Butt Massages and Facebook Annoyance

Okay, so I feel like doing a numbers post because I feel like it’s the only way to keep my thoughts in order so I don’t jump around like a child with ADD. This is how I try to explain things on a normal day, so be lucky you aren’t my friend or you’d be one confused person.

1.) My dog loves to tear apart his toys. Couches? No. Newspaper? No… okay sometimes. Shoes? No way. But TOYS?! The first thing he does when he gets a toy is tear off the little white “Made in China” tag. Then, it all goes down from there? Remember his hamburger from Foodie Pen Pals?! Gone. Massacre in my family room.


2. I don’t understand people who try to make it look like they’re calling people out for being terrible while promoting themselves as a God. Okay, so since people don’t know about my blog it is 100% safe for me to post this here. There is a guy I went to college with who posts status’ about things he observes at bars. While saying it’s “sick” or “wrong”, he’ll throw in something to make himself stand out as a better person. I didn’t notice at first, but after about twenty different occurrences, the jig is up my friend.

3. I cannot stand when people call me kid. I must be against this guy today because he brought this to my mind this week, too. Call me kiddo? I don’t like you. Unless, of course, I am a kiddo to you… Then, it’s perfectly acceptable.

4. Do people really get angry when employees make mistakes on their orders? I went to Chipotle for a pick-up and I saw the girl put the Verde salsa on my salad instead of the Roasted Corn. Since the corn salsa is one of the main reasons I get Chipotle (hello, Guacamole!), I asked them to remake it. After handing the bag to me the girl apologized and looked like she was about to cry. Uhm, I make mistakes a lot and even though this girl was probably thinking, “I hate you for not taking the first one. I could lose my job, you bitch,” I understand things happen. And this is minor. Do people really get angry when people make mistakes over salsa?

5. One of my best friends from life is a massage therapist. I went to her in hopes to fix things with my hip. During my massage she said, “I’m glad it’s not awkward I’m massaging your butt”. I couldn’t help but giggle.Love her.

6. Since my life revolves around my knee, I’ll make an update. I went on Thursday to get my knee drained and he got some fluid out! Yay? Not exactly. It was a bloody color and he believes I’m having “spontaneous bleeding”, but isn’t sure why it’s happening in my knee. Some people get it but they sent my fluid out to get tested… The worst part is day by day my knee is re-filling. It never ends.

7. Is it possible to be clean while baking anything? No? Okay, good.

Enough of my ADD for one day. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!


28 thoughts on “Butt Massages and Facebook Annoyance

  1. I’m glad they got some fluid from your knee, but I hope they figure out the whole spontaneous bleeding thing. At least maybe the docs are on the right track? It’s sad when you have doubts with health professionals so much though. But, this post makes me happy because you just seem a little happier in it :).

    Sorry about the Chipotle mistake. I dunno what I would’ve done, I probably would have asked for the salsa on the side or something if it was what I really wanted… if I knew it was going to seriously hurt the worker’s feelings I might’ve just let it slide (assuming I could still eat the salad and they hadn’t put meat on it or something crazy, then I would definitely be sending it back). Hopefully the managers understand that things happen and the workers don’t get in trouble for it, don’t people send food back like that all the time?

    • I wish I had faith in medical professionals at this point, too, and I’m sad it has gone away over time. They are the health PROFESSIONALS so it’s a little hard to just take, “We don’t know right now” answer. I didn’t think it was a big deal but the girl looked like she was going to cry! Maybe because I was on crutches? I don’t know! Haha! I would have just asked for it on the side but she put some other salsa on and I never had it so I didn’t know if I would like it or not!

  2. I was secretly hoping you were talking about a blogger calling people out and then thinking they are god. I’ve seen some extremely rude people get mad at employees before…maybe she was just intimidated by you?

    I’m a list person myself. When I number things it just seems more logical.

    • It is so much easier to group thoughts for me or just explain everything if I number them or make a bulleted list. Haha!

      I’m not sure what you mean about the blogger thing… Maybe I do? I’m not really sure.

      I don’t know how they could be intimidated since I look 16 and hobble around on one crutch lol!

      • What I meant was there are some bloggers who truly believe they are god but will call others out. Not like the facebook winner there but in other circumstances. ie: You should run like me because I am perfect (but not an elite, world class athlete) if that makes sense!

      • Gotcha, gotcha! Yeah, I’ve seen some things lately which have kind of irked me so my blog reader has changed drastically haha! I like reading yours because you’re sarcastically honest.

  3. Oh I’m totally with you on the salsa – if you don’t get my meal right, I will send it back. I always ask for “dressing on the side” on my salads at restaurants and I will send it back if it comes out with dressing on it. I mean that’s our prerogative as customers, we’re paying for it right! I do always ask nicely though but I’ve seen some customers go total batshit over their food haha. UGH and people who are douchebags on facebook! few things irk me more! I have a friend who’s constantly tweeting things that sound like she thinks she’s more righteous than people who eat certain things, do things a certain way, like certain foods or fashions…it drives me nuts. I’m like, no, you’re a bitch lol.

    • Yeah, I definitely will send things back if they’re the wrong thing because I wouldn’t have said it in the first place. I feel SO bad, though, when I do it… Probably because I’m shy. Haha.

      And yeah, this kid now has his abs as his facebook picture… Can’t deal. lol

  4. I love that she is one of your best friends from life haha. I wonder if I know who that jerkface is. And I would do the same about chipotle. Just own up to your mistake and be polite. Other people should be kind enough to recognize that all people make mistakes. I’d probably make a million working in a place like that!

    • Me too! That’s why I felt so bad because it was SO busy and if people are rude about it they need to look around at how hectic it is! I’m definitely polite as I can be because I’m on the shy side, so I always feel so bad for saying anything.

  5. Sorry to hear about your knee, but that is good they managed to get some fluid out.. I hope the test results that come back are something that can help you out and give that doctor some answers!
    And I am with you on the meal thing, though I didn’t used to be. I do want them to get it right and will send it back if not done as I asked. I would never be snippy about it though. I have seen some people behave that way and they are just embarrassing.
    I am mostly a lurker on FB at this point and therefore read a lot of people’s statuses. And yep they annoy the crap out of me much of the time.. especially ones that rave about how much exercise they did that day, their stellar workouts and such. People are of course free to do what they want but I’m a bitter lady about exercise right now so any status I see relating to it bugs me!

    • Haha I’m the same way about the exercise thing! Especially because some of my friends used to be weird about me working out and now they’re lifting and stuff… It’s just annoying because they judged me before for “wasting my time”. Rant over. haha.

      I agree completely about how snippy people get about their orders. I always see people roll their eyes and cross their arms in disgust. Really? You can’t wait like 5 more minutes for them to quickly redo it for you?

  6. I always feel bad for asking them to remake my order, but honestly? If you’re paying for it, you should get what you asked for. And as long as you’re nice about it, I don’t see why anyone should get their feelings hurt.

    As for being clean while baking – I actually am. I’m sort of OCD about the cleanliness of my kitchen, so I clean as I go. Eesh. I think I should actually probably work on that.

    • I wish I could be clean while I was baking because there wouldn’t be so much to clean up! I just make it and then clean ALL of it up at the end. I have a problem with cleaning certain spaces at a time, like when I clean a room I have to clean everything not just dust OR vacuum. It has to be spotless. Haha.

  7. Hahaha god I hate Facebook. I had like 50 friends on mine after completely starting over, and I deactivated mine again for like the millionth time. You should just delete that guy haha. I always feel bad asking people to remake my stuff too for some reason, sometimes I just go with the mistake. Owell.

    • I usually ask them to remake it but I’m so quiet about it because I feel so bad. Haha! And I deleted my Facebook many, many times. I thought this guy was nice but as the days progress I’ve noticed he has become more and more of an arrogant person.

  8. Still sending positive energy to you and your recovery! Elmo is so stinkin’ cute! My family’s dog does the same with ripping up toys. I ALWAYS feel bad about asking for food to be fixed/remade but sometimes it’s necessary. And I completely agree with you on the corn. If they forget the corn the whole thing tastes different!

  9. Only person in this world allowed to call me kid or kiddo is my dad. He rarely calls me by my name (that really only happens when he is being serious in a bad way), it’s always kid or kiddo….anyone else calls me that and they’re lucky if I don’t slap them.

    As someone who has worked in restaurants since I was 14, I have seen people get crazy mad about stupid things and freak out. Mistakes happen, chill the eff out dude. I am okay with people pointing out if something is wrong with what they got, fine understandable let me have the kitchen fix that, but no need to lose your mind over it.

    • LOL to the “kiddo” thing. I completely agree. Seriously, if I am called “kiddo” I could probably go ape shit if I didn’t contain myself. There’s just something about it.

      I know! I was a hostess at a restaurant so I would see customers reactions after a waitress would walk away and it’s seriously RIDICULOUS! They roll their eyes and talk shit or shake their head. Really? They made a mistake and are fixing it for YOU. Don’t be a dick.

  10. #4 – I agree with you here! Everyone makes mistakes and some people are totally unreasonable when things like this happen to them. I only worked in customer service for a year or two in high school and the way customers would treat us was horrible. If someone makes a mistake on an order for me, I’m always as nice as possible about it.

    • I try to be nice as possible, too, because I know any human being can make a mistake. AND I’m really shy, so I tend to be really quiet when I say anything at all! Lol

  11. I’m glad they got SOME fluid out of your knee! You’ll have to keep us posted on the results of everything.

    And I am so with you on hating to be called kiddo. It really irks me when girls who are younger than me call me honey. Ugh!

    • HONEY is another one! I was called honey by like a 20 year old girl and almost went bat shit crazy on her; however, I took a deep breathe and just threw her the same gesture haha.

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