“I’m so excited…”

“…And I just can’t hide it.”
Sorry, but it’s only natural 😉

Is it bad I’m 23 years old and I love this show?!

Tomorrow is the new season and this is marvelous!

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Things haven’t been going peachy-keen in these parts, so I’ll update you later!


13 thoughts on ““I’m so excited…”

  1. I thought that the new season starts on the 11th? I and I love that show too. 😛 It’s a guilty pleasure. I think I’ve even gotten my mom hooked, haha. I hope your appointment goes well!

  2. I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT TOMORROW! And I’m upset that the premier is like three days after I’m on the boat for the summer and I have no idea when I’m going to be able to watch it again. Boo.

  3. Hey Lauren! I’ve been catching up on your blog and, though I’ve never watched an episode of PLL, just wanted to wish you luck with the upcoming Dr’s appointment! I can’t imagine how frustrating your injuries/surgeries must be, but know that there are lots of people out there pulling for you. Keep being strong!

  4. I’ve never seen that show! I hear a lot of people talk about it, so it must be good!

    Good luck with the doctor appointment. I hope all goes well… keep us posted!

  5. Hope the doctors appt went well!!! *sending positive vibes!*

    I’m almost 26 and I actually don’t mind that show so no judgment here! But I know who “A” is because I read the books!

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