tuesday things.

As always, I look forward to Tuesdays or Thursdays because I can easily put my posts into a numbered list of some sort! After having a few emotional posts, I’d really love to stick to a more light-hearted post.
Lets get to it, shall we?
We shall.

1. Aside from using my finger and totally engulfing my entire hand into a peanut butter jar to get the last little bit out the jar, I love making oats in a jar because nothing goes to waste! Most people wait until there’s barely any left, but as soon as I can see the bottom of my jar, I say it’s good enough! Sometimes I can say screw it to serving sizes.

2. Elmo has to wear this glorious cone on his head until his tail heals up. One morning I woke up and he licked one side of his tail completely raw. I’m hoping it was just a bug bite and this clears up in a week. He hasn’t been acting weird but I’m a worry wart to the extreme when it comes to my kid puppy!

3. I have been writing novels as comments lately. I apologize if your blog is one of the few which I’ve written my latest rant. Oops.

4. Candy Crush has become an addiction. I stayed up until midnight last night playing it. I’m not embarrassed to admit the saddest part of my day is waiting for the timer to expire. Why do you do this to me, Candy Crush?

5. Kodiak Cakes are becoming my favorite pancakes. Peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chips? Yes, please. Just add water? My laziness is thanking you.

6. I received a Kona Kase today because I keep forgetting to stop my subscription. I’m kind of happy I did, though, because it looks like some really good things!

Now, I’m off to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, get frozen yogurt, and watch The Voice finale with my mom! ❤

Tell me something about your Tuesday!

Do you like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?


32 thoughts on “tuesday things.

  1. We watched Jeopardy the other night at my inlaws house and it was interesting. I actually knew more of them than I thought I would.

    Those pancakes look delicious. Makes me want to make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast… there’s an idea. Also, I don’t mind long comments, and I respond to pretty much every comment because I like to create dialogue in the comments section. Plus it’s just a nice thing to do.

    With eating oats out of the jar… do you heat it up? I would worry about eating heated up oatmeal out of plastic jar I guess?

    • There are some days I know so many answers and other days I know absolutely nothing! I guess it’s the luck of the draw!

      I make them first and let them cool off a little bit. You have to wait long enough so they’re just warm, so you don’t end up melting the container! Stupidly, the first time I made them I put them right in and the whole container collapsed on me! LOL

  2. I haven’t watched either of them in FOREVER. Sorry Elmo has to wear a cone, I always feel bad when I see pooches wearing them, but at the same time seeing it makes me giggle (is that bad?) I have never heard of Kodiak cakes….looking into them now…. hahah!

    • We’ve been laughing at him constantly followed by a lot of “Aww”-s. I think it’s impossible not to laugh lol. Kodiak cakes are REALLY good especially since the only thing you add is water!

  3. The cone of shame! Poor Elmo… And don’t even get me started on Candy Crush… I told you about having to wait 24 hours x3 in order to unlock more levels? Talk about hellish. And now I’m on to the parts with chocolate and THAT has been driving me absolutely crazy. I may break my phone with the amount of times I’ve been throwing it around lately. Hopefully not because then I’d have to get a new one just to play more Candy Crush. Le sigh.

    • LOL I don’t even want to announce what level I’m on because it’s sad compared to the amount of time I spent playing it. For some reason, I was stuck on a level for like 3 days! I broke a Nintendo controller before and had to buy a new one to play the same game. Whoops? I believe it was Donkey Kong 64. Damn monkeys.

  4. Kodiak cakes are my favorite pancake mix. When they started stocking it at target, I was in heaven LOL.

    I’ve actually never made oats in a jar before. I remember it being popular in the summer time but I go through peanut butter so slowly and then forget when the jar is at the end…then remember the next day…haha…

    • Same! I saw someone post they were available in Targets and did a happy jig. I’m all about adding one ingredient to anything.

      You should definitely try it! It helps melt the pb so you get every last bit out. Plus, I never get in the bottom crevice so it’s like gobs of peanut butter at the end. Hidden gems. Just make sure you let them cool A LOT before you put them in the jar because the jar will cave in… Not that I was stupid enough to do that or anything…….. LOL

  5. Awww poor Elmo lol!! Having a conehead dog is a little sad and also a little hilarious at the same time….they’re just so FUNNY LOOKING! I hope it turns out to be just a bug bite of course though! And mmmm pancakes….pb-bananana-chocolate….probably the best flavor combination ever invented.

  6. I had never heard of Kodiak Cakes! They look awesome!
    Whenever our pup Lucy starts biting or licking herself, I get really worried, too. Though, she has only once had to wear a “cone of shame” (doesn’t the cone always remind you of of that?!). Hope poor Elmo is healing up quickly!

  7. I don’t do serving sizes with peanut butter … It’s just too good to stop at a certain amount!

    I have never played candy crush. Mostly because I’m terrified I will become addicted to it LOL.

    • I know. I always measure out two tablespoons and then go back for more at the end. Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother doing it! And it’s a smart decision to stay away because it’s HIGHLY addictive!

  8. Awe poor little Elmo. He looks so cute in the cone.
    I swear everyone is obsessed with this game and I have yet to try it. I’m resisting since I don’t think I need another obsession ha.
    And I also want to try these kodiak cakes that people rave about too. I love pancakes!

    • I admit to measuring out my pb sometimes, but I actually love the fact I have no idea how much is in the bottom and I don’t care! LOL It just makes it easier for me! Plus, I love when you get to the bottom and it’s pretty much spoonfuls of straight up melty peanut butter. YUM

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