Note To Self…

Thank you so much for all of the well-wishes for my appointment. I have a follow-up appointment today at about 2, so I’ll be updating you tomorrow on what is going on… If they find something out, at least!

These pictures are from yesterday. I was going to do a “Wordless Wednesday” post, but I think pictures with a summary are going to do it today. I’m in an awkward mood. It’s kind of a numb feeling because “surgery” was mentioned on Tuesday. I just don’t even want to go there. Ever again.








1. I prefer bitter, black coffee but this is one of my top flavored coffees for my Keurig.

2. I used to hate all things grape flavored but I have grown fond of Grape PowerAde. Also, I didn’t think I was going to like this peanut butter, but it has coconut oil which gives it a mild coconut flavor. It’s pretty darn good, but expensive.

3. This guy follows me everywhere and I love it. I was away from him for 6 hours yesterday and I’m not sure who had more separation anxiety. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

4. STAT Ultrasound at hospital #1. No bloodclots.

5. I was contemplating getting a plain ‘ole Americano but decided to get my first latte since I graduated from college. Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a “fancy” drink. So much sugar. I thought I was going into a coma.

6. Hospital #2 which was an hour away from my first hospital. I was all over the world yesterday.

7. NOTE TO SELF:Β Get decaffeinated coffee before an MRI. ColdplayΒ will only be soothing until your body starts convulsing from the espresso you drank about an hour ago. Ooops?

8. Snacks on the go. I ended up licking the wrapper since it melted in my car. When will I learn if I keep bars in my car they are going to melt? Probably never.

I’m super nervous for 2 o’clock. Please knee Gods, let this go away for once without a surgery!

Catch you on the flip side πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I just went there.


47 thoughts on “Note To Self…

  1. Does the chocolate glazed donut coffee actually taste like that..I’m intrigued!

    I’m glad there are no bloodclots! Sorry for having to drive all over gods green earth for appointments!

    Fingers crossed for the 2pm one, *hugs*

  2. That is a really good coffee- I have had those kcups too. Deliciousness. I typically drink coffee very dark and strong, but with a bit of creamer. I like it, really, really strong before the creamer though. I just can’t get people who drink light roast coffee and a bunch of creamer, it’s like watered down milk or something… eww!

    Sending positive vibes your way!

  3. So sorry to hear about your knee! I do Ultrasound for a living and have seen so many knee surgery patients (coming in to r/o blood clots) so I’ve seen how bad it sucks. Sometimes I wonder if surgery really helps or causes more problems but I guess when you don’t have a choice, you do what you have to do. Good luck! p.s. your dog is adorable πŸ™‚

  4. Praying and sending positive thoughts for you love ❀
    I hope surgery is not necessary again.
    Haha, I feel you on those sugary latte's I thought I was having a heart attack the last time I tried one since I'm so used to black coffee. Yah, not smart. Bone dry cappuccinos are good though! Only when made with almond milk on that not thought.
    Good luck today!

  5. Oh girl I’m sending you my thoughts and best wishes. I hope your appointment went well!! I can’t get over how many surgeries you’ve had in such a short period of time! Let’s hope they hold off on this one.

  6. I hope everything goes OK with your appointment! That peanut coconut spread sounds interesting. I like coconut and love peanut butter, but together? Will have to try it. I recenty tried that dried mango from starbucks. I thought it was pretty tasty! Happy thoughts being sent you way πŸ™‚

  7. First the grape powerade is one of the few powerade flavors that I enjoy, and I also am not a grape girl. (grape girl..lolz). I hope your appointment went well and can’t wait to hear updates and hope they are good updates.

    I like that peanut butter/coconut combination in the crunchy flavor but you are right. It’s hella expensive.

    • nah nah nah nah nah nah grape girl!

      … lol anyway… Yeah, I like how the pb only has a slight coconut flavor and it’s not some fake coconut tasting stuff. I feel so guilty buying it knowing Smart Balance is like half the price.

  8. aah….I wanna try that coconut PB stuff but I’m allergic to peanuts :(. and I wish I had a keurig so that I could try that coffee flavor, it sounds AMAZING! I really really hope the results came back okay – thinking of you!!

  9. You should try a soy latte, the soy milk is vanilla flavored, but not overwhelming. BUTTT just a plain soy, NO flavor added. Or just get a latte…no flavors. Just milk and espresso!! My favorite is the soy. SO GOOD! I’m a black coffee girl too, so I only recently tried lattes, but it was for a good reason ahaha. Fingers crossed your day goes well!

  10. Sending good vibes your way! πŸ™‚ and that Luna bar sounds like it’d be good. I recently started drinking more black coffee too so I can get used to the flavor – it’s pretty good but I add cinnamon to mine to make it a bit more mild. And I do drink only decaf. Maybe half-caf if anything.

  11. my darling friend, you’re in my thoughts. i hope you feel better soon! i bought that coconut PB on sale at whole foods awhile ago and have yet to open the jar just b/c i have so much pb around at home haha and i’m weird about having more than one jar open at a time! i’m glad to hear it’s good tho.

  12. That coffee is tasty – also not usually a fan of flavored roasts but with the warmer weather they have moved to the top of my list (under pure espresso however…) Aww your pup, so precious. I hope that you have some good news and I’ll be thinking about you! Take care of you πŸ™‚

  13. Man what a day!! Glad there were no clots…that’s a scary thing!! And Ill def be praying for you that there will be NO MORE surgeries!! This is just nuts girl! Im so sorry you have to deal with this…but you are going to get through it!!

  14. I’m hooked on the carrot cake luna bars but I’ve been seeing the blueberry everywhere. I looked today at Target and didn’t see any but I did see the Pretzel one so I’ll be trying that this week.

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