you a world of good.

    • Yeah, un-edited posts are my strong point 😉 Haha! And I wish I had the excuse to say I was allergic to clams but I am just completely disgusted by their appearance and texture. UGH.

      • Amanda’s reply …so true…you are injured and young…you could eat tons and do zilch and still require a ton hon…so try not to feel bad…me, well, I’m another story.

        And I relate to the sleeping issues…I get very little sleep and it is likely a huge contributor to my zombie like state I am in each day 🙂

  9. I cannot imagine only sleeping 2-3 hours. Wowza. I actually quite enjoy learning more about the blogger too. As I feel like I constantly say…you are seriously awesome and I can’t even imagine.

    I’ve only had two serious boyfriends including Tim. I was too awkward in high school for all of that.

  10. I always LOVE these posts! I really like reading about people’s lives, too! It’s just interesting to me and makes me feel closer to my blogging friends.

    And dang, you are a beast for only sleeping 2-3 hours per night. I would be so awful to be around. Your positive attitude continues to amaze me! The way you push through tough times really is inspiring!

  11. I worry all the time. it gets annoying. I try to stay more positive and not overthink. so hard.

    “I used to play hard to get and now I’m just socially awkward. Ooops.” – i am the same way … and now that I’m out of college it’s harder tofind a guy. Oh life …

    not a boring post. I love it. 🙂 if you were in houston, I would come and visit you daily so you’re not as bored. stay positive girlie. sending you love!

  12. Ehhh relationships….I’ve had 3 legit boyfriends, only two of them were nice, and I haven’t dated anyone in two years LOL. I actually have a date tomorrow and I don’t even remember how to go on a date….OH and my last real boyfriend is engaged now. AWESOME lol. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re eating more – I love the visualization thing, I did that through my surgery as well! I honestly think it’ll make a big difference….if the fluid ever comes out!

  13. Get well, Lauren! It must be hard to sleep when you cannot get any exercise. I hope you will start to have better luck with that, you must be exhausted! Are you icing your knee a lot for the swelling?

  14. Sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping hun 😦 When I had my surgery I had issues sleeping as well because of the pain. My mom decided to give me 2 vicadin with 2 Tylenol. Yup needless to say she almost OD me lol I was sweating and a total mess!! Didn’t get any sleep, but the pain did fade away on account of me hallucinating! bahahaha

    • Hahahahah. I’ve done this way too many times just being desparate for sleep. You start getting really drowsy and weird shit just starts happening! LOL. Too funny.

  15. I hate FB for that exact reason. I deleted mine and started over a while back and I now have like 50 friends and none of them are ex flings or anything like that haha.

  16. I love this post Lauren.
    No worries, I’m nearly 32 and have had less experience in the man-department than you. Slightly embarrassing…I guess my life has been so up and downhill and this whole rock-bottom thing…now I’m kind of so far gone that I can’t even fathom an intimate relationship with someone. I somehow need to become comfortable and in like with myself before I can even fathom being with someone else…so….odd.

    Anyway, I only sit around also. I have no legitimate reason like you however! I do eat a lot also…quite a bit…stress, emotional, some belief that I “need” to in order to get better. Still a big blah though…a big blah that sits and eats and learns not a lot (I don’t even understand or know what social media is beyond turning on my laptop 🙂 ) guess I should figure out 🙂
    But yeah, you are YOUNG…you can sit and eat tons….I’m at the point where I don’t how or what to eat anymore you know? Low weight, no energy, no motivation (depressed), and major major digestive issues, + sitting all the time makes me ….well, food is just confusing. If you’ve any tips or meal plan ideas PLEASE email me..I’m a girl lost . Great post anyway.

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