PT: No Pain, No Gain.

These past few days have been brutal. I’m glad all of you like the posts which don’t hold a reason because this one is going to be just bitching and updating about my knee surgery.

First things first, I had my first PT appointment yesterday. I decided to go to a place 30 minutes from my house because they do ART, Graston, KT, and video gait analysis. It just seemed like the place would be for athletes or active people, so I decided it was the best bet.

Once I arrived, my PT did an anaylsis of my problems and we came up with a plan. She’s going to try doing some taping for my left knee while we’re doing strength training so hopefully the Plica issues subside because my patella will be stablized while I’m strengthening all of my muscles. I’m hoping so badly this subsides and it’s not because my femurs are like a typical females and putting more pressure on the inside of my knee. Ooof.

So, this is a nice picture I put up on Instagram of my knee. Yeah, this is the wonderful incision from my surgery. The filter I used on Instagram makes it look a lot more raw than it looks like in real life, but the sucker is huge. Thanks to it being a nice big incision, there’s a ton of scar tissue built up in my knee. And guess what we tried to break through in PT?!?!


Other than worrying about my scar tissue issue, I have been trying to read this lovely book so I can go see the movie. It’s a lot different reading a book outside of high school and teachers telling you to read X number of pages per night. I’m still checking Cliff Notes though juuuuuuuust to make sure I’m getting the drift each chapter. Haha. I’m a gem.

Also, I’ve been teasing Elmo by posting “Purchased” stickers on him and playing with him using a laser pointer since I cannot move or chase him. I feel so bad for not being able to play with him and I’m kind of nervous because I read an article against playing with pets using laser pointers. I’m just trying to entertain him, I swear!

Is anyone else reading The Great Gatsby? Do you find it easier to read out of high school/assignments?

Does anyone else use a laser pointer to play with their pets?!


20 thoughts on “PT: No Pain, No Gain.

  1. Scar tissue is the worst. That was my least favorite part about PT. Hang in there, girl. These doctors are doing everything they can to get you better!

  2. I just finished the book and am THRILLED for the movie! Will you be able to get out and see it? I also thought it was easier to read in high school! Your poor knee! Just looking at that picture makes mine hurt! Sending positive energy your way!

  3. I just finished The Great Gatsby. Love! It was so much better than reading (and analyzing) it in high school. I’m so freaking excited for the movie!

  4. Awww your pup is the cutest. I’ve never read that book before, so maybe I should before I see the movie (but I heard it got bad reviews! such a shame since Leo is amazingggg). I hope you get better each day. Good vibes headed your way. PS – that picture gave me chills lol

  5. Yikes! I hope your pain subsides quickly! Also, I LOVE The Great Gatsby. One of my all-time favorite books. Fitzgerald is such a wonderful, wonderful writer. I especially love the way he writes the last few pages. LOVE!

  6. scar tissue BLOWS….I mean, it’s really painful, but the good thing about it is….well, that’s all it is. Just scarring. And the only way to get it to go away is to move! Are you going to the kinetic in C-ville?? I’m starting to shadow there next week aaah crazy!

  7. Gah! Just reading your post (and seeing that pic 😯 ) makes me cringe. Poor girl! Hopefully all the pain is worth it ❤

    I actually never really noticed a difference between reading for school and reading for pleasure. Err… at least when it came to book books and not textbooks. Some of my English classes actually introduced me to what are now some of my favorite works, so I can't hate them for that 😀

  8. I read Gatsby in 11th grade. It is definitely interesting to read outside of school, just for fun, and not worry about having to write a paper or report or make a presentation. I think school does that to us, makes us hate reading. It sure did it for me. It’s different when you’re an adult, though, and if I go see this movie I will read the book before.

    Wow at the scar… but, the body heals. It takes awhile sometimes (you know this pretty well). Hopefully you’ll have a good PT but I’ve heard that it does hurt and they push people pretty hard, but it works.

  9. I re-read gatsby a few years ago and it WAS easier to get through out of high school assignments. BUT for some reason I am still not a huge fan of it. Weird, I know.

    I think it’s great that you are finding creative ways to play with Elmo, I am sure he loves it.

  10. We read Gatsby for high school actually. I do agree though, reading a book for fun is such a different experience and not having to write papers is obviously awesome..

    I would want to go the 30 minutes too with all of those options. I’ve heard nothing but great things from both ART therapy and Graston. They actually used some Graston on my cyst in the fall.

  11. Praying that your knee heals and that the physical therapy helps! I also read Gatsby in 11th grade, and I actually really enjoyed it. I wanted to read it again before the movie comes out, but all the copies are checked out at my library and I don’t feel like buying it, haha. I’m interested to know what the article said about playing with laser pointers with pets…why is it bad? My cats LOVE playing with them! They go crazy!

  12. Oy girl sorry to hear about all the pain 😦 Ya for my 1st apt the doctor just laid me on my back and bent my knee. Owwwww. It was pretty tough to bend but he put all his weight on it and got it to move! Not one of my favorite moments in life.
    Hang in there honey!

  13. I think scars tell stories. Or they help people to start telling stories. I know that one day you’ll be able to look back on all of this knee “stuff” and tell a story that will inspire someone 🙂

  14. Aw, sweetie I’m so sorry about the pain you’re still experiencing. I’m always thinking of you,
    Hoping everything turns out for the best!
    You deserve it.
    I have never even read the Great Gatsby?!?! Seriously. Something must be wrong with me, I’m a huge book nerd so I need to start is asap.

  15. Love Great Gatsby! The analysis definitely helps from cliff notes, there’s a lot of symbolism you can’t catch from the first round.

    And omg, your knee! My mouth dropped when I saw it. A hopeful speedy recovery to you, my dear!

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