MIMM – throwbacks and sunshine

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I know the weather in PA is gorgeous, so I hope everyone got a marvelous piece of the action this weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I love some good throwbacks! This one especially makes me think of summers when I was younger because it blared over the swimming pool’s speakers!


Although I didn’t make it to the Strawberry Festival because my mom and I decided to skip the fireworks for sleep when we only live a block away (Whomp, whomp), we still decided to bake some goodies to donate for the church bake sale! Upside down pineapple cupcakes… Aren’t they SO cute?!


I decided to celebrate the strawberry festival in my own way by making a strawberry trifle. It’s low-fat, full of things which will probably kill me, and extremely addicting – meaning it was gone in two days. 😯 … And then, I made another one.


I don’t know why but when I lay out in the sun, the time flies by when I’m doing a Sudoku or crossword. I forget about how I’m laying in a puddle of my own sweat (ew) and get really competitive with myself.

And what better way to end the days by catching up on my favorite show? I might start waiting to watch it online because there’s no commercials and it looks better watching it on my computer screen!


The best surprise of my weekend was a package from this beautiful girl. After a difficult doctor’s appointment on Thursday, this brightened up my week so much. It was totally unexpected and I am so, so grateful for the friends I have made through blogging! Funniest part was when my mom said, “It’s like she knows you so well”! Obviously I haven’t told her I blog, because then she would understand she does know me so well. LOL. 😉

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend!

Tell me something you did this weekend!
Any Sudoku fans out there?
Strawberries or blueberries in desserts?
My mom and I were debating this question. I believe blueberries are better in baked goods and strawberries are better as layers or toppings.


29 thoughts on “MIMM – throwbacks and sunshine

  1. What a cute package from your friend :). Chocolate is always a nice treat too!

    In desserts I really like blueberries… I just like blueberries more in general, though. They’re one of my favorite fruits and foods. But I’m not gonna turn down a strawberry dessert (or any dessert) either :).

  2. I REMEMBER THAT SONG! Lol sorry caps, but seriously? Holy.wow does that ever bring back some good summer memories. I think I’ll go ahead and listen to it on repeat until I can no longer stand it 😆

    I love sudoku and -blueberries- in recipes. I find that strawberries tend to get a little more sour when they’re baked… not sure why, since everything else is basically the complete opposite.

    And I’m glad my package could put a smile on your face. Love you, lady ❤

    • HAHA! I do this with most of the songs I listen to, unfortunately. I agree with you on the strawberry sourness unless it’s like… strawberries mixed with sugar in a pie or something! Nawww, love you too ❤

  3. Your cupcake are so cute I love them!
    Hey, whatever on the strawberry trifle. Sometimes I eat low fat stuff, but who cares. Oh, tough call on the preference of berries in desserts! I think I’d go for blueberries in baked good and strawberries in cold stuff.
    And I LOVE sudoku. Like insanely, I play it probably 80 times per day on my cell phone.
    And I love PPL too. Favorite show.
    Glad that package improved your mood, Amanda is so sweet:)

  4. OMFG, do you have a kindle? You MUST get this Sodoku app I have on my kindle fire…10,000 yes…TEN THOUSAND sodoku puzzles…for FREE. Amazing. Seriously amazing.

    I watch pretty much all of my shows online, so much easier on the computer! Hulu is a savior!

    Strawberries… I can’t stand blueberries…unless they’re in muffins…. yeah weird i know.

  5. so glad I’m not the only one who prefers to watch PLL on my laptop! two weeks ago for the season premiere was the first time I’d watched it on TV (I didn’t have cable in my colorado apartment) and it was….weird. Lol. ANd nothing like some good baking to brighten your day! That strawberry trifle sounds….yeah I’m drooling lol

    • Yeah, I have NO idea why I like it so much more on the computer.I feel like I can actually concentrate and see what’s happening more. Half the time I can’t even read what it says on the little text messages and get pissed! LOL

  6. I haven’t heard this song in FOREVER. I love it! So good to hear something I used to love from years ago 🙂 Makes me reminisce on memories from the past! And I absolutely love sudoku. I can pass so much time with those haha.

    Cute gift package too. What a thoughtful, exciting surprise!

  7. I really enjoy fireworks but like you, they start entirely too late for me. I’d honestly rather sleep at that point! LOL. I really like strawberries a lot but blueberries are okay too. Actually my favorite berries are blackberries. In desserts though I think strawberries…but probably ultra sweet strawberries.

  8. Blueberries or Strawberries? Definitely always both! :o)

    We had a terrific weekend in the sun and spent a lot of time outside. Now it doesn’t seem too bad that it’s raining like crazy today.

  9. This may offend you because of your math skills…. but sudoku to me is TORTURE. It hurts my feeble non mathy brain haha. I was always jealous of my friends in high school who would do them for extra credit in math!

    I love those pineapple upside down cupcakes. So cute!

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