currently this weekend

I’m so glad I decided to post about Benign Hypermobility Syndrome. I know a lot of people may have it and it might not affect them, but to those who are suffering through consistent strains and pains in a joint, it’s definitely helpful! I know I still have bad days and I do get really frustrated, but I have to remember it’s not at its worst. Until surgery is said to be the option, I have to rely on myself and tons of PT exercises.

This weekend I am…
Currently I am listening to:

Currently I am wearing: Shippensburg Alumni Status
Currently I am wanting: Healthy Strawberry Oat Squares.

Currently I am wishing: My knee troubles are not permanent and they will go away.

Currently I am watching: Pretty Little Liars! Catching up and into this show more than ever!

Currently I am painting my nails: Shocking Pink by China Glaze. Hello, Barbie!

Currently I am craving: Watermelon Sorbet and Cotton Candy Froyo!

Currently I am drinking:
Currently I am eating: Justin’s Maple Almond butter on everything! Probably my favorite almond butter. Today, anyway. Winking smile
Currently I am smiling at: Elmo. Always.

What are some of your currents?


14 thoughts on “currently this weekend

    • Honestly, the WORST part of those shows is the end with the little like 10 second clip of “A” doing something. I always try to decode it but it never seems to have ANYTHING to do with the next episode! I can’t wait until Tuesday either! I don’t believe I’ve ever liked a series show so much in my life I couldn’t miss one episode!

  1. I really like that coconut mocha k-cup! I have some of those myself and that’s what i had this morning. I have like 57384 varieties though, my favorite flavors are coconut mocha and wild blueberry mountain :).

    I’m really glad you’re not just opting for surgery for your hypermobility… I too liked that post but agree that PT, exercises, etc are the best option if possible.

    • Yeah, I’m really trying to avoid another surgery at all costs. It gets REALLY hard for me emotionally when it starts to hurt and I feel like I’m doing everything I can without surgery, though. Those are definitely the toughest days. I feel defeated a lot. And I never tried the wild mountain blueberry but it seems to be a HUGE seller everywhere! I really need to try it and as far as flavored coffees go, I’m usually not a fan but I do love the coconut mocha!

  2. Sadly I missed the past few PLL episodes so now I just have to read recaps to know what happened since they only have one episode online at a time (I think… right?).

    That is absolute genius to eat the new oreos with froyo. That looks fantastic!

    • I know! They posted it on their Facebook and I was like that’s the best way to eat those Oreos! And I found a site before through Google search which allowed you to watch it for free but now I buy them for 1.99 on Amazon!

  3. I really need to catch up on my PLL obsession. I still haven’t watched the first episode yet. Better get on that asap. I just adore that show.
    And I’m totally with you on wanting those strawberry oat squares. Um, amazing!
    Whoaaa what are those oreos?! They look so pretty.
    Happy Monday:)

    • This season is REALLY good. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact I love all of their outfits and stuff haha! Those are the new Watermelon Oreos they have out for the summer! I know! They are so pretty, I love the color combo!

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