tuesday things

Yay for Tuesdays so I can put my thoughts into a list post! So much easier for me to compile my thoughts! And Pretty Little Liars is on tonight! Yessss. But anyway… Winking smile


1. I bought new Brooks running support shoes. But you don’t run. Yes, well, (after freaking out everyone via Instagram) I did indeed try to trot my way up and down my street. A whole .25 miles of pure bliss. So far, my knee feels about the same; however, I am on a heavy dose of steroids right now which is keeping it at bay. My strategy is to get stronger while I have something dealing with the inflammation. The scary thing is I was off of them at one point for two days and my knee was already poofing back up. Come on, knee Gods! (More on this at the end of the post)


2. I definitely bought this Kelly and Michael 20 ounce mug. I couldn’t help myself. It was one of those “I have to have this” moments. I watch the show every morning!


3. I really like this wrap. I would be happy eating it every day if it was an option. The cashew spread is to.die.for! And I found this Blazin’ Buffalo hummus which sounded yummy because I always did love buffalo wings as a kid!


4. I bring Elmo everywhere with me and keep him in the cars while I’m in a store. I’m pretty sure people think I’m the worst pet owner but what they don’t know is I crank the A/C on full blast and lock the doors from the outside to keep the car running. Waste of gas? Yes. But anything for my little guy who was obviously not impressed by my food purchases.


5. It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but he loves to stick his head out the window and rest it on the side mirror. It’s like a little headrest!


6. One craving satisfied: Watermelon Sorbet and Cotton Candy froyo with chocolate sprinkles, nonpareils, and chocolate chips. I must admit I do get a big froyo thing and keep it in my freezer to take bites every now and then… like now.

So, there you have it. Some of the things I’ve been up to lately. I’m not going to lie and say my knees are 100% better or even close; in fact, I’m really sure the only reason my knee is holding its own is from the steroids. I’m hoping if I get stronger, the knee issues with slowly subside… Even if it’s my left knee. It’s hard to go from being able to run 13.1 miles to barely being able to run up and down your street. But at the same time? I kind of love the challenge. I just hope things hold up but, like I said, my knees do not feel worse right now than they would any other day. Actually, they didn’t hurt at all while I was running. If anything, I feel more pain when I start panicking if I’m doing the wrong thing, too much, too little, etc. The more anxiety I have the worse things get so I just have to have faith.

Tell me something about your Tuesday.
Do you go for fruit, nut, or chocolate flavored ice cream/frozen yogurt?


35 thoughts on “tuesday things

  1. Instead of running you should swim!! That will help you build your strength without hurting your knee right? Though Im sure you’ve done it all by now. Your like a knee injury pro 😉
    LOVE that you take your pup everywhere! I always want to buy a service vest for mine so I can take her with me…even though shes not a service dog lol

    • Yeah, I’ve swam A LOT these past two years but the fact you have to go, change, shower, and change again just bothers me! LOL I guess I’m lazy. And I’ve taken Elmo into Best Buy before saying he was a service dog and he has no vest……..

  2. I’m glad you didn’t have pain when running even if it was super short. Buying shoes isn’t a bad idea anyway (is it ever?). Even if you don’t run much in them, you can’t beat a supportive pair of shoes even for things like errands around town or going to the mall or somewhere that you’re on your feet a lot.

    Love that you take Elmo everywhere- and I soooo do not think you’re a bad pet owner for leaving in the car with the AC cranked up when you run into a store. Obviously from reading here you love Elmo very much so if anyone thinks that, they shouldn’t judge…

    • Yeah, that’s why I bought them initially because I love Brooks and needed a good pair of support shoes just to get around in general! I just always wonder what people think if they see him in the car and don’t know it’s running lol

  3. Shut up. I’m SO jealous of your coffee mug. I think I’m going on their website stat and buying one. It’s possible that show is my favorite ever.
    And I love that you bring Elmo everywhere, I do the same with Lola:)

    • They are the best passengers because they don’t make comments about my driving 😉 And GET IT! It’s the best mug. Seriously. I got the huge one and it’s ceramic and really, really nice!

  4. YAY for 0.25!!! Sending positive vibes to no pain and more recovery!

    As for PLL tonight…hopefully I can actually watch it when its on!

    I like any froyo, I try and balance it out, if I get a fruity flavored froyo I top it with chocolate and nuts and stuff but if I get a chocolate or rich flavor I top it with fruit!

    • I got .5 the next day and my legs were toast. I lost ALL my muscle. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. I need to step back, though, because I’m afraid to do something dumb. EH. And I’m with you with the balance of froyo. Balance is key 😉

  5. even if it’s .25 miles it’s still .25 miles you ran toward healing! great job girl! your new shoes must make it fun too. i love the mug omg!!! i need to find that buffalo hummus to try it. the cashew spread on the wrap sounds yum too. and froyo, ah i haven’t had any in SO long. i need to, i have had practically no ice cream all summer.

  6. WHOOO BEST .25 miles EVER!! Love your new shoes! I must have chocolate on my ice cream, but sometimes I’ll do fruit..VERY rarely though ahaha. You look so adorable with that giant mug!

  7. swimming might help you out!! andddddd that mug I want … I don’t watch the show but it’s big enough and I love big big mugs. I would be afraid to leave my car on … scared someone would steal it .. at least living in Houston, that’s something I’m afraid of. maybe different on your end. happy tuesday gorgeous!

  8. We usually have menchie’s mondays, but this week we went on tuesday — they had the best orange sorbet that tasted like those flinstones push-ups!!!!! I like sprinkles more than any other topping!

    • Ooo! Orange sorbet sounds really good, too! I miss those flintstones pushups! I totally forgot about those! And I’m the same with sprinkles. Give me froyo and colorful goodies and I’m good to go!

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