tuesday tangents

So, I had full intentions on writing a post yesterday but never got around to it. Lets just say things around these parts have been, err, different. Honestly, I have so much I want to talk about it’s just overwhelming because my thoughts are coming a mile a minute. Right now, I’ll just go on a tangent of some sorts and hope this week I can put my thoughts into legible posts.

1. I hate to toot my own horn, but we’ve had a virus on our computer for the past month. (Read: Blue Screen of Death). Guess who fixed it yesterday? This girl. Insert happy dance. Due to egos in my household, I’ll never get a thank you; but hey, I saved a hefty computer maintenance bill for my dad and it just makes me feel better about the bills he gets from my doctor.

2. Elmo puts a serious smile on my face every day. Honestly, though? I can’t even deal with his long tongue deformity. Cant. even. deal.

3. I’ve become addicted to Ulta and I’m dragging my mom down with me. Two trips within four days. These nail polish colors are amazing and my mom somehow talked me into getting the Just Bitten lip stain. It should look good with my workout clothes and sweatshirts I wear on the daily. I blame these girls.


4. I’m glowing and I love it. Neon for dayyyys.

5. On the knee front, I’m taking Prednisone (steroid), Cymbalta, and I found out I have benign hypermobility syndrome. I’m going to do a big post on this later because it has changed things dramatically. Honestly, it’s such a simple thing but a big one for athletes or anyone who is active, really.

6. I have come to the realization there is no reason to be sad and angry about what is going on with my knees. If I need another surgery on my right knee, fine. If I need surgery on the left knee, fine. There’s really nothing I can do about it so why be in a pissy mood all the time? I mean, sure, I still have bad moments/bad days but my mood is definitely on the up and up as of late. 

Neon or neutral nail-colors?
For me, it definitely depends on the season. Neon in the summer, though!
Tell me one of your tangents!


21 thoughts on “tuesday tangents

  1. happy to hear your mood is on the up and up. hope that you have a chance to sort through all that’s going on, in either a blog post or your mind or whrever works for you. love your neon nails!

  2. Yay for fixing the computer! My fiance is the computer nerd so I let him deal with all that stuff LOL!

    And elmo’s tongue, seriously adorable.

    I’m glad you are making progress with handling everything that you have going on. of course there will always be moments or days that are harder than others, but it makes the good ones that much better!

    • Elmo’s tongue seriously makes me laugh ALL the time. Sometimes it’s so far out of his mouth, it looks fake! And yes, I just hope things continue on this way. It’s hard to put yourself in a positive mindset during tough times but I’m working on it!

  3. Such a good attitude about your knees babe!! You are right, there is nothing you can do. If you are obeying the docs orders and resting and doing PT, then that’s all you can do. If something is not right, then it isn’t worth crying about. Just get it fixed!! I know you’ve been through so much with your knees and it sucks, but you are going to get better I know it!! Just stay positive babe 🙂

  4. I really like that nail color too. Ulta is honestly my favorite store for beauty supplies, I seriously buy nearly everything there minus MAC (my weakness). Dang, you go with fixing that computer…I wish I could be on your skill level. I am hoping it’s a good change for your knee and holding my breath.

  5. MY PT TOLD ME YESTERDAY THAT I HAVE THAT SYNDROME THING WHICH IS WHY IT HURTS AT WORK! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it since its new to me.

    • WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. No wonder we both of the same situations happening at the SAME spots. I’ll hopefully do a post either tomorrow or Thursday! I mean, I see significant differences but some days are bad. I’m not sure if it’s the meds or what I’m doing!

  6. I love that One Republic song, every time I hear it I swoon! This positivity in this post has me BEAMING!! YES YES YES to number 6..YES!! GOSH I LOVE YOU. I think if you have this mindset life will be SO much easier!

    • One Republic makes me weak(er) at the knees! Lol! I just hope I can keep this mindset because it’s really easy to get sucked back into the darkness! I’m just trying to think positive, positive, positive!

  7. Hi there, just found your blog! My toenails are an orange neon color very similar to yours right now. After I left the salon I was thinking, whoa these are BRIGHT! But now I’m liking them and think they’re very summery.

  8. Love your beauty pick ups of course.
    And I love the neons for Summers, they’re so pretty.
    Glad you’ve come to realize that you might as well be happy with the place you’re in now. That’s a great step you’ve taken to come to that realization.
    Also, Elmo is adorable.

  9. yay!! I’m glad you’re looking at the positive! 🙂 so happy for you. And good job fixing that virus! A lot of people I know just give it to someone else or better yet, chuck it and buy a new one. you rock! Elmo’s tongue is SUPER cute! I want a little dog for that reason haha. and ulta is amazing. especially when they have so many coupons! happy weekend gorgeous!

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